Wenger brushes off “predictable” criticism of Arsenal

Arsenal fans have been giving Arsene Wenger and his team a very hard time (including this website to be fair) after their stuttering start to the season, but the fact is that the Gunners have still only lost one League match this season despite a crippling injury list.

Wenger is aware of the doubters, but doesn´t think any of this will affect the squad ahead of tomorrows difficult visit to high-flying Swansea, in fact he seems to expect criticism whatever he does during games.

“If you are 3-0 up and get back to 3-3, you always get the same,” Wenger said on Sky Sports. “I have managed 2000 games and can anticipate what people will say. If you defend and get back to 3-3, people will ask why you defend and not continue to play a normal game. If you continue to attack, people ask why you attack. It is so predictable,”

“We can learn a lot from what happened on Tuesday. We have special incidents. Some things we can correct, like the second and third goals.

“We are very positive inside the camp. We are not touched by that (the negativity). When we do not win, we are not happy. The rest, we can live with.”

One thing we can ALL live with is the news that a win tomrrow will put Arsenal back into fourth place, and just three victories behind the invincible-looking Chelsea team.

Why can´t we just get behind the team for a change and applaud the way they are dealing with a very difficult situation instead of knocking them at every single opportunity?

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    1. I have said this before, I will say it again: we (guys like me) do support the team and we do wish Wenger the very. However, we will not make idiots of ourselves by calling a spade a shovel.

      1. Blablabla,it s lways the same with Wenger,years without major titles(EPL,CL)and is happy and proud of what is going.I ask the supporters to put the pressure on him by anyway possible so that he fulfill his duty in the transfer window by buying a true DM(I like Carvahlo) and one CB.It should be make clear to him that it will not be accepted by the supporters anymore his failures in transfer windows
        It s just my opinion:
        Chambers should play at CB that is best position,for RB use Debuchy,Bellerin and call back Jenkinson,he is good enough if given a run.
        Due to his poor sense of positioning in the middle I am starting to think that maybe Wellbeck best position could be left wing as this would give him more space to use his speed and make runs and he is one willing to help in defense as do Sanchez so that would help the team.

      1. You barrely see people commenting but only disslikes. Have you ever thought about that it can be only one guy with multy accounts doing such things? hehehe. A No life fa%g doing his thing.

        1. In wenger we trust COYG u spoilt little brats ,you muppets ain’t even been tested in your arsenal fan career never seen your club finish lower then fourth every year we play in cl against the big boys and you lot act like were in crisis and things are so bad wow I’m beyond belief just can’t get my head around the way you lot act sometimes step back a bit a think a little you twats most of you in your life time have never seen your team finish lower then fourth yes fûc#ing fourth most of you don’t even no what it’s like to be a real fan wen your team are struggling finishing mid table and still saying you love the club and protect them never in my life have I heard a generation of arsenal fans critise manager players board everything about our club wen things our knowere near as bad as you make out to be and could be . COYG don’t worry arsenal I be their for you threw thick and thin even wen our own fans just want to bring so much negativity into the club we love you arsenal we do COYG

            1. Your a fool mate I’m only 38 I know im quite old on this site full of spoilt little brats and I’m excited about wen we get a new manager and we move forward from the wenger times but I will stick by him all the way cause in my life time I’ve seen much worse arsenal team and my team beign in worse situation then your quote about beign in love with wenger rather then arsenal come on then tell me your age and if you ever seen another manager then arsen cause I was probably supporting arsenal wen you were still swimming in your dada nuts little boy come and talk to me wen you finished outside the top 4 in your life

              1. Oh sorry I forgot if you ever see arsenal finish outside top 4 you probably become a plastic or city fan COYG

                1. If you ever see Wenger leave for another club you probably become a plastic fan who follows him, right?

                  COYG is something you dont understand. You Mean AKB4life or something. Ahahah.

                2. Someone on here about 6 month ago said about people living abroad don’t understand and haven’t got a clue in supporting arsenal if they don’t live in London even tho I live in London I was one of the first to say that if you got red and white In Your blood were all equal so don’t come with that sh#t that I’m acting like in more of a supporter then anyone else even if they do support arsenal from the moon cause were all equal at the end of the day and I wi never use That against anyone but arsenal stays in your blood all your life you fool so I can treat it like my family I’ve even been beaten up cause of arsenal and in life you will fight for your family and friends even you you muppet I will fight for you cause you a gooner it’s nothing to do about wenger

              2. This is not a competition you idiot. Only bec you are older then someone else doesnt make you more of a fan. I am a fan who strives for glory. Glory to Arsenal means glory to my self. Shame to this club means shame to me. I dont give a flying Fak how old you are. You are that kind of men who is a born loser. Loses of 8 goals 6 and 4, losing captains and star players to rival teams with the result of them winning everything which we desired, means nothing to you. You have no pride, you have no shame, you are just a puppet.

