Wenger – Cazorla is an excellent example for youngsters

Arsenal’s little Spaniard Santiago Cazorla may be at the grand age of 30, but he is still a brilliant footballer and should be an example to young midfielders, says the Gunners boss Arsene Wenger.

Wenger thinks that his small stature doesn’t make him an obvious candidate to make it in the Premier League, but Cazorla makes up for this in other ways. “It’s because of his technical quality and his intelligence,” Le Prof enthused. “He’s a model to watch. If you go out and you watch Cazorla play, you think this is not a player – when you watch him play for Spain – who can specifically be a player for the Premier League.

“He’s a fantastic example that no matter how tall you are, it’s about how good you are. He’s a very intelligent player and he also shows how important it is to be right and left footed in midfield.

‘He’s a good example of how we should educate young players who play in midfield to be able to use their right and left foot.

“Yes [his permanent role will be in the middle],” added Wenger. “He’s at an age where he has experience and where it’s a bit more difficult on the flanks. His technical quality, vision and experience are very important central.”

Santi is just about to enter the last year of his contract with Arsenal, but when you look at midfielders like Rosicky and Arteta, they are still playing here at 33+ years of age. Wenger used to be reluctant to give over 30’s extended contracts, but maybe now he realises the value of the skills they can pass on to the youngster breaking through from the Academy?


  1. Cazorla has been in good form this season. The regret is he couldn’t score as many goals this season as I know he could. Hope he scores another free kick in the FA cup final!

  2. I would not mind
    if we sold him and
    got some one younger.
    Other wise I think we should
    use him to sub Ozil like
    Barca sub Xavi with Iniesta.
    For this to happen though we need to
    have our wingers Walcott Chamberlain
    Gnabry and Wellington to be fit and firing.

    1. isco – would be fitting to swap one former malaga player for another to carry the torch.

      honestly tho i see santi giving another 2 years at the highest level

  3. I personally think it’s great news that wenger intends to keep santi next to the dm player, his partnership with coquelin has been great and seeing ramsey, ozil and sanchez interchange like they did against Hull was breathtaking. We finally seem to have found a formation that works really well and have options of welbeck, walcott, ox and gnabry when extra pace is needed on the flanks. We do however need to try and find a player wirh cazorlas skill and vision in their early to mid twenties for the future, (not Jack).

      1. Because Jack like the
        rest of the English flaw
        is over rated. And because
        they are so injury prone
        they constantly bug#er up
        the flow of the team.
        It’s no coincidence that our
        latest 4 1/2 month 20 game
        run of success is based on 11
        non English players.

  4. Santi cazorla has been one of our key performers this season! He is an important key player! Coyg!

  5. Putting cazorla next to coqueling was the smartest thing Wenger could have done. I did this some time ago when i played with my pals on fifa.

    Cazorla and Coquelin do complete each other. Coqueling has the power but not the brain, Santi the brain but not the power. As soon as we win the ball, usually Coquelin does so with his sliding tackles, he reales the ball quickly to santi, and santi with his superb skills, close controll and being able to use both of his feeds, find his players up front, or sometimes evades and outdribbles players when in tight situations.

    Ramsey is all about effor but he lacks the brain. Wilsher has all the quality to play deep, but Wenger is not using him right and the fella lacks disciplin aswell.

    We still need a Kondogbia in our team.

    1. i agree about kondogbia
      problem is his value has shot up after this champions league campaign.
      hes vital for monaco, young and clearly a beast.
      hes in the 30-40 mill bracket now for them to consider selling

      who else can we get like him thats not mad money?

    2. U think wilshere has the brain but ramsey doesn’t…ramsey plays more succesful tru pass compared to wilshere and the ability to knw wen to pass and wen to hold on to ball is abt intelligence wch ramsey does….analysis made sometyms ago called lampard d most intelligent footballer not bcos he cud dribble 3players and fall but bcos he does the rite thing @ d rite tym.

      Likewise le coq….interception and succesful tackles involves brain. More than power…almost all our footballers re brainy

  6. Arsenal recipe for success.
    1. Clear the work area of unnecessary clutter.
    Sanogo Ryo Flamini Diaby Podolski Walcott
    Wilshere Wellbeck Campbell Arteta Sanogo Rosicky.
    7 decent, medium price players
    Mertz Monreal Cazorla Giroud Koz Ramsy Chamberlain
    Two lucky discoveries Coquelin + Bellerin
    A cheap GK Ospina
    Top with two stars Sanchez and Ozil.
    Bake for 97 minutes at 3pm every Saturday.
    Makes 12 super tasty Starlets.
    Serves 20 million happy supporters 🙂

    1. nothing will make you happy david…
      I clearly remember start of the season you bitching and moaning about Ozil and Sanchez being ‘luxury signings’ because we already had enough attacking midfielders. Now they’re our ‘stars.’ brilliant!!
      Stop your trash. Sanogo Walcott Wilshere Welbeck and Arteta are going nowhere!! Actually respect Arsenal players for a change or else why the f@#k do you support them at all?
      Coquelin and Bellerin would’ve been on your imaginary lists which mean d@#k all last season so you’re clearly delusional if you think anyone cares.
      Lucky discoveries?? Your arrogant tool who do you think works with these players on a daily basis? Just because you only see them for 90 minutes a week actually respect the coaching staff who works with them on a daily basis. It’s not ‘luck’

  7. Sorry to see you so
    angry Josh. Its ok we
    all get that way 🙂
    What will make me really happy is when
    Arsenal win the EPL and ECL.
    I love my team but demand top
    quality not mediocre which
    15 players in our squad are.
    I am just stating a fact
    that the recent Arsenal success
    is based on non English players.
    I still don’t think Ozil was an essential buy.
    he was injured 4 months both seasons but a good player.
    A quality DM would have been better
    We would have avoided the 5-1 6-3 6-0
    last season which derailed our good start last season
    We should have brought a DM and CB this last
    summer and avoided our bad start this season.
    Its not rocket science.
    Yes Sanchez is a great buy but that’s why Wenger
    did not buy a DM. If Coqu did not miraculously appear in Jan we could have been in 6th or 7th or worse place now. Wenger and Arsenal got damn lucky
    as Sanchez has gone off the boil since Xmas like Ramsey did last season.
    “Sanogo Walcott Wilshere Welbeck and Arteta are going nowhere!!”
    you said and you are right they are very average players who will not help us win big trophies. I have supported Arsenal a lot longer than you young fullah. But hey you are just learning the ropes and I am happy to help 🙂

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