Wenger confirming he WILL be Arsenal manager next year?

While Arsene Wenger has been deftly side stepping the inevitable questions from the football press about his future as the manager of Arsenal Football Club, he has also suggested that the decision has been made. Many Arsenal fans believe that this means we will still have the Frenchman in charge next season but until it has been confirmed by the club or the man himself we are still guessing.

At least that was the case until today, when something Arsene said in his press conference ahead of tomorrow’s home clash with Championship bound Sunderland may have let the cat out of the bag. As reported by Sky Sports, Wenger had something to say about the newly crowned EPL champions Chelsea and their chances of winning it again next time around.

He said, “Chelsea have done well. Congratulations to them.

“But in the last two seasons, a team that hasn’t played in Europe has won the league.

“It will be a different season because they will have to play Saturday-Wednesday-Saturday due to Champions League matches.

“I feel in Spain, Real Madrid can win games by playing some at a lower percentage of the maximum than you can in England. Maybe they are, as well, better than us.

“Bayern is similar – they dominate the German championship in a very easy way.”

So he is saying that, as all the big teams will be involved in Europe next season the competition will be closer with both Chelsea and Liverpool losing the advantage of fewer fixtures. The thing for me is that Wenger is already talking about next season’s title fight as if he is involved in it and that says to me that he already knows he will be.

Add to that another press conference snippet reported by The Mirror in which the boss was asked about Arsenal missing out on the top four and how that would change things in the summer.

He replied, “I believe finishing outside the top four will not have any influence on how the club will be led and how we will operate on the transfer market.

“If we finish outside the top four it will be down to one point and one point will be hard to swallow.”

He has also admitted recently that he is already making plans for the summer and for the seaso9n to follow, so does anyone still doubt that Wenger will be the Arsenal manager after this year?



  1. khangunners says:

    Wenger is just a greedy man if he doesn’t step down. To him its all about breaking furguesons record of most year managed in a single club in pl. He is clearly inept and cant take us forwards. Am certain he to knows that he cant take us forwards. I hope the correct decision is made as the future of our club correlates with now

  2. odein4 says:

    Wenger I’d a clown n shouldn’t b taken seriously.. this man can’t even Win the female Epl

  3. Yossarian says:

    He replied, “I believe finishing outside the top four will not have any influence on how the club will be led and how we will operate on the transfer market…”

    Now that’s major concern.

    If he doesn’t vacate his post, then at least he could be expected to try something different to build on the success of using a new formation.

    To me this suggests that we’re in for a very disappointing transfer window (As usual) and yet another repeat of exactly the same problems next season.

    1. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

      I think Arsene doesn’t really care much about what “some” fans think about him and his job. But there are a few things he wouldn’t dare: like come out to make these sort of statements the last few weeks when the team was right in the middle of a really terrible run. Because then almost a bigger part of the fanbase would have eaten him raw.

      That time the sentiment/mood around the club was tensed and volatile. But, we were surely going to have our usual strong end-of-season run of wins. So he knew all he needed to do was wait it out. And he was right! We’ve had a few wins and now the mood around the club is less volatile -almost hopeful even!

      What better time to come out with his tail up, speaking about next season and making insinuations that he is going nowhere. He might as well announce his contract now and there wouldn’t be too much pushback from the fans.

      1. Quantic Dream says:

        Lol..2, 3 wins on the trot and its all sunshine and rainbows again at the Emirates. Even now the Wenger in Wenger out polls are showing fans to be around 50/50 on him staying…lol am not sure how many times we must fail with Wenger to give up on the guy.

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    I think too much is being read into!

    I think and prey to the football gods that he will move elsewhere and that AFC can start afresh under a new man with fresh ideas and a more inspirational and tactical manager.

    Allegri would do!;)

    Can anyone confirm if or if not he has signed a new contract with Juve yet?

