Wenger calls Alexis’ bluff – He is staying!

There is of course no day that goes by without another rumour about the Arsenal and Chile striker Alexis Sanchez, and there is no doubt that he has helped fuel these speculations with his Instagram post saying simply “enfermo” (Sick). So today the latest is that he is set to hand in a transfer request next week when he returns to the Emirates to force Arsene Wenger’s hand.

But Wenger himself admitted that Alexis really has flu and his return to training will be delayed for a few days, but he refused to reveal any details of his conversation with the ex-Barca man, who is apparently keen to rejoin Pep Guardiola at Man City. “He has flu, yes. I had him on text yesterday,” Wenger said.

“He will come back as soon as possible and we were in touch with him and his doctor. He has no basic problem apart from the fact that he should come back tomorrow, but he comes back on Tuesday,”

“He’s flying back as soon as he’s in a position to fly back. He has flu and that’s a question of normally four or five days.”

Asked whether there has been any news on Alexis’ future at Arsenal, Wenger replied: “There’s no development, it’s always the same. He is staying.”

The rumours are saying that the Chilean has told Wenger he wants to leave, but Wenger refused to be drawn on the subject. “I cannot reveal to you what he says to me always, no. I don’t want to talk. I cannot reveal what is a secret conversation.”

So, we can only wonder if Sanchez has asked to leave, and if he has, then we have to assume that Wenger has said “No!” But I still think we cannot be sure what the final outcome will be until the last day of the transfer window at the end of next month….


Updated: July 30, 2017 — 11:08 am


  1. Off topic
    ???Two tap in gives you MOTM Doesn’t mean because you scored two goals then you get it for free ?it is more than that, Kolasinac was involved in 3 of our goals and Nelson had one and was better. For me Kolasinac was MOTM or Nelson because of his all round play. Theo didn’t deserve it

    1. Didnt you write exactly the same comment on previos article about TW14 being MOTM?
      You dont like him, we get it, now stop being annoying and comment on Alexis being ‘enferno’

    2. Wrong. Kolasinac was only involved in two of the goals, not three.

      Walcott was involved in 4 of the goals.

      1. Set 1 up and involved in 2 more is 3.

        1. HA, I missed one. Still, if a player is involved in 4/5 goals, it’s not good form to have a hissy fit because they get picked as MoM.

    3. Arrhhrgg. Both Theo AND Kolasinac played very well. There should be little real argument here Either player could have earned MOTM.

  2. Napersie, you hate his guts or is it just a general resentment for him? He can score goals and he took his time to know how, but who cares.

    He’s one of ours and that is enough. Man of the match or not. I wish he has a decent season of banging it in. I will take that all day long. It doesn’t matter if he only makes the bench all season.

  3. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    Quote ” I had him on text” said the kinky old man ??with today’s technology, a free video call using a free app would have been more efficient.

    It’s a bit confusing when Wenger talks about the player flying back when he is well enough, yet other reports state that Arsenal’s club doctors paid him a visit to confirm his illness. Is he here or there? I can’t see the clubs doctors flying out to South America can you?

    Anyways, I read that Arsenal want him to sign a one year extension worth £300,000 a week, with the promise of reviewing the situation at the end of next season, whereas other reports suggest that Sanchez will hand in a transfer request this week, to try and force the move to city.

    1. Only text is secure channel.

  4. I tthink he is staying…but it seems nasri is playing some good passing game ..hope Wenger take a look he could replace santI even if for just two seasons
    Never forget we gave second chance to flamini

  5. Have to say what Sanchez does is still up in the air stay or go im not sure at all.
    Hope he stays and all the media talk is the usual crap they put out about us.
    One thing i have to say is im delighted at how Barcelona players and board are crying to the press about how a top team is trying to get one of there players. Well barca how does it feel?
    Even tho we are in same boat we have had it for years and we are starting to look like its not gona happen any more (thats my hope) i just love seeing them crying for once.

  6. As I keep saying, what happens in January when it comes out he’s joining one of our rivals? It’s amazing that no ones talking about this. Going to be hard to watch Alexis for the second half of the season, knowing he’s agreed to become a Chelsea/ManC player for next season…and on a free!!!!

    If he doesn’t sign, we have to sell!

