Wenger claims Arteta should make a ‘compromise’ on Ozil

Arsene Wenger has claimed that Mikel Arteta should find a ‘compromise’ to accommodate Mesut Ozil into his Arsenal team.

The German has been frozen out of his side since the Coronavairus pandemic hit, with the 32 year-old not picking up a single minute of competitive action since the season restarted in June.

The exile worsened for Ozil when he was completely left out of the club’s playing squad for the Europa League and the Premier League when the transfer window closed in October, and he is now only eligible to play in domestic cup competitions until the new window opens come next month.

While many have been in uproar over the decision, something that has strengthened as our creativity has stuttered in recent weeks, a number also believe that the manager will have to reconsider his stance come January, and Wenger claims the manager will have to ‘think about’ how to do just that.

“He [Ozil] was not difficult to manage. He was a guy who had a special quality as a creative player and needed to have fun.,” Wenger said to ESPN’s CaughtOffside Podcast.

“He is an artist and these guys are a bit more sensitive. They need support and an environment that pushes them to give their best.

“You have two ways to see a football team. You get everybody to do the same – the same intensity of work, the same defensive work – or you find a compromise.

“You have a more creative player in the team who can do less defensive work but you build a team around him who can compensate for these deficiencies. That is what you have to think about.”

Can Arteta overcome the team’s struggles before the window opens to back-up his decision to overlook Ozil? Will the Spaniard be brave enough to reverse his decision next month?



    1. But, silent Stan, Wenger is commenting on the player and his ability – not whether he did him a favour or not.

      Just as he has done with the likes of RVP, or Nasri, or Sanchez – he gave an honest opinion about another person, simple as that.

      Second manager in two days who has said the same thing, funny old game.

  1. Really! You mean wenger the man who started the rot with Ozil who let him down with mystery illness after mystery illness and the pair we involved in many failures in wenger final two years in the league.

    1. As it seems the medical staff have always backed up the view regarding his “mystery illnesses” Reggie, perhaps you can give us your medical knowledge as to why you dispute their observations /findings?

    2. @Reggie
      Do you remember that Wengers last ever game as a Arsenal manager was against Burnley? In that game Princess Ozil called in sick too. Missed the game.

        1. @ken
          You love this particular poll because it agrees with your undying love for Ozil.
          But for other numerous polls over the last few seasons that have consistently shown the opposite you have always dismissed them.
          Whenever any Poll on JustArsenal or any other platform showed that the majority of the fans want him gone you always dismissed them, saying how they don’t represent the real fans like yourself that attend matches and sing his name.
          Pick and choose what poll you want to believe or accept as a given time.

        2. Ken- I notice the old geezer Fox has slithered off to his usual retreat. That poll once again makes him look pretty pretty foolish once again don’t you think?
          For someone who confesses to loving a bet and only ever betting on certainties, let’s hope he never bets on any football related issues otherwise it’s beans on toast for Xmas dinner.
          Foxy my old cocker- fact and reality PAL

      1. Goonster- Wengers last ever game was Huddersfield away. Get your facts right PAL otherwise you come over pretty foolish.

        1. @phil
          I meant to say last ever Home game.
          But the fact still remains. Princess ozil is known for his fair weather brittleness. Calling sickies when he thought he did not have the guts to fight for the team.
          Caught clubbing in Germany when he had called in sick a few hours earlier.

  2. Wenger had 5 years to get his record signing to perform and failed miserably to make it work.

    I love and respect wenger but I am so glad we got rid of him. Compromising with deadbeat players like Ozil is the reason he had gotten us from competing for the Title, to competing for 4th place and finally competing to make Top 5.

    Love and respect wenger but statements like “Compromise for so and so” is why he had to be sacked.

    Got rid of Gazidis,
    Got rid of Wenger
    Soon getting rid of Ozil
    And in my dream ( Hope to get rid of Kroenke) that would be a dream come true.
    We cab all dream. 😊

      1. But it was going that way.
        He had nearly 20 years at Arsenal.
        First 9 years did really amazing.
        Then after 2005 the rot started. He turned us into a team of wimps that was bullied by other team (8-2, 6-3, 6-1, 5-2, 10-2 (on aggregate) embarrassing scores.
        He got us from being Title contenders to fighting to make 4th place each season to then dropping out of the Top 4 to then dropping to 5th and 6th before he got sacked.
        From fighting for titles.
        To fighting for 4th place.
        To finishing 5th.
        To finishing 6th.
        If he was not sacked then that trajectory of steadly decline down the table was going to continue. Hence why we had to get rid of him.

        Isn’t it?

  3. Wenger want to cover for the mistake he made, when he gave Ozil a bumper contract. By giving Ozil another chance, then we’ll be going backwards instead of moving foward

  4. By y’alls logic Arteta should already be out the door(which I agree with) you ungrateful fans dont appreciate what a great manager did Wenger got us top for with Chamakh,squillaci,almunia and Bendtner just to name a few. Arteta has us 15th with aubamayeng,partey,lacazette, pepe etc but he’s some sort of messiah to y’all get a clue people talking about he needs 9 signings well if the bored gave wenger 9 signings when he needed them which he actually earned the right to we would have definitely won another premier league and possibly the champions league in his time but arteta needs 9 signings before he can compete for top for smh.

  5. Whether Özil should be in the team or not, Wenger should have the class not to comment on team selection at Arsenal. Sadly, he doesn’t.

    1. He is not commenting on team selection and he never has. He is talking about Ozil and his interpretation of him as a footballer and how he handled Ozil as a manager. Wenger never has anything to say about how Arsenal is currently being managed nor will he.

  6. Emery did better than Wenger’s last year, we were closer from target; productive in that sense.

    Replace after 3 months by Arteta zero coach experience is managemt blow we facing for a year.

    Managnt is board, kroenke picking it, & coach at tean level which can be affected by both board & Kroenke.

    When Emery asks for Zaha, Partey and Maguire or Koulibaly Kos also asked in order to stay;

    He gets Pepe, Ceballos, loses Kos and get Luiz, all imposed, that’s not what he asked for but 3players we missed in order to compete for top 4 and win next EL we both miss closely; 3 additions to reinforce; we all agreed…

    Arteta steps in, finishes lucky 8 and a Cup win, only way to EL.

    We never finished as low, but not getting a coach cuz cup hype. Gave him what Wenger and Emery missed; A DM, Party and even a CB..

    We been bellow that 8th spot all season, burried bellow 12th at 15th for Christmas!

    Looking st fixtures ahead, unless Arteta figures out who are our best 11 start, it won’t be anyway for players to do it on their own.

    Must be tuff for players to stay focused with such a mess, their teamate Ozil banned from the team.

    A ridiculous overall managmt catastrophy!.

    The cricket fan heading board supports Arteta and hopefully will rezign for that responsibility when arteta is fired, leave with him same way…

    Kroenke of course can see table and concern for his Arsenal bank account and brand.

    We have the squad to fight for title, Auba was saying it as he saw the addition of partey and Gabriel.

    But if coach and board makes a mess, it ends up affecting players; a cruise then. But board is excited about future.

    That’s BS! 15th spot disaster and Arsenal fall out is reality; hard to swalliow, but looking above & at us, feels as we will finish 12th at best.

    If we change coach fast enough, we can make it to top4, we have team to do so.

    I know some won’t get it, but looking around, at this time of season, best coach we should target for a long run, are in clubs.

    Wenger is the best possible choice in such a mess; when Real went back to Zidane at mid season, They knew no one could help better in turning things around, put some order back!

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