Wenger – Celebrating 19 years at Arsenal and counting!

Wenger’s 19th anniversary by Sam P.

Last week was Arsene Wenger’s 19th anniversary at our great club, but it practically went unnoticed amongst the clamours for his removal after the loss to Olympiakos. But now we have beaten Man United and are sitting pretty in second place in the League, maybe it’s time to appreciate his achievements.

Le Prof is undeniably the most successful manager Arsenal have ever had. He has won more FA Cup Final’s than any other manager in English history. He won us the third of our famous Doubles. He has never finished out of the Top Four in the Premier League, despite presiding over our expensive upheaval in building the Emirates Stadium. He is the only manager ever to get Arsenal to a Champions League Final, and of course he is the only manager in history to go a full season unbeaten with the “Invincibles”. He has won hundreds of personal accolades and was named Manager-of-the Decade in 2010.

This week he has been reminiscing about his arrival at the club 19 years ago, and believes the pressure is even more intense nowadays than when he first came to England. “I was a new manager with a lot of ambition, a lot of desire and a huge desire to do well and show that I had the quality to take this club further,” he said on the official Arsenal website.

“Nineteen years later I’m still here so that doesn’t make us younger but it is a fantastic part of my life and a great honour to have guided this club for such a long time.

“It is amazing because it’s a rarity in our job. I’m conscious of the size of the club, the expectation level, so the pressure is even bigger than the first day I arrived.

“I was surprised [in my first week at Arsenal] because of the structure of the club with a size like this one. I was surprised that I was quite welcome inside the club, how humble people were and I was also surprised by the quality of the players.

“I expected the players not to be as good as they were because I didn’t have the right image of them. The players were of quality when I arrived here and that was a good surprise.”

We had good players when he arrived, and we will have good players when he retires. There is little chance of the Arsenal Board ever sacking him. He will decide for himself when his time is up, and looking at his personal fitness he could easily last at least another five years as the Boss. He has won the last two FA Cups and I believe that we are now poised to start winning more trophies on a regular basis.

Long live Arsene! Long live Arsenal!


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  1. A few corrections to your article: (1) His record for winning FA Cup finals is joint with George Ramsay of managed Aston Villa then; (2) The invincibles record only applies to EPL, outside England other teams have gone for a season unbeaten, e.g Juventus, Dinamo Zagreb, and Porto I think during the Vilas Boas era. Otherwise this is a refreshing post.

    1. Hahaha very well done, you’ve made my day! I bow to your superior knowledge…. well I would if I cared!

      Anyway, great achievement from our great manager Wenger, I am sure more greatness is just around the corner.

  2. hey guys is it just me or is it that when welbeck was around giroud used to be scoring more goals wish him well. Any ways great job from wenger.I just want wilshere to overcome his injury troubles and fulfil his destiny as the new robben
    all the beast to the arsenal community

    1. yeah well.. when welbeck was around giroud played more games 😛 the goal/minute ration now is probably even better than when welbeck was around but thats just because he didnt play much

  3. Thank you, Arsene Wenger for all the achievements.

    [i]Not only trophy and the invincible season, he’s the very first manager that brought entertaining football to England. Giving flops chance to prove doubters wrong and developing stars[/i].

    1. Because your comments contribute nothing to the discussion. When you write something sensible I will post it. You obviously don’t even read the replies to your comments because I told you this three days ago…..

        1. Is the statement “COYG” really contributing to the discussion? It is exactly the same as “WengerOut”. It is a nothing comment…

  4. OT

    Seen the photo of Usain Bolt wearing Arsenal jersey?

    I know he lost a bet but he still looks better in it than the United jersey

  5. Kloop going to Liverpool will mean at least 7 game winning run so Arsenal be on your hard. I think we have missed a trick here with him going there unless when AW steps down we go get him again we must pay for it. I just like him he is guts and glory. Not only will he change Liverpool he will spend and that’s no good for us. Any German player wanting EPL football will go to him and my gut keeps saying ozil? I do hope not. He will olso demand 1000% from the fans and that he will get. 2 years he will win the EPL

    1. If he was that good, Real Madrid would have hired him instead of Benitez… Stop overrating him…

      1. Raffa is a manager that will take care of other things at RM. kloop was a great player not so long ago. Sorry you don’t understand the game but never mind A

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