Wenger can’t rule out exit: Latest on Alexis saga

Alexis Sanchez is the talking point of the day for Arsenal (as usual), so we thought we’d give you a round-up of the latest speculation.

Manchester City were recently named as the only concrete interest in his signature by the Chilean forward’s representatives, and now Don Balon are claiming that they have increased their offer from around £44 Million, up to £60 Million.

Pep Guardiola’s side remain as the favourites to sign the former Barcelona star, despite consistent statements by Arsene Wenger ruling out a switch to a Premier League rival, although his destination in 12 months time will be out of our hands.

Alexis is allowed to leave the club on a free transfer at the end of next term unless we can manage to tie him down to a new contract, or sell him prior to the end of next season of course.

There is also reports that Dani Alves and new World’s most expensive player Neymar are trying to convince him to join their revolution with Paris Saint-Germain.

The French giants seem likely to be unable to complete a move this month due to UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Regulations, having already splashed a whopping €222 Million on the Brazilian superstar from Barcelona.

We are claimed to have offered to break the bank by giving him a £300,000 per week contract, a wage previously unheard of in North-London, but there is no inclination as to whether he would be willing to sign.

Last term Sanchez claimed that the ball was in our court as per negotiations, seeming to tell us that he would extend his contract if his asking wage was met, although the specifications of said demands remain unknown.

Will Alexis stay beyond the current window? Could Arsenal still sell to City?

Pat J


  1. John0711 says:

    Let him go players who don’t want to Play for us are no use. I’m more worried we will let this all happen in the last week then resort to panic buying or worse no buts at all . We were supposed to have 100m and kronkie said we want to win the PL and CL. Yet we’ve had an outlay of less than 40m and last seasons failing are still there. I don’t expect WC players but I would like a couple of top young quality players who want to play for the club

    1. Buddie says:

      100 million shopping can’t win Arsenal PL, the problem of Arsenal is not just Wenger but the stingy owner(s). Don’t think Unai Emery could have stopped PSG from buying Neymar. If Arsenal owners really want to buy players they would do so without Wenger’s support and he dare not play the player if the player is world class (Like or close to Neymar). Just my opinion.

  2. gotanidea says:

    I think he will stay, since PSG has bought Neymar. Unless Manchester City is willing to splash big money, whereas they can get him for free in the next season.

    Manchester City has got too many players like him and he is almost 29 years old, so I don’t think they will bid again.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      There aren’t any players like Alexis, not in the premier league. There are wingers who can score, dribble, and be creative, but not all that and more at the level of Alexis. Mane prob comes closest, Hazard is up there but he ain’t anything like Alexis. To a lesser extent Liverpool’s new signing Salah could prob be compared ..some what. Stirling is a dirt cheap copy, like how some players are compared to the Machine ..that was Thierry Henry.

      ——All the way.

  3. Vijay says:

    All this alexis exit talk when the poor guy hasn’t created any drama like handing in a transfer request.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      No, and he hasn’t offered to buy out the last season neither. Which City and PSG would happily reimburse him for. He hasn’t whinged and moaned, making everything public. He said it’s in the clubs hands, and they know his feelings. He said he wanted Arsenal to be able to challenge, so if he feels it’s not enough, at-least he isn’t airing everything out in public. After saying he wants to play in London and wants to challenge for titles, he said it’s in the clubs hands.

      Get Draxler, will help with this season, and next season might soften the blow esp if we find a suitable replacement for Alexis. We done enough penny pinching over the seasons to sustain us. I done enough complaining about it – to now start moaning about losing out on a few noughts.

    2. ZA_Gunner says:

      It’s still to hard to say whether he will honour his contract to the end because the transfer window is still open, but so far like you said Sanchez has been a professional and I respect him for that. In his heart I’m sure he wants to go play for a better team that can give him the chance to win trophies but his head is straight and telling him he needs to show respect to those he is employed to. People have been worked up with all the rumours being thrown about and not looking at it with a bit of fair judgement. It is for certain he doesn’t see that his future will be here and would win anything otherwise he would have signed the new contract already, which I can guarantee Arsenal would have put on the table because he is by far our best player. But I also don’t blame him for not signing not because he is obliged to owing Arsenal anything, but because he doesn’t want to tie himself down to something in which he may not get himself out of later when he does decide to change club, which is fair play in my opinion.

  4. Twig says:

    Arsenal refusing to sell Sanchez is the best decision ever. Players must be made to understand the importance of a contract. Whether sick, suspended or injured, the club pays the players their wages. Only for them to start acting up?!

