Wenger blocks transfers of Szczesny AND Ospina

Arsene Wenger said that he needs an overhaul of his ‘heavy’ Arsenal squad, but it is a well-known fact that ‘poker-face’ Wenger will always hold out for the best price he can get for departing stars, as well as looking to bring in players at bargain prices.

One position where Arsenal are well-blessed though is the goalkeeping department and Le Prof has often said that we have three World Class stoppers in Petr Cech, David Ospina and Wojciech Szczesny, so he doesn’t think he should let such quality backups leave on the cheap.

So the latest rumours are saying that Wenger has turned down a paltry offer of £4m for Szczesny from Juventus, with Arsenal’s valuation being closer to £13m. When you consider that Jordan Pickford has been sold to Everton for £30m that doesn’t sound like an unreasonable figure for a keeper that is established as one of the best in Italy at the moment….

For Ospina, who has already indicated he wants to leave, and has been courted by Fenerbahce for some time, the offer is even less with a bid of £3m being quoted. The rumours say that Arsenal actually accepted a bid at that price, but the Gunners have now decided that that is simply not enough for the Colombian international. And, actually, I agree on both counts!



  1. I reckon Juve is keeping an eye on Donnarumma situation. That’s why no serious bid for Sczcesny have arrived.

    £10 mils for Ospina. £15 mils for Szczesny. Or go home.

  2. I don’t even think we should let the two go at the same time. I think we need to keep one of them. We need a goalkeeper that can put some pressure on Cech. I think we should keep szczesny.

  3. I agree that the offers below ten million for both goalkeepers are insults. They are in their prime age and Szczesny could be as good as Cech if he is helped by good defenders.

    Arsenal can sell them because we still have Cech and they can use the money to finance a big name player transfer. And Martinez is also a good goalkeeper that can be Cech’s backup.

  4. Come on Mr. arsene you just signed an “established player” like kolasinac for free. don’t be greed and let them go.
    Whatever happens to your CHEAPNESS?

    1. Well the window hasn’t opened yet, but I agree that 99 % of our squad for next season should be together for pre-season, which starts in about 3 weeks.

      Maximum of 1 signing should be left for the end of August because the Premier League starts 2 weeks before the window shuts. NO MORE GOING INTO THE SEASON UNPREPARED.

    2. Am I going to have a low rating for an honest comment.

      It doesn’t pay to speak the truth this days.

  5. I think we should keep one of them and sell the other we only need two goalkeepers so ospina should be sold

    1. Id rather we sell Szczesny. He was rubbish in the first place thats why we sent him out on loan and brought in Ospina who in my opinion has delivered in almost every game bar that one mistake he made dropping the ball from a corner. Szczesny on the other hand is the balloteli of goalkeepers..very unpredictable and you never quite know just what kind of a shift he may decide to put in at any one day.sell.

    2. Does it show cleverness ?? Selling Ospina, you guys are so ungrateful. Ospina is better than Cetch where are you on the log . he has been awful

  6. Keep the Polish to take over from Cech and sell Ospina for 8m as he can’t wait any longer. Martinez should be 3rd in line.

  7. So today people are confessing that Szczesny is better than Ospina.It was funny how it was made to look Szczesny was the cause of Arsenal’s goals because of his mistakes.People also forget the kind of defence he’s had in front of him from the time he started till he went on loan.I can’t believe anyone watches Ospina and Szczesny in terms of goal keeping ability and says Ospina is better.When Ospina first came he was also making the same mistakes Szczesny made but some ignored it insisting he was better.I’d like to see Ospina go to AS Roma and do better than Szczesny.Even Juventus are in for him even if their bid is derisory.Some also said the fact that Ospina had a cool head over Szczesny meant he should start over him.If you’ve watched Ospina and Szczesny well from a neutral point and not being bias you’ll clearly know who’s better.If I was Szczesny I won’t return because I’m in my prime.

    1. Looks like you have forgotten Szczesny”s wild runs from goal to intercept through passes that needn’t have been any trouble or his poor distribution and him getting beat on long shots by the likes of Kaboul in that NLD. Coupled with his off the field antics like smoking in the showers after games I’d say Ospina with his relatively cool head and better decesion making and no drama really is the better of the two. Id keep Ospina and sell Szcz if it were up to me…he hasn’t been with us for a long time anyway.

  8. Sell everyone. Ospina and Chez. Let Matt Macey go. Keep Emi as no 2 to Cech.

    Ozil and Sanchez can go as well as Ox and Bellerin.

    If anyone wants Ramsey and Walcott, feel free.

    Giroud can go too, along with Lucas Perez…

    Play the reserves , ie Maitland niles and Akpom and Bielik.

    Bring back Campbell and Toral and actually play them.

    Buy no one until this lot prove to te premier league we deserve to be in the Champions league.

    Players like Iwobi and Jeff reine adelaide will have to cut their teeth and prove they are the real deal.

    Once we qualify again for Champions League, all these aubameyangs and lacazettes can come to us for cheap and sit on the bench….

    We are a laughing stock with Stan in charge and he is a cheapskate

  9. lewandowski’s agent has spoken to man u and chelsea
    his preferred destination- london

    1. That’s bad news, i believe Lawandowski is probably the best striker for the EPL a true professional i would love to see him at Arsenal ahead of likes of Ronaldo, Mbappe Lacazette

      but thats only my opinion

        1. I thought recently Arda Turan laughed at a possible move to Arsenal by hinting its a step down for him, i suppose beggars cant be choosers, if your wondering who that comment was for i let you decide 🙂

          1. Turan has always been average. Never, not even once has he even reached the level of ‘one season wonder’.

            1. I think he has the ability but not the consistency, he can improve and gain confidence with Arsenal because we are not Barca to demand such top performance week and week out

  10. I would like Martinez go out on loan for one season with the option of being brought back ( if that’s possible ) if we need him . He’s a good goal keeper that needs playing time . How fourth goal keeper can play in the early rounds of the league cup to see what he’s made of . Keep Szczesny.

  11. We have 6 goalkeepers now born 1995 or before. In addition that we have Huddart, Keto, Virginia and Crean. That is without any new scholars joining this summer.

    We certainly do not need 10+ keepers

  12. I’d prefer we got the Pole to sign a new contract, then re-send him out on loan again, just like Courtois and Chelsea. Maybe afterwards, he might be ready to replace Cech?

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