Wenger Confirms Arsenal Are In for Defenders, But Makes No Promises!

Despite having a fully-fit defence at the moment, it is no secret that Arsenal are badly in need of a new addition or two to the backline. The Gunners’ boss Arsene Wenger has so far been hesitant to comment on any potential new signings but has now admitted that there is a strong possibility that a defender will be signed before the transfer window closes, but was careful not to guarantee anything.

Speaking before the clash against Stoke City, as reported by The Guardian, the Frenchman said: “I cannot guarantee a new signing. If I give you the names of the clubs who are out with a lot of money to look for defensive players, it’s unbelievable.” But on being shot with a direct question on whether he thinks at least one deal can be struck, he replied with a simple ‘Yes’.

Now the problem with the money-bags of European football looking for defensive recruitments is that the prices will be inflated, making it hard for the possibility of a fair deal. But with that being said, Arsenal’s mediocre season has quite a bit to do with defensive instability and it is a problem that needs to be addressed if we are to have a much better second half of the campaign.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that although Wenger is unlikely to get a ‘fair deal’, I believe he should be willing to spend that little bit extra for the betterment of the side. Surely, the Frenchman cannot afford to be penny-pinching with the squad in desperate need of defensive recruitments. One thing is for sure, Le Prof is on the lookout. Let’s hope he can finalise a deal before the transfer window slams shut at the end of the month.



  1. john0711 says:

    Fully fit defense lol did you watch the game at all

    1. ArsenalGenes says:

      Am I the only one who thinks bellerin is the best right back we have?

      1. ArsenalGenes says:

        I am saying this is because the position of fullback is very underrated. If the fulback doesn’t get involved in the attack when needed, The team ends up doing ticki tacka around the edge of the box without incisive crossing. Bellerin always supports the attack which makes one guy available on the wings. His dribbling and ball control are excellent so he keeps possession better than debuchy and chambers. His pace is good enough to get back for defence so he is not easily beaten for pace or trickery. I think this theory might be proven right if he plays well against hazard.

        1. Incarnate says:

          We need players with criminal records to play against stoke! I am proud of the way Giroud frustrated that thug (Shawcross), I like the way Rosicky went into sliding tackles, at a point stoke had to back down from the physicality which allowed us play our game the way we wanted to, right now Giroud is our enforcer-in-chief, the down side being that he is not doing much as a striker but still he helps our game overall on the physical side, Le Coq seems to be coming into his own but he needs a bit of strength next to him in midfield. I also noticed the lack of purpose when we had three creative midfielders on the pitch, I think two at best should be fine at any one time. As for defenders, we need two defender not one, Per seems to be able only to play with Koscielny, so when Kos is out, Per should be rested too because he becomes a liability.

      2. Budd says:

        I believe Bellerin and Debuchy are just as good. Debuchy has the experience on his side but Bellerin is having the speed on his side. Perfectly balanced position if you ask me.

  2. Aggelos says:

    Marvin Bejarano and Kostas Triantafullopoulos, here we come!!

    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

      Andy Carroll and Richard Dunne?

      Stop crying Gooner. Wenger is working. You have to translate Wenger speak. He never says “we in for player A or player B.”

      Wenger speak: We are in the market
      Wenger speak: We are not on his case
      Wenger speak: We are not close at the moment

      1. Aggelos says:

        Not sure if you know that what I said was a joke or not.

        1. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

          I know ; hence the Carroll and Dunne joke.

  3. Greg says:

    I just hope wenger lets good sense prevail, and bring in a quality centre back and defensive midfielder! That should be a priority!

  4. Greg says:

    Howedes or hummels either one would do nicely towards the gunners defensive cause! Coyg!

  5. rools says:

    i said it before but we can at least get one of those CB:
    Mats Hummels
    Nevan Subotic
    Ron Vlaar
    Diego Godin
    Joel Matip
    Gerard Pique
    Matija Nastasic
    Kyriakos Papadopoulos
    Fabian Schar
    Virgil Van Dijk
    Antonio Rudiger
    Aymeric Laporte.

    I am sure there are many other contenders.

    1. HA559 says:

      It seems the guy off the rader is Glik of Torino. We should get him before anyone else sniffs him out.

      1. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

        Every team has scouts. Every team buys stats off the market from the same companies ; Opta etc.
        Nothing is secret. You cant just find a player who NO ONE knows these days.

        1. rools says:

          There are more than 2000 professional football teams in the world, some players are bound to be unknown.
          Maybe not to Wenger tho. lol

    2. SaveArsenal says:

      I find it unbelievable that Wenger is letting a proven PL defender like Matija Nastasic go begging.
      There are a number of defenders who should have been bought almost 2 weeks ago and been getting used to playing with their team mates.
      We have a big match against City, who expose Mertersaker badly, Southampton are looking like a bolt on for top 4 so it will be a slug out between us and UTD for the last CL place and we are drawing way too many games and yet again not beating top 4 teams.
      Inexcusable that Wenger is allowing this to happen yet again.
      Be worried Gunners, be very worried…

      1. SaveArsenal says:

        Thumbs down PMSL, is every word of that comment not the truth?
        Plastic fans that change with the wind, grow a set and show some conviction.

        1. jonestown1 says:

          The “truth” – you lost the audience in your first line – “proven PL defender like Matija Nastasic”. Now come on, really. Proven? Really?

