Wenger calls on Chelsea record to help Arsenal beat Swansea

With Arsenal being on a run of five Premier League wins in a row, as well as not having lost in nine matches since the opening day defeat by Liverpool, it is understandable that a lot of Arsenal fans are feeling confident about getting another win this weekend.

We have also started to turn on the style of late, scoring 20 goals and conceding just four in our last eight matches in all competitions, while the Welsh club is coming to London desperate to turnaround their own early season fortune, with their only two wins of the season so far being distant memories from August, against Burnley on the opening day and then Peterborough in the EFL cup.

However, that does not tell the whole story and the Swans may well be feeling more confident than you would expect while the Gunners may have some concerns because our record against them in recent years is pretty awful. Just one win in the last five games against them is hard to fathom, while they have won three and drawn one of the last four games at the Emirates, including last season when they effectively ended our hopes of the title.

That is not a good record top think about, but one big thing in our favour heading into this match is that we have only just ended an even worse run of games against Chelsea and, let’s be honest, they are a much better team. That is why the boss brought up our recent 3-0 demolition of Antonio Conte’s side in the game preview on Arsenal.com.

Wenger said, “Before we played Chelsea I spoke to you about inconvenient facts relating to Chelsea, and another team with those stats is Swansea. It’s another hurdle for us, especially with them having a new manager as well.

“Last year they were a big blow for us [when they won 2-1 at the Emirates]. The result against them in the Premier League basically ended our title hopes.

“It’s true that we were questioned at the time, but this time we are in better psychological condition. We’ve been warned and we have a good opportunity to show that we have moved forward, and that we can deal with these kinds of facts.

“It is about refocusing quickly and refocusing on the targets of the club after the players have been under pressure with their national teams,” he added.

“For us it’s important to focus on getting up to the next level and we want to improve. We are in a very difficult league where everybody is trying to become better and better so fast that it’s important we focus on how we get better ourselves.

“Where we stand at the moment is good, our results are good, but we also have to look inside our game to try to improve what we can.”

I really like the way the Frenchman reminds his Arsenal team that they can take nothing for granted and will be in big trouble if they do, while also reminding them that a good record is only as good as the last game. So are we going to do a Chelsea on Swansea?



  1. muda says:

    This is a must win game for me, because all the other contenders have a harder games on paper. So we must take an advantage in case they dropped some points along the line.


    Chelsea v Leicester
    Man city v Everton
    West brom v Spurs (away game)! And then there’s last but not the least
    Liverpool v Man U
    #COYG let’s take advantage for once or 2nd time in the raw.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Chelsea win, City win, Spu win, Liv win. I think in the bookies this is the most likely outcome, and they’re the teams we want dropping points, except maybe utd and pool to both drop points. I don’t fear Lei this season, nor Eve, liv and manu is more difficult, with Mourinho v no Euro footy.

      1. Alexis the Great says:

        Its too early to worry too much about the other teams, we just have to keep winning! Having said that I would still like to see at least one of the big teams lose a game every week.

  2. Break-on-through says:

    Yeah, I think we’ll go straight at them from the start. Whenever we do that and when our passing is quick we usually get the job done. The passing part esp, cause whenever we lose it seems to be when our passing is slow. That’s why I never get why some Arsenal players will play it slow instead of just putting a bit of pace behind the ball. If it’s a difficult pass it makes it even more essential to play it quick as it’ll likely get cut out. I

    1. Alexis the Great says:

      We always need a quick start and if Swansea don’t park the bus then we shouldeasilyhave the game won before half time.

  3. G-Rude says:

    We only beat Chelsea because they have a new manager. Luckily Swansea have a new manager too.

    4-0 to the Arsenal COYG!

  4. Olivier's toe says:

    If we win every home game 3-0 and every away game 1-0 I will be happy!

    1. jonm says:

      I like the idea but you are going to be unhappy at times.

      1. Admin says:

        I like the idea and I hope he’s not unhappy at all!

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