    Arsenal should keep Sanchez even if it means losing him for free. We should also buy Draxler to replace him next season.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I agree that if a club wants a player to honour their contract, then the player should be professional, and do so. If Sanchez has asked to leave, I do not see a problem with that, and I feel he’s been very professional so far. Just look how bad it can get with the whole Costa saga. He’s been an absolute disgrace!!

      But I disagree with you saying “it’s the best decision ever”, because it simply isn’t. Are we stopping our rivals from signing Sanchez…no! They only have to wait less than a year, and sign him for free. So is it good to miss out potentially £50/60 million…no! That money could be used on a replacement. Finally, is it a good idea for any club to keep a player against their will…again, it’s a no! Although I think Sanchez will continue to act professionally, there’s always the chance that something could potentially happen, which could cause dressing room unrest.

      I can understand peoples position on not selling our star player to a rival again, because it makes Arsenal look weak, but for me, keeping Sanchez against his will (if he does want out) is more a sign of desperation than anything.

  5. adi says:

    I hope he leaves, at Mancity it will disrupt otjer team mates. Sane, Aguero,Jesus are gonna fight for that spot.i think if Sanchez arrives someone has to leave

    1. mikizal says:

      Oh imagine the headache. ..grow up mate ..

  6. TH14-TW14 says:

    “Arsenal defender Gabriel is on the verge of a £10m move to Valencia, according to Sky sources.

    The Brazilian defender joined the Gunners from Villarreal in January 2015 but has fallen behind Laurent Koscielny, Shkodran Mustafi and Rob Holding in the battle for a centre-back place.

    Valencia could make an announcement today”

    Sky Sports

    1. micky says:

      l’m sure Gabriel is much better than Holding. But Paulista isn’t English. Anyway, you’ll see Holding will be going somewhere else for lone next season. Because he won’t be good enough for Arsenal.

      1. sanmi.marvellous says:

        Next season ?
        Why not this season ?

  7. Mulugunner says:

    Fact 1: he doesn’t want to play for us
    Fact 2: him staying without his interest is not good for the team spirit
    Fact 3: he can choose wherever he wants to go next season
    Fact 4: we can sell amd get some money

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Where did you get your facts from.

  8. invisible 88 says:

    I think Alexis will leave before 1st September 2017 and even Wenger knows that, but rather Wenger wants to sell him late to find an excuse not sign a replacement.

    1. John0711 says:

      I have to admit that’s what I thought

    2. micky says:

      As Arsene said it, there’s “never” and “100 percent in football”, and l definitely agree with you that both Alexis and Ox will leave.What makes it worse will be Wenger won’t bring anyone for replacements as he thinks he has got “too high” squad.

  9. Weng + Kroen = failure says:

    City are the most deluded side in the planet the always buy players they don’t need, Wright Phillips, Adebayo, Wilfred Bonny etc now Sanchez

  10. AmbassadorJB says:

    We languish over and over this matter simply because we are media oriented prone supporters. Genuine. Supporters are not tossed to and fro by the slieght gimmicks media play all the time.
    Looking at things in a positive way, we will have a clear clue that Alexis is not pushing to go because hewants to go; the guy’s statements all the way is strict on payments.
    Last time he was interviewed i cought him saying the “Arsenal knows what i want and if they agree to my terms, wil see if i will sign a contract” and last time he talked on interview in Chile, we caught him saying that the club knows knows what he wants cause the ball is in Arsenal’s hands:
    What this tells us is the weekly wage; its clear he submitted his proposal to the board and he wasnt answered yet perhaps due to unexpected amount on demand.
    This is clear since Alexis doesn’t like to talk much on media bearing in mind his card was arledy pressed down to the board. Again Wenger never spoke wheither he offered him a contract where he refused: its clear all these people know exactly where they stand. Apparently, Wenger is always answering media questions not what Alexis demands and answers, ; us supporters should be genuine on what to react, listern and speak.

    1. Ivan says:

      I think it is naive to think that these things are played out so simply. Football Clubs, agents, managers and players themselves have always spoken off the record to certain journalists to try and get what they want.
      When you get so much media talk about players wanting to go it is fair to assume they do. If it was untrue they would just come out and say so and that would be that. The reason why they do not outright say they want to go is they will lose money.
      And do you know what I can accept all this but it is just that AW and the rest at AFC are so poor at playing these games. When we had blatently tapped up Suarez we failed to force through the move and Liverpool made money out of him but when others tap up our players we end up selling for low prices (RVP for example).