    3. akuma gouki says:

      Winston Reid

  6. Greg says:

    I must give respect to bellerin for an excellent performance at RB, after having to fill in for debuchy he gave a very decent account of himself out there! He is very much improving! Much respect! Coyg!

    1. akuma gouki says:

      Koscielny header !!!

      1. sanmi.marvellous says:

        What I enjoyed MOST yesterday was the relationship between OSPINA and the FANS. It was supposed to be a season movies so that i can watch season 2

        Each time Ospina have a ball in his hand to be served out, the fans, altogether, will be shouting OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
        when he hits the ball, they will complete the name PINAAAAAAAAAA!!

        Love the fans and the keeper! Keep it up!!

      2. sanmi.marvellous says:

        What I enjoyed MOST yesterday was the relationship between OSPINA and the FANS. It was supposed to be a season movies so that i can watch season 2

        Each time Ospina have a ball in his hand to be served out, the fans, altogether, will be shouting OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
        when he hits the ball, they will complete the name SPINAAAAAAAAAA!!

        Love the fans and the keeper! Keep it up!!

  7. Mick The Gooner says:

    The Arsenal board seem to have got it into their heads that buying late is buying cheap. If you’re desperate for a player, and everyone knows we’re desperate, waiting to the last minute makes you even more desperate. All sellers know that a desperate buyer is one that’ll pay through their nose!

  8. Brendan says:

    Fully fit defence? Gibbs + Chambers were out today and now Debuchy is out for 6 weeks.
    Combine that with the fact BFG is making silly errors every game we really need a centre back. (And DM, but mainly CB)

    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

      I am re-watching the game right now. Tell me where Per made a silly error?

      I am waiting !

      1. Brendan says:

        He booted the ball at Ox for a clearance which lost us possession and led to them getting a clear cut chance.

  9. davidnz says:

    Ospina Bellerin Monreal Coque
    Rosicky Chamberlin Cazorla
    are on paper our 2nd even 3rd
    rated for the position yet came up trumps.
    Szczesny Debuchy Chambers Gibbs
    Arteta Ramsey Ozil Walcott Wilshere
    were not needed.!!!
    Does this indicate great depth?
    Or does this indicate the huge influence
    of a certain Chilean forward?
    A bit of both perhaps?

    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

      You cannot measure a season by one game. All those players are needed. Opposing teams have different styles. Stoke today had ZERO pacy wingers.

      Navas will require Gibbs to keep him in check.
      Walcott will be needed to keep City’s left back in his own half.

      1. davidnz says:

        Totally agree about all the players
        being needed. I was just so impressed
        by the “2nd’ tiers performance today.
        More a compliment to the overal squad depth.

        1. almostawinner says:

          re 1st tier v 2nd: not sure bellerin is much worse than debuchy. or that roz belongs on the 2nd tier. *ATM* ox is better than walcott. i actually think that when wenger doesnt have 7 cams available, its a good thing bc he cant play them all at the same time (wilshere, cazorla, ozil, …) [monreal IS worse than gibbs tho. and we dont have a 2nd tier for CDMs; we barely have 1 tier]

  10. fred cowardly says:

    I think the quality of a new defender will be determined by How Wenger judges Mertsacker’s quality.

    We know How WE feel about Mertsacker but How does Wenger feel?

    If Wenger thinks highly of him forget a top defender.

  11. davidnz says:

    We do not need mid’s or forwards.
    Please Arsene… just no.
    We have 3 DM’s. Ok nothing flash
    but enough till the summer.
    We need CB cover the most.
    Kos’s injury coud mean surgery any day
    and Merts is battling.
    I believe we need 2CB’s minimum even if one is on loan.
    We can’t rely on Debuchi and Monreal as cover as they
    are injury prone meaning Chambers has to cover RB.

  12. Bigvalbowski says:

    I guess I cant fathom why Wenger wouldnt want to add a Winston Reid on the cheap. He isnt world class by any statistical criteria, but definitely an upgrade on BFG. He would bring much needed BPL experience to the pitch and immediately eligible for Champions League fixtures. Add Carvalho, possibly Kheidera to provide steel in the midfield and the remainder of the season could be very, very interesting.

    1. akuma gouki says:

      Moussa Sissoko!
      EPL proven…!

  13. Story repeat itself, this man is signing NO ONE…. We just don’t get it. The time to buy players and build your team is during the Summer Transfers, you wont get quality signings in January, when most teams are in contention, you might get lucky to find the right player available but you will need to pay dearly for his transfer and we all know that this is not WENGERS MO…the team is up to 90% good enough for him to BS everyone that we don’t need to sign players, can hear the sounds coming from his mouth, No quality players available, Overspend, yadah yadah yadah ……………..Beers on me if am wrong.

  14. akuma gouki says:


    Winston Reid & Moussa Sissokot!

  15. arsenallove says:

    Why does Wenger do this? I mean every winter and summer transfer, it’s the same story. Lot of players become available when you try to go out of your way and not be a miser and look for a sale/discount.

    When will he ever learn!! God save Arsenal.

    1. Lethal Prince 9 says:

      Please tell me the list of those who are available.
      I am waiting.

      1. john0711 says:

        Lethal prince ALL players are available if you pay the right price

      2. arsenallove says:

        Thanks John. Couldn’t have said it better. If you look for discount in every deal, no one will be available

  16. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Bet you last pound that Wenger is talking about Winston Reid.
    Not what Arsenal need average player nothing special won’t add anything to the squad.

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