Wenger – Chelsea are secure but Arsenal have to fight

Arsenal had to fight hard to get all three points at Newcastle yesterday, and with many of our close rivals also winning, Arsene Wenger is sure that it is going to be a hard slog to hang on to a place in the Top Four, although he believes Chelsea are too far in front at the moment to be caught before the end of the season.

Wenger said in the post-match conference: “Chelsea have a good security and at the moment I feel they have enough to be quite serene. We have Manchester City in front of us but if you look behind us it is tight as well, so the important thing is to win our games. Chelsea have too much security.”

Since the Gunners New Years Day defeat by Southampton we have won 9 out of our 10 League games, but Wenger is well aware that the race for the Champions League is far from over. “At the moment we are not concluding anything. We are in the fight. You have seen the game today – in every game we need to turn up and fight until the last minute to get the points and that’s what we have to do. We just have to go for the next game and win it.”

Le Prof was then asked if he thought Arsenal could carry on winning right ’til the end of the season, but he refused to be over-confident. “I don’t change my mind on what I just said to you. Nobody can predict that. What we try to do is to win the next game and then after that, the other one. Now we have an international break where everybody goes on international duty. Let’s hope everybody comes back fit because you could see that a few players were tired today.”

In conclusion, the Boss was asked if the players thought that they could actually overtake Chelsea. He replied: “The players want to do as well as they can. We know we have a fight first to be in the top four. We go step by step, game by game.”

I guess they are all typical Wenger responses, but the fact is that Arsenal are going into the international break in a good position, no matter the result of today’s game between Liverpool and Man United, and as long as our flow is not interrupted we can look forward to an excellent finale to our season.

Listen to Arsene Wenger discussing Arsenal’s current form…..

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  1. If you realize that the ones behind us are more likely to catch us than us catchng up with chelsea you wont raise ur hopes so high…lets secure our 3rd place first that the most important thing…it wil take only one loss before panic comes in!

  2. Ospina – save us the game.
    Gabriel – mile ahead of mert, make our defend line look better.
    Monreal – Look tired but did a decent job.
    Chambers – seem good in offensive but not defensive.
    Cox – always hard working in his defensive duty.
    Carzola – after a few hard games look tired but still help in the two goals.
    Ramsey – appreciate his energy and enthusiastic but he just trying too hard, can’t pass probably and thought he is the striker himself.
    Sanchez – no comment.
    Welback – every match is like a training match for him.
    Giroud – take the chances that we have on the 1st half that make the difference, we win the game

  3. Chelsea look like they are feeling the pace now from being early jet setters. But there reward for that is the cushion they sit on.

    There is no reward for reaching the final of the champions league and losing, same as finishing outside first in the league.

    But Arsenal I said 3 years ago, won’t be ready to compete until next. The gap this season will reflect on the work left to do.

  4. We’re fighting for second place at the minute, but we’re still just one bad result away from scrapping for fourth again. If Newcastle got that equaliser yesterday we’d be in trouble, and they were close to getting it. Can’t afford any more slip-ups this season.

  5. Wenger is right! We have to keep on winning! And put pressure on our rivals chasing a top 4 spot! Coyg!

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