Yay! Wenger confirms decisively that Alexis is not leaving Arsenal

I know I say ‘at last’ but this time Arsene Wenger has absolutely confirmed that a decision has been made on Alexis Sanchez’s future, and he will definitely be staying, and hopefully firing us to the Premier League title!

“The decision has been made and we will stick to that,” Wenger said. “The decision is not to sell.”

We must all admit we were worried last week when we read that Alexis had told a reporter in Chile that he desperately wanted to play in the Champions League, a trophy he has never won even with Barcelona. But Wenger has never been one for believing quotes by journalists, especially if they have gone through Google translate!

“I don’t give too much importance to things that are translated, you know,” he added. “The whole interview that I got didn’t really mean that.

“The main focus for us is to concentrate on the Premier League and the Premier League for me today is more important than the Champions League.

“We rested sometimes players in the group stages of the Champions League for the Premier League so that’s become the biggest importance for us.

“We played 20 years in the Champions League, that’s 17 years before Sanchez arrived and three years with him so he can get us back in there.”

Well said that man! Surely with a strikeforce of Alexis, Lacazette and Ozil, with a supporting cast of all our top class wingbacks and defenders, then this season should see us with our strongest squad ever, and our very best change of finally winning the title once again!

Sam P


  1. yay says:

    buy Lacazatte or morata we need a stricker badly

    1. Ace says:

      We have bought Laca!

      Where have you been!

      1. Gooner Rome says:

        It’s the drugs

  2. Michael says:

    So Wenger finally gets balls!

    Let us wait and see.

  3. Ace says:

    My god.. Wenger willing to lose out on 50 million?!!!
    I do not believe for a second that Wenger will keep him for another year and let him go a free!

    1. Guneal says:

      Mr. Wenger has just two years stay in Arsenal So he wants to win the epl at all cost and leave on a high.

      All this years Mr. Wenger knows that quality players win the epl. he was just fooling around with his ” academy programme “.

      1. OZ11 says:

        Monaco won with the Academy programme, Man Utd did, Barca won every damn thing with that and as I believe that is a better approach to football but now a days money speaks louder…

      2. Jay says:

        “So he wants to win the epl at all cost” That is utter rubbish. Wenger is far more classy than the red-nosed one and he says one of his biggest goals is to make sure Arsenal has a healthy future, after he has left.

        Please stop spouting nonsense that you have clearly just made up, as if it were fact.

    2. kev says:

      It will backfire if we don’t win the EPL.I don’t think this decision is as easy as it seems.I wouldn’t want to keep players who have their hearts far away from the club.We should sell him abroad and get another top quality winger before it’s too late.There’s no positive in losing him for free.It would see wise and brave but it will look foolish and cowardly if we end up failing.I hope those who are asking us to keep him won’t blame Wenger when he leaves for free.We live in a world full of wicked things you know.

      1. neil says:

        and you would be the first person to moan if Arsenal sold Akexis !!!

        1. kev says:

          Why woud I moan when I want him to go abroad?Or u want him to ho to City.I want us to deny him that opportunity.

  4. Pablo Picasso says:

    I feel there is still more to this story. More twists and turns than Telemundo.

    Will only have a clear indication after the window is closed or if Alexis signs. Before then, anything can happen.

    I see its Alexis Sanchez article day huh, cant wait for the game tomorrow so we switch attention to the players who actually want to stay.

    1. Keagan says:

      well said.

  5. Bwetty sollocks says:

    Great news if true but I can’t help remembering when he said RVP wasn’t going anywhere just to push his price up, which worked, don’t see why it wouldn’t work again if Alexis plays ball. The thing I don’t get is if Sanchez doesn’t get sold and he also refuses to sign a new contract then he would be missing out on over 150k a week for the next year (assuming we have offered him 300k a week) I think wenger should offer him the 300k and add in a clause so if we don’t make the champions league at the end of next season he can go, weather or not to add in the clause if he can/can not go to a prem club will be a deal breaker for him I think though

    1. Keagan says:

      tbh he should just go bro , and we should not stand in his way ,
      even if it means joining city…also with this “i want to win champions league’talk

      Sanchez is just disrupting things man , stemming from that “throwing gloves”saga at
      its been down hill ever since with him and honestly players always come and go anyways.

