Wenger claims Harry Kane made the ‘wrong decision’ joining Tottenham

Arsene Wenger has told Harry Kane that he made the wrong decision in leaving Arsenal to join Tottenham.

The England international is being linked with a potential move away from Spurs this summer, with some believing that time is running out on his potential to win trophies.

Kane is yet to win a single trophy with his club team, despite his amazing goal record since breaking into the first-team.

While the 27 year-old is being urged to leave in the summer, Wenger is of the belief that he could win trophies with his current club however.

The former Arsenal manager told Bein Sports (via the Standard): “Tottenham are in a position where they can be ambitious and we should maybe not judge only today’s situation.

“Tottenham was top of the league in December. There were a few times when they were top of the league when I was still at Arsenal.

“He is the only one who can assess the situation. A player like that is always solicited by other clubs and always has to assess his situation.

“He was until now a real top leader at Tottenham. He’s a top leader in the English national team. I respect highly his commitment and his quality.

“What I like today is he could play basically as a number 10 because the quality of his assists and the speed of his vision, and the execution of his speed on long balls is exceptional.”

Arsene is then asked about his time with Arsenal as a kid, and why he left, to which he relpied: “That’s where he made the wrong decision! I know about his story, but he was very young, just nine years old and his father moved.

“I don’t know exactly what happened, but it was at a very young age. The history of every club is full of players you’ve missed that became top stars… I would like them all to be in the red and white.”

Kane is unlikely to have made that decision personally of course, but we can only imagine how different things could have been had he stayed and made the breakthrough on the brighter side of North London.


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  1. Nothing to see here folks. A tongue firmly in cheek comment by Wenger. Although clearly Kane made the wrong decision. As did Ronaldo. And Messi.

    1. Tongue in cheek? Wenger? You will be telling us next that when he said “I did not see it” THAT HE WAS BEING TONGUE IN CHEEK (OR KIDDING US ALL). AS IF HE WOULD EVER DO THAT! EH!

  2. Will the nonsense ever end so we can finally cut the proverbial cord and properly move on…probably not that soon since many of his most ardent loyalists still harbour considerable resentment about his REMOVAL and the fact that our current manager exhibits many of the problematic traits of the latter days version of our longtime manager

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