                There is a big diff between us wanting to win, but us not being able to, and us being able to, but the managment not choosing to do so. And that for i rage. I will rage till Wenger will be off this club, and after him the board be unprotected.

                Love for this club. Fack the Akb, Wenger and the Baord.

                1. Shame to the club means shame to u ? what a muppet you are mate you should never be ashamed of your club no matter how old you are arsenal is my blood and family to me and I will never be ashamed of them no matter what and it’s got nothing to do with if your aborn loser your just a muppet who hides wen we lose and come out of the closet wen we will win I wear my arsenal top the next day eveytime we lose you mug I rather be a loser in life and still be there for my team then expect them to win every game and cry wen things ain’t going the way you want

                2. Dont come up with that babbling of your blood and your family. Football is a passion and a hobby and not life and death you no life fakk.

                  You have to feel shame. When you get beaten you have to feel it so you will try harder next time. Are you actualy normal in the first place?

                  I dont hide when we lose, i am the first guy in this site who addreses our flaws and demands changes so we can become stronger next time. But who i am telling this, you are nothing more then a brain dead Wengerit ( Zombie). See ya faker.

          1. @61
            If I know my team is a middle table team, I will have a lower expectation but arsenal is a top club as the akb said wenger bring arsenal to global so shouldn’t we expect arsenal to be same expectations as fans of RM or Barca etc.

            Btw I start to learn how to be a middle table club supporter in case it is too late.

            1. Come on mate everyone knows our club has gone threw a transactional period that we will probably never see in our life time again football has changed since the billionaires have come in we had to make the changes no other manager could of kept us in the top four while we had to change our whole structure I’m not saying wenger is perfect he does fustrate us all sometimes but were in safe hands and were going in the right direction not that I know a lot about the ffp but something is happening and every year we seem to becoming in a stronger position to what wenger is trying to achieve for our club we all know this is wenger last contract and even if he win the cl or the epl he won’t sign another contract it just fustrates me that the way people act sometimes our time is coming even wen wenger leaves we will still have hope that we can compete for honours lets just enjoy beign arsenal fans and what will be will be cause wen in a very stable position and that is all the hope I need that our time will come in the future COYG

              1. Yes we are in the transition period but we given him 10 years to rebuild. Last season we were good but he fk up, luckily we got fa cup and the ways he treat arsenal fans like shi*. His pre or post game talk don’t make any sense of a good manager should be.

                Nobody perfect but as a person should be humble, listen to advise, suggestions but keep on saying he know what he is doing that damn irritating.

                1. At least I can have a decent convo with u mate not like that ks jelly I hear you mate I understand everyone frustration but I don’t agree thar he treats arsenal fan like sh#t he does love the club and try’s to do the best for us you only have to look at our stadium and he’s hard work he’s done for anyone to know that ain’t true like I said he ain’t perfect and does make mistakes but were knowere near in a bad position like most people make out to be

          2. I dont think its out of place for the fans to expect more. We all love Arsene and what he’s done for the club but we want more.

            1. True..Wenger did well..Kudos to him..all this while he got hsis due interms of the huge salary right? So let’s give him a good farewell, and be done with! He clearly is not the man, if we want to get better. The problem is longer he stays, the team is turning into 11 playmakers – people who only want to play pretty football. After years of dithering in plugging the key positions, look where we are- no world class CBs, No world class defensive Midfielder. No world class striker. All we have are midfielders who like playing 1-2’s and think defensive duties are beyond their stature! Given that someone ambitious even takes over now, given our financial situation, it will take us at least 2-3 seasons to rebuild! Tolerance is running thin!

        2. zzzzzzzzzz let’s keep it arsenal, keep ur personal stuff to useless it’s really boring to those not involved.

  1. Well he know the best (akb), just he doesn’t care. Comfortable 8 mils for another three season, I surely can live with that.

    1. I would love to find someone in any sphere of life who gets paid such money and is also beyond criticism (specially when he has not been delivering for the last 9 years)

  2. Did anyone see the way Wenger dissed Ramsey. He never dissed Wilshere, Ozil or Giroud like that.


  3. I support the team 1000% thats a fact but #Aw #FACK him he doesn’t care about the team he cares about hiz £8mil a year & hes good !!!!!