      1. Bwetty sollocks says:

        I do actually agree with you mate don’t want players who don’t want us, but was just thinking of a way in which we could keep him without him having a tantrum and causing trouble within the squad, at least he would be earning like he should and would have some sort of reassurance that he will play in the champions league again, at the same time I also think he should step up and help us get back into the champ league as he was part it the team who has lost us a place in it for the first time in 20 years

        1. Keagan says:

          GOOD POINT BRO, deep down i hope he stays too but…

        2. Opeyemi says:

          I think Wenger will force him stay at all cost wanting him to be punished for that statement “I want to play champions league” when he was obvious one prominent of players who have failed to qualify arsenal for the champions league for the first time in Wenger’s era at Arsenal. There is no point letting him go, he will surely be properly handled if he tends to b disruptive the dressing room.
          All in all, I strongly believe arsenal will make an intent statement in the forthcoming season particularly with Sanchez and hopefully one more world class winger or CM.

      2. Kojo Amoh says:

        when they come and go what then do you win?? you just give excuses of rebuilding. We always let go of our stars and truly we dont end up challenging for top honours. Its about time we stop that cycle to build on our squad and not rebuild.

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    5 players are set to go free next season

    Wilshere 10m

    Campbell 5m

    Ox 40m

    Ozil 40m

    Sanchez 50m

    Total = 145m loss

    We have 2 billionaires so the loss will be a write off

  7. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Maybe even Wenger has had enough of Wenger lol

    I’m very happy Wenger did the right thing

    Also, I am very confident that Alexis will play his behind off this season. Alexis is a hard worker and professional during the season.

    Now I think getting Lemar will be enough for our attack. We can worry about an Alexis replacement next summer

  8. shabbirali says:

    Don’t worry therei s any loss becouse most of them say ozil, sanchez they wl stay and sign
    they have arsenal in their blood for the other it depend who is coming soon and after wenger wl
    sort out ,we have to take also in consideration which formation(s) are going to play
    I repeat what I forcasted – new news new signing imminent new surprise

  9. Charlie says:

    Thats the way big clubs work. We now have the resources to stand firm and not give in to these money and personal seekers.
    Way to go.

  10. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Another happy day this summer.
    I know things can change but I will take Wenger for his word

    If we get Lemar, I am still hoping for a top CM or top defender to get us set up for the season

  11. JPS_AFC1 says:

    I think he is professional and if we don’t sell he will still give his all so his 1st choice club will still be interested and the end off the season. He can’t afford to drop off and if he starts disrupting the squad you banish him to the U23’s squad until he smartens up and shuts his mouth. We have to remember he will almost be 30 when next season starts if we make him stay this year so if he doesn’t sign a deal with us and City or whoever he wants to go to loose interest he is going to be between a rock and a hard place so I think make him stay and see how next season unfolds. If we can’t get Lemar over the line put Alexis on the left buy Mahrez for the right hand side and Lacazette up top. And use the money saved on Lemar to strengthen CM we really need someone to play in Santi’s place and maybe a strong central defender who can bring the ball out from the back. Let Alexis go at the end off next season and them buy Lemar to replace him .

  12. Ace says:

    Hearing we are in for Van Dijk as well from Southampton. That man is a beast!

    Cant see it happening thou as 60 million price tag will scare Wenger!

    1. Mduh says:

      Nothing scare Wenger this season I mean the guy wanted to bid for Mappe for 100mil lol

    2. Adam Criniti says:

      Love to see a swap deal of some sort to lower the price, $35M and Chambers should do the trip.

      And then on to fundraising for Lemar.

      Schez (on the verge)—$10M

      $83M to cover Monaco’ s astronomical fee for the Frenchman, although I can’t see Wenger realistically offering more than $55M to the French Champions.

      If that deal proves fruitless Wenger could turn his attention to strengthening the center of the pitch with players such as Carvalho and Goretska. Both could be brought in for around or slightly below that same $83M.

      Lemar is a fantastic talent and would be a future superstar @ the Emirates but even without his addition a summer transfer window of Laca, Kolasanic, Van Dyjk, Carvalho and Goretska would be the greatest in the clubs history and a huge statement that Arsenal is back!

  13. Raoh says:

    That’s great…if we are to mount a charge for a UCL spot (via finishing top 4 or Europa league) and even more the Prem trophy having Sanchez as part of it is essential. That being said the hard work starts now. Keep strenghtening the squad with quality first team players additions but with a reasonable amount of money and part ways with some players (reducing wage bill and recouping some money).
    Be it for a lack of fulfilling there potential or the fact that we simply have there replacement lined up or already at the emirates (Kolasinac for Gibbs) or the lack of minutes. Arsenal can and should offload up to 6 players. Gibbs, Jenkinson, Debuchy, Walcott or Giroud and my preference goes to the former and maybe a midfield in Wilshere with a buyback or right to match any bid clause. And a defender being a big strech but if they can go out and fetch a Van Djik or Koulibaly I wouldn’t mind.
    I believe good performance but “premium” squad strenghtening in going all out this summer, renewing Ox and Ozil can convince Sanchez at least to sign a 1Y extension. It would come with huge salary bump with a clause if we fail to qualify to go where he wants subject to a fair fee. If we make it and enjoy success than he is likely to renew.

