Wenger close to PERFECT midfield transfer for Arsenal?

I don’t know about the rest of you Arsenal fans out there, but I have been starting to worry about Arsene Wenger and his determination to ensure that the Gunners have enough players of sufficient quality to push on for the Premier League title, rather than hoping that we do not suffer from too many injury problems and the players we already have play at the top of their game.

A number of Arsenal transfer rumours over the last few weeks have suggested that Arsenal will not be paying the money required to get either Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton or Geoffrey Kondogbia from Monaco, while the reports linking us with the Chile international and Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal have gone cold.

But maybe the Metro report which passes on the news from Italy that it is actually Vidal’s midfield colleague Claudio Marchisio who will be playing for Arsenal next season, explains what Wenger is doing.

The Italy international is actually the player likely to move on after Juve signed Sami Khedira on a free transfer. But that does not mean that Marchisio is a lesser player as no one has played more games for the Italian champions this season and only Bonnucci has started more than his 49 times.

The 29-year old might be a better signing for us as he is very versatile and is more of a creative central midfielder than the tough tackling Francis Coquelin, highlighted by his 32 league goals. So with Marchisio we would be getting a DM, a box-to-box and a wide midfielder in one package. Is that why Wenger has chosen not to pay big money for the above mentioned players?

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  1. I pray to God we dont get transfer ban. UEFALona even with their power got transfer ban. May
    God save Arsenal. We desperately need quality signings this season.

    1. We won’t. At most we’ll get a fine of a couple million, though being a normally squeaky clean club, I’m not entirely sure we’d have actually done anything wrong in the first place. We’ve been charged, but nothing’s actually been done yet. Innocent until proven guilty!

      1. Cough Cough

        Don’t be suprised the board did it on purpose so we get ban from sighning new players and save the dosh SHLING SHLING money in the bank HAHA

        1. Id normally think that your comment is a clever little pun but with some wobs on here am not too sure at all.

    2. The complaint was made by a disgruntled 3rd party because they didn’t get their share which is nothing to do with Arsenal the player or Southampton. It clearly states in the article that neither club made a complaint and the transfer was handled amicably. Transfer ban na .

  2. What’s really with ArsenaL and all the Transfer rumours on earth?….. Gush! I FEEL LIKE PUKING

  3. Never heard of him. Sorry, my ignorance

    Wenger is getting cheap again lol (I think)

    If he does the job then it’s okay I guess.

    As long as Wenger doesn’t go that way with a striker like getting Manduzic. I’d rather he get Martinez, Lacazette, Higuain, Benzema, Reus, Greizmann, Bendtner, Ibrahimovic, Benteke, etc.

    1. Yeah Fred lets sign all 9 🙂
      One of them will play well.
      But just in case lets get
      Suarez Neymar Messi Ronaldo
      Bale Aguero Hazard Oscar+ Stirling.

      1. You will all be surprise when we don’t sign any players and we ear the excuse that these players weren’t available. I am not gonna read these articles anymore because I think arsenal is comfortable with being 4 th and I don’t see when we will change that. I think every single person knows we need 3 players every pundit, fan, teams even Chelsea knows this and I don’t see why wenger just don’t go get them and complete the team . I should also let you guys and girls know that this is my last window of wait and see and if wenger don’t buy a winning team I will create a sack wenger website( just kidding) but we should aspire for more next season.

  4. Ohh Boy Metro Stories again… I like Marchisio but i dont think he would come Juventus wont let it, its Highly likely Pogba may leave this summer, Pirlo is growing close to retirement. Juventus are going to put up a fight, to be honest anything his agent says now is a ploy to re- negotiate contract terms not force a move.

    1. He is in his final year of his contracts negotiations aren’t going well it could happen

  5. Please Link us with “PELE” … Then, will I start believing in Transfer Rumours. *puking continues*

  6. 90 percent of the Arsenal transfer rumours comes from Metro and Bob keeps on writing fake
    transfer rumours.

  7. Marchisio Is quality I’d take him any day of the week over half the names battered round on here who wouldn’t even improve Tottenham. Can’t see him leaving Juventus tho.

  8. Some of these ‘fake’ transfer news ended up being real…I remember a certain Ozil.
    Who would have imagined?

    1. Clever!… They link us with all the players on earth… And if we sign one of em by chance or luck…. They (metro, dailystar etc) would see emselves a reliable Transfer source… Just clever

  9. I’ve said it a million times before, so another one won’t hurt. Krychowiak is our perfect signing. Still young at 25. Quite experienced, playing both internationally and in the Europa League. A big game player, was outstanding in the Europa Legaue final and Man of the Match vs Barcelona. He’s up to facing top quality – he’s flattened both Messi and Ronaldo and won the ball without fouling. At 6’1 he’s very strong and very physical, we’d be able to bully other teams for a change, wouldn’t be bowled aside by Yaya Toure. Very dominant in the air too – wins 71% of aerial duels – that’s even higher than Matic and Fellaini, Coquelin too but he’s a different style of DM. He’s no Cazorla, but he’s reasonably good on the ball and at passing, as good as a DM needs to be at least. Plus he’s be a few million cheaper than Schneiderlin/Kondogbia. Perfect for us, exactly what we need.

    1. Krychowiak is a quality CDM so he would want to be a regular starter. I am not sure whether he would want to fight for his place with Coquelin. So that’s why I doubt he would join us.