  5. GrahamB says:

    I don’t think a decision has been made yet or even a contract offer on the table at present. There is a power struggle going on between Wenger and Gazidis which I think will end up with whoever looses, leaving. Gazidis wants a DOF but Wenger doesn’t. He also wants to limit Wenger’s power in other matters.
    By the way @odein4, what has Wenger got to do with the ‘female epl’?
    Or was that just a sexist remark?

    1. odein4 says:

      @GrahamB Wenger is now a curse to Arsenal what did we do wrong??? I mean Wenger can’t win the female version of the EPL with this squad

  6. Janssen says:

    For me there were 3 inevitable truths that were clear late last year: 1) we would not finish in the top 4, 2) Wenger would sign a new contract, 3) Sanchez would leave to go to a team he considers ambitious. I have seen nothing to change my mind on any of those 3 points.

    Can we really be surprised by any of those points? Dissapointed yes, surprised no.

  7. Sam-afc says:

    Kolasinac confirmed then. Wenger really wants to stay then

  8. frank says:

    We are no longer even the best team in london nwdays…

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      We havent been the best in London for years (almost a decade). Chelsea has

      This season we arent even the best in North London

  9. Ozzy AFC says:

    Two more years with Wenger in charge will destroy the clubs reputation irreparably we CANNOT afford even two more months with him in charge.
    He’s done a h7ge amount for the club 8n the time he’s been in charge but m9st recently a HUGE amount of damage two more years would be disastrous and we won’t recover from this huge error for at least a decade.
    Wenger out the board out let’s get someone in who’s in sync with the modern game and who wants to win trophies.
    While we are at it get rid of any of the players who don’t wanna pull Thier weight ALL season
    Including Walcott the OX, ozil and especially Ramsey he especially is a bloody waste of time l

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      2 more years? He said he wants 4!

  10. The real Robin Vanpayslip and not that other fake one says:

    Out means out!

  11. odur maxwell says:

    Who cares! wenger in or out no longer my interest..football or no football, arsenal or no arsenal,i dont care now…Am Tired!!!

  12. RAA1395 says:

    Sometimes I get confused of what we really want….so I will ask this and I want you to think hard and choose one answer only….do u prefer that:
    1- AW leaves and we keep the SAME players with new coach.
    2- AW stays and he brings a couple of world class stars to our club.

    1. Abdul Zlott says:

      We have tried 2 for the
      last 9 years. And no title.
      It does not matter who Wenger signs
      the goal is top 4 not the title.

  13. Jovinchy says:

    I really don’t know what the hell is wrong with that EXPIRED Wenger. He has totally failed to win anything big for the club, or let us assume the big officials and the owner of the club are enjoying the Fool’s failures. If that’s not the case, surely, Wenger just has to leave. Unless he’s going to bring something totally different next season which can’t be possible because his poor mentality. He should try his talent elsewhere, enough is enough. He has caused enough damage to Arsenal.

  14. Adi says:

    Mr. Arsenal : Arsene Wegner.
    the greatest coach.

    if you do not like him go join another team.

    Arsenal = Arsene Wenger.

    most of the supporters other than a fickle bunch loves the coach.

  15. Nebsy says:

    Oh, Wenger, you rascal you.
    You really want to pummel your legacy to the ground. When was the last time you won 80+ points? Nine years ago? And even then you didn’t win the title. Do you really think you’re capable of doing that now with four amazing modern managers battling you for those points and with former fringe clubs getting richer and richer? I, for one, think not. But, hey. You have the job, because you always make 70+ points, which is enough for a Wenger trophy. It’s sad that your players can only battle for the top four.

  16. Solomon Rukua says:

    Wenga are you saying the Spanish and German football leagues are weak and easy to win? Oh! How I wish you left Arsenal right away to join any of them now! It would be interesting to see for how long you would survive the boot over there. Your stubbornness and refusal to quit Arsenal equates to engaging the crash button and, the 2017/18 season will see Arsenal struggle to keep above the 10th position on the league table.

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