  14. Vlad says:

    Sick and tired of hearing about it at this point.

  15. Gabie says:

    Wenger this time is on business. He’s tired of been taken to a ride . He knows selling Sanchez to man city will be same like van Persie . Is better we will loose on free .

  16. Raj says:

    Looks like still some season tickets are left out . May be merchandise revenue is not good.

  17. Coldzero says:

    Sick of hearing about it! Stay or go…but don’t damn well disrupt the team why he decides!

    No one is bigger than the club…no one!

  18. stubill says:

    Just heard there’s rumours that PSG are willing to meet Neymars 222 million Euro buy out clause.

    Maybe Barca would like to buy Sanchez back lol.

  19. Bethrand says:

    I don’t believe any thing until the season begins and transfer window close. All the things hearing and reading are rumors and speculations. In my opinion the club need sale all the firing players in the club and replace them with quality player, quality players are not necessarily player bought with huge amount.

  20. Bethrand says:

    I don’t believe any thing until the season begins and transfer window close. All the things hearing and reading are rumors and speculations. In my opinion the club need sale all the fring players in the club and replace them with quality players, quality players are not necessarily players bought with huge amount.

  21. Thobani says:

    I think Bayen will get Sanchez for free next season that’s why they got James Ridriguez on loan for one season then when he goes back to Real then comes in Sanchez for free. Watch this space

  22. Sandeep says:

    Man if Wenger said is true Sanchez stays this year gunners will be firing all cylinders.

  23. just another Gooner like you says:

    imagine it comes to January and Alexis signs a pre-agreement with City.. then we win the league and City finish out of the CL spots!

    oh how i would laugh

  24. Mobella says:

    I know every sane fans will want Alexis to stay on and end his career with us. Some are even suggesting we give him $400k. But in a situation where he want to go what should we do. He has made it clear directly and indirectly he wants out. It is a matter of when and when he leaves arsenal need a replacement. The question is should we plan for future now or should we plan for future in future. IMO big clubs don’t hold on to a player that wants to leave them. I can’t remember a big club doing that but i can remember big clubs throwing out players that want to leave and even those that want to stay. Barcelona, Man U, recently Juventus, Dortmund, and Chelsea had and still doing this. Real Madrid is notorious with throwing away players either big or small when they are no longer needed .lf arsenal is indeed a big club she shouldn’t be afraid of losing a player that doesn’t want to stay. It is a small club mentality to hold on to a player against his wish. Even small clubs do it to hike the price for the player. To us arsenal fans, it is a small club mentality to sell a player to our rival and a big club mentality to loss a our best player to our rival for free.

    1. Ranjan Das says:

      What is your point? Ok let me understand

      (1) You want us to sell our best player and you think that is the sign of a big club?

      (2) You say the board and the manager just think about money; For once when they are not you are blaming them?

      I think before any guy wants to share his point of view please categorize yourself so that no one spends time reading waste comments
      (A) I want Arsenal to win titles or (B) I want to criticize for the sake of it.

      Will make life easier for everyone.

  25. Shinoda_Kc says:

    When people talk about disrupting the team, my memory takes me back to that game against Liverpool when Sanchez started on the bench. That team was already in a mess & the main culprit was Wenger. If we are really serious about winning titles, keeping him wouldn’t be a problem. This is a good move by Wenger, but it will only be better if he mounts a serious challenge next season. We all want a better Arsenal, but we all know that we’ve got players who need to be shown the door before Sanchez. I look at teams like Real Madrid, Atletico, Juve etc & the invincible Arsenal & I wish our current team had such strong characters & fighters. WE ARE THE GUNNERS.

  26. Viera Lyn says:

    If anyone is silly enough to take anything that Wenger says at face value then you have been in a coma for the better part of 10 years or simply a season ticket holder that gladly renews each year in May when the talking heads from corporate Arsenal start their usual blather about the transfer market and the inevitable success that lies ahead…stop talking Wenger and start doing the very things you and the rest of the suits keep spewing each and every year…just imagine how amazing this squad would be if we even did half the things that Gazidis claimed we would or if Wenger found a way to sign even a third of the players he said he could…that’s exactly what Arsenal has become a “would have” “could have” club

  27. Big G says:

    Sanchez was part of the team that put us out of the champions league and so should be made to help get the team back in it again and if he sulks then put him in the reserves for a while.

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