  10. Actually I am enjoying all these transfer rumours: be it from Metro or other sources. I have made up my mind that they are just for reading. And I take enjoyment and laughter in responses from some of our colleagues on this forum.

    First of all, a rumour can never be true. so why stressing myself to believe it??

    why we haven’t read from @Supertuur recently??. Hope all is well with him and his family.

  11. ______________Duh______________

    A boy and his father were playing catch in the front yard when the boy saw a honey bee. He ran over and stomped it.
    “That was a honey bee,” his father said, “one of our friends, and for stomping him you will do without honey for a week.”

    Later the boy saw a butterfly so he ran over and stomped it. “That was a butterfly,” his father said, “one of our friends, and for stomping him you will do without butter for a week.”

    The next morning the family had sat down for breakfast. The boy ate his plain toast
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    Suddenly a cockroach ran from under the stove. His mother stomped it . The boy looked at his father and said, “Are you going to tell her Dad, or should I?”

  12. Le Coq has earned his place in the starting 11 and he does a very good job. So I say he should be our first choice DM next season, and Wenger should promote Krystian Bielik to be back up. Towards the end of the season we were not scoring enough goals until Walcott came in, that’s why we lost to Swansea and drew some games that cost us 2nd place so what we need in this team is another source of goals different from Giroud.

    1. We have quite a few other goalscorers. Alexis Sanchez of course, he’s get us 15-20 goals a season minimum, though I’m very scared he’ll get injured seeing as he rarely gets any rest. Aaron Ramsey from the midfield on occassion, and he’ll score more next season I think. He was injured of course, but he’s getting better and is less desperate to score than he was at the start, which strangely is a good thing, he’s better when he doesn’t force it (and we all wish him good luck for tonight!). Cazorla on pens, Walcott of course. Özil gets a couple here and there, plus Kosc & Per on set pieces. We have the highest number of different goalscorers of any PL team this season if I’m not mistaken.

      I think Giroud just has to score more. He had a great run yes, but that’s the kind of form you need your striker to be in for at least the majority of the season, not just a few games. Yes he was injured too, undoubtedly that affected us. But Giroud has scored 41 times in 97 appearances in the league. Compare that to Aguero who has scored 78 in 120 and you’ll see just how far behind he is. Giroud does have a wider contribution to the team and helps defend and create chances, but the simple fact is we need more goals from him. And if he can’t provide that, we need someone who can.

      As for me, I’d like a top striker of course, but only a top striker. Blowing £40m on Higuain or whatever I’m hearing is nonsense for a player that, yes is better than Giroud, but not really that much better if you look at his goalscoring record. If we can’t get a proper top striker, I’d like another winger similar to Alexis. Another reliable source of goals from out wide so we offer a greater threat – much more difficult to shut out 3 goalscorers than just one or two. Just relying on your striker to fire you to the title is a very one dimensional approach.

      Long term I don’t think Giroud is good enough to be our main striker, but for now there’s no point in replacing him unless we get a big improvement to our team for he amount of money a replacement would cost. He’s good enough to keep us going until we do find someone good enough, so long as the money is spent improving other positions in the team.

    2. you cant be more wrong. we lost both games against Sunderland and Swansea because the players lost their intensity due to the fact the title had gone. against Swansea coquelin didn’t do anything all game. not one tackle, interception and didn’t win any 50/50s. sunderland he played but wasn’t backed up by carzola or ozil. even sanchez couldn’t be much bothered.

      top 4 secured FA waiting I couldn’t much blame them as long as it was in reserve for the FA cup and it was.

      Ramsey was the exception. poor thing tried his heart out in those two games.

  13. Bellerine needs to be more intelligent and work on his crossing, 3 out of 4 of his attempts to cross get block by a sliding tackle, if he would just dummy or cut in.

      1. Theo or Monreal for me, Theos good at low crosses and Monreal gets good pace on the ball. The problem is though that Giroud does be only our man in the box and sometimes he is not looking for it as he and everyone on field expect another 20 passes forward centre.

    1. Easier said than done. Football is easy when played with the lips. Now you’ve started seeing faults in Bellerin. When will some Arsenal fans appreciate their players for a change?

  14. It’s a old player who realy don’t do enything in his entire carrer.I don’t want him.Wenger searching for old,cheap players,but he want to win PL,IMPOSIBLE.If he want a world class player,take Vidal,I think Juventus will sell one of it class midfielders now with Khedira come.My problem,it’s the old 4-2-3-1,the sistem that we play and simply doesn’t work anymore,not with lazy players like Ozil and worst strikers like Giroud.I think we can swamp Ozil with Gotze(he is younger,work more and can play CM to if we need to),and maybe buy Sterling(for his speed and great cover of a large area of pich when the team need it).

    1. Yes it is,but I can past over this hard think,what I can’t accept are expensive,overatted players who doesn’t play with heart,play just with the pocket,doesn’t really care about club,just to earn wages without do something else,just be in the pitch to have 11 players not 10.

  15. Coquelin can’t play ALL Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup matches.

    Bielik and Chambers are inexperienced
    Flamini is more liability as DM
    Arteta is more box2box now than DM

    We need another DM.

  16. Keown was mentioning recently how he believes that Marchisio is juves unsung hero. He said defensively wise Vidal can be a tough tackler but Marchisio is the one whos always there when they need dirty work done that and he is a real fighter. Something along those lines.

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