  11. Viera Lyn says:

    Stop the insanity! It’s pretty simple, either you get him to sign on the dotted line or you move him before the close of the window…once again this club is a laughing stock on the world soccer stage…Wenger is simply overcompensating for the years of offloading our best players to our detriment…Wenger says he’s going to sacrifice by keeping him and letting him go free if need be? what exactly is he sacrificing? It’s the fans that keep sacrificing because this team can’t get their head out of their own ass…please give me some examples when a top club ever let their best player leave for free at the end of a season…Wenger needs to go to PSG and get some money and talent for Sanchez so that we can end this nonsense once and for all…then he needs to publicly apologize for the way in which they handled the whole situation…if they allow Sanchez to go for free there is no way this club, under the tutelage of Kroenke and Wenger, will ever layout the necessary coin to replace such a talented player, especially considering that Wenger will be a lame-duck manager once again in the final year of his contract and we know how well that went last year…open your eyes people, Wenger has spoken publicly about how he hopes that the next manager can take this club to the next level…WHAT?!?…he then went on to speak about leaving them in the perfect position to be successful, which is one of the reasons why several pundits felt Wenger would leave after last season based on the financials and the fact that so many players had only one year left on their respective contracts…who says this shit???If you believe you’re leaving things in the best possible shape for your potential successor to achieve greatness it raises a couple of serious questions: Why can’t you take things to the next level if everything is as great as you say? and Are we just “lame ducks” for the next 2 years again if he believes the next level isn’t possible until he departs? I don’t know if I hate this man for the way in which he has played the fans or admire him for pulling off one of the greatest con-jobs the sporting world has ever seen

  12. Chuks says:

    why ar u guys saying he should go he doesnt want to play for Arsenal.for God sake this young man is calm he has not pushed his exit.why ar u guys hating on him.give this guy a brake.
    He stays.

    1. Kamikaze says:

      Man they also amaze me…imagine Ox also wants to leave but no one is insulting him and he hasnt done half of what sanchez has done or is it bcause he is english?!

  13. invisible 88 says:

    Julian draxler is up for grabs, i hope Wenger doesn’t miss out this time on draxler if Mr. Wenger is really serious. even if it means swapping with Alexis coz he doesn’t want to stay here.

    1. COYG_CA says:

      Not sure I would turn down a swap deal if Sanchez really would not sign an extension . . . that might be a good piece of work right there. However, I don’t believe Arsenal has the guts or bravery to be so bold. It’s strange, this year’s business is even more messed up than the last, a lot of loose ends and unknowns pretty thick right now. I don’t sense ANY kind of plan in place at all (not that there has been a good one in place these last few years).

      The more interesting side of all this for me is what would Sanchez really do? I mean, at Arsenal, he is the main man, certainly NOT at City and certainly NOT at PSG. Would he really be fine with being a role player or a second/third fiddle to other players? It would be very interesting to see how he would react to a move. Claims are he states he wants to play CL, but just because he could be on a CL roster doesn’t mean he would be playing all the CL minutes, many teams rotate, yada, yada. This seems to me to be one of those scenarios where a person doesn’t realize how good they had it before it’s too late.

  14. Break-on-through says:

    If we trim our squad to a manageable number, I don’t see a reason why we shouldn’t pay him the equivalent of two players salaries. Is there two players at Arsenal that we would keep ahead of Alexis. We should have done it earlier before record numbers start flying around. He prob wanted a little more than Pogba at first, but the more offers coming in is reevaluating things with his agent.

  15. shark says:

    I honestly think that he’ll go this window. If so, I hope we’ll get Moura (or Draxler) and Krychowiak from PSG.

  16. HydrogenDwhiz says:

    he should just go
    a frustrated player who’s pushing for a move won’t give us much
    iwobi would fit it as time goes on

  17. mark says:

    Have to be honest, I’m sick of hearing about Sanchez. He’s not our only player, and he’s not the only player who can score or create goals, as last Friday proved.

    Yes of course he is a great player, but we have helped to make him that player. A little bit of loyalty or acknowledgment by signing would be nice, but I’m still sick of hearing about him.

    Either sign or sod off.

  18. FrankN says:

    Here’s an idea. Let’s wait till the end of the window. If he’s still here, good-if he’s not, good riddance. In the meantime can we talk about something else?

  19. Turbo says:

    And there we go…I was afraid this might play out badly and Arsene is already changing his tune and we still have two weeks left in the window. PSG close the deal please! Maybe they will think “what the hell, let’s screw FFP, take our lumps, and go crazy this year.” But I’ve got this really unpleasant feeling it might just be Alexis at City and Ox at Chelsea when September starts. I really hope I’m wrong. If they stay without signing new deals (also Ozil) it’s going to be a major continuing saga that’s going to get very tedious and annoying.

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