  4. You know the manager has lost control when the team engages the circular firing squad.

    Arsenal has become the epitome of dysfunction so there is little use picking out what the actual problems are – an exercise in futility.

    Today I witnessed another sign of dysfunction in the EPL – Joey Barton is actually still allowed to step onto an EPL pitch. Almost as sad as Wenger’s dive into the abyss of egomania and suicidal denial of all things real and logical.

  5. “We were once 18 points clear of City but we lost at home 2-1. We were still 15 points ahead but he was furious. Then I realised: he’s a winner.” Robin about Fergi.

    Now compare Fergis nature to Wenger. I rest my case.

    1. Ever heard people say that when you become a grandparent, you don’t sweat about little things anymore. What happened is that Wenger actually grew old! The way his team plays is a reflection of how he motivates the team. When you give players ‘grandpa’ freedom to express themselves, they lack an element of discipline to a certain degree because the consequences aren’t harsh. Wenger babies these boys perhaps more so these days than he ever did back then, now that he’s gotten older & could care less about criticism or competition with other managers. Fergie maintained his youthful passion for competition & strictness to the end, and did not accept anything less than greatness from his team – you wouldn’t have wanted to be singled out to be on the receiving end of his Scottish ire. Unfortunately, this is the kind of Wenger we have… one who’s managed over 2000 games & doesn’t care much about criticism anymore.

      1. Wenger has eliminated every thread to him in this club. The fans are guttles, the board is interested only in money, our former legends are all working with other teams, our not so long ago heros are playing for rival teams, i dont understand how people can accept this.

    2. Have not followed Fergie that much but remember the episode when they lost the epl title to City on goal difference. He said that the problem was that Manu did not score enough goals & claimed it will never happen again. what did he do? He got RVP..the best striker in PL then ! absolutely ruthless!

      Vis-a-vis wenger (in his latest interview): “I don’t criticize my players. I help them understand what they could have done better” – and consequently our fortunes !

  6. Believe the fact that more and more of our players are starting to comment about training methods, team sections, performances etc. Shows that wenger is losing his players slowly but surely. Season after season the side struggles with injuries and the players look for wenger to help strengthen in the window but the job never quite gets finished. Playing a player like monreal so horribly out of position after letting verm and jenks go must resonate through the squad. And saying no one could have predicted we’d have so many injured players does not wash with me, we have years or historical data to say otherwise. Shad forsyth is not change things over night. If I was one of the stronger opinionated players I’d be thinking “what isnhe playing at? He’s lost it”.

  7. Wenger will be very happy with a win because we will be back in 4th place.

    4th place is like a comfort zone for Wenger. He loves that position with all his heart. Nobody in Premier League history has dominated 4th place ad much as Wenger. He has taken 4th place from Mourinho, Sir Alex, etc.

    COYG Win tomorrow for Wenger

  8. He does not care about the criticism because he has too much control over the club, instead of excepting the angry words of merson as pointing out one of arsenal many flaw, and challenging the players to correct these flaws of the team. He instead chooses to ridicule the criticisms

    This just shows the arrogance of wenger, he has too much control in the running of the club and it was the board of arsenal that created this dictator, the words of any fan of the club does not mean a thing to wenger

  9. Let’s see we are in 4th I hope by the end of 9th November.Still a massive difference when numbers come into play with Chelsea and southhampton performing at the very best using a set of 2 CDM and Chelsea using Ramires out wide played as a LAM and forms a base for Chelsea with Oscar filling in for Ramires wide. Arsenal’s team is not predictable cause we are playing properly but the manpower is currently performing is not good
    We need 2 CDM and CB

  10. Please stop with this meaningless stat of “we have only lost 1 league game”, so f!”·! what? Drawing against weak opponents is points dropped. If you play two teams outside of the top 4, you are better off winning 1 and losing 1 (3 points) than drawing 2 (2 points). The large number of draws against mediocre teams means nothing other than that Arsenal have been very mediocre themselves this season.

    Wake me up when we beat a good team.

  11. “Why can´t we just get behind the team for a change and applaud the way they are dealing with a very difficult situation instead of knocking them at every single opportunity?”

    I will applaud when the team puts in a good performance. Haven’t been too many of those thus far. Spare me the injury excuse nonsense. Injuries are predictable. They happen every year. They will happen again next year. The lack of cover on defense was entirely predictable. No excuse for poor planning. And our CDM problems have nothing to do with injuries. We don’t have a CDM period (Arteta and Flamini don’t count).

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