    1. What do you mean? If loosing him now won’t move you then him leaving then won’t bother me either . Who knows by then he may agree to a new deal depending on our form.

      1. Of course I don’t want to lose him, because no one at our club (players and management) is on his level in terms of ability, mentality, and ambition. Just very surprised that no one seems to be talking about the fact that clubs can talk to Sanchez in January. Could destabilise our season.

        Our ‘form’ is why he’s leaving. Too much of a risk to hope our form in the league will suddenly improve enough to make Sanchez sign, given Wenger’s track record. If we had changed manager, then maybe that could have been worth the risk, but Wenger is a solid guarantee we won’t do anything in the league.

        1. Dont worry.. season will already be destabilised by then so ….

  7. And if he stays and go on a free next summer, we will still have to replace him anyway. Why not replace him now and get money from his sales. Other players will step up. The most important thing is the team have other players who can score the goals. Improve on our defence.

    1. Not if it means handing the title to City like with RVP and United.
      Under no circumstances should we sell our best player to City or any of our rivals
      Completely unacceptable

      I’m fine with selling overseas like PSG, Bayern, China etc

      1. All Three sides need to agree with selling a player.
        Thing is that Alexis does not want to move to Psg or Bayern.He wants to go M City….so..
        On the other hand …when free, Alexis can go where ever he wants and Afc cant do nothing about it.
        So i think its better to cash in and find replacement asap.

        1. Absolutely not, we are better off as a team showing our strength, and that we won’t be messed about. If he wants to go abroad, fine, but he can sit at home all season, if he wants to go to Citeh. More damaging to him than to us, not playing football all year.

        2. Absolutely not, we are better off as a team showing our strength, and that we won’t be messed about. If he wants to go abroad, fine, but he can sit at home all season, if he wants to go to Citeh. More damaging to him than to us, not playing football all year.

        3. By selling to Citeh, we will empower Citeh more than we can possibly empower ourselves.

  8. He better stay coz we r finally building up a squad that may chellenge for real silverware next season(if we get couple more signings say lemar ) but if he leaves then our title chellenge building ought to collapse as he is at the depths of it.

    1. Only exception is if City gives us a top forward in exchange (Aguero or De Bruyne). That way we get a Top class forward to replace Alexis and they lose one.

      1. And why would they?

        1. Precisely they are not like arsenal who sell their best players to direct rivals

        2. and why should we ?

          unless we get a like for like replacement then let him play for another season and will be one year older and also our new players will have been integrated and you dont know which big players will be available next season and also if Pep will even be at City if he doesnt win title !

  9. As world class as lexi is,but he has to remember that our club helped him to become who he is today..if he stays I’ll be happy and if he goes I won’t be that sad..coz afterall we’re arsenal we’re bigger then Him, besides I managed to survive the Cesc double blow (leaving us for barca, coming back to the epl to play for our rivals)..the point is we’ve been here before so it shouldn’t be that hard, some might not agree but that what I think. .

  10. If he scores 15-25 goals this season, he can go for free. We must not sell him to a rival . City have to wait. would like him to stay, but we can can other players. just honour your contract.

    We made him great. why was he not sold by Barca for $70 million. he was a squad player at Barcelona.

    1. The only problem is that Arsenal has to operate within its own resources. If sanchez stays and then leaves on a free then that is one year of sanchez playing for us. If we sell and replace with a top player that is say five years of a top player playing for us, plus they may renew their contract plus the possibility of selling the player.

      What is best? It can be argued both ways. Personally I would sell and buy another top player. Having a wantaway player can be very disruptive. If it has to be man city then make sure we get top money and buy someone we need to strengthen the squad.

      I do not like selling to a rival but I dislike strengthening a rival for free. Effectively we will have paid £65m for sanchez in transfer fee plus wages for four years, developed him as a striker and man city get him for free. That is not good business it is effectively us giving man city £50m. Putting that in to context, our gate receopts are about £88m for a whole season with good runs in cups and CL games,

  11. Sometimes you have to wonder why Wenger makes such stupid statements……now he is defending why allowing players to enter their last year of their contract is the best situation for his club………bargaining from a weak position is his ideal situation……..smh…….that’s why he has a Sanchez problem………

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