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Wenger confirms he will blood youngsters against Man United

As Arsenal prepare to face Atletico Madrid in the crucial Europa League semi-final next Thursday, Arsene Wenger has admitted that as there is “not much at stake” in our Premier League games he will use the opportunity to give some of our up-and-coming youngsters some top-class experience at Old Trafford. Man United are extremely short favourites so Arsenal were unlikely to win even with our first team, but with reserves playing I am going to bet on United to win by two goals at better than even money, and if I use this ComeOn bonus code I can even back them using the bookies own money. This looks like an extremely good bet after Wenger confirmed that he will be resting his top players for the big game in Madrid on Thursday.

“I always think it’s first of all part of our culture at the club,” Wenger said on “I also believe it’s very important for our football club to show the young players some faith and trust.

“As long as you don’t give them a chance – even if you say that you believe they’re a good player – as long as you don’t have the courage to put them on the pitch, they don’t really believe you. For me, the fact that there’s not really a lot at stake in the Premier League is a good opportunity to see how ready they are, and for them as well to realise that it’s much harder than they imagined when they’re playing in youth-team games.”

To be fair it would be a very hard game for our first team never mind our youngsters. And as our first team have lost our last five EPL away games, maybe the youngsters could do a better job!


39 thoughts on “Wenger confirms he will blood youngsters against Man United

  1. gotanidea

    Good, our hot prospects and fringe players need more games to hone their skills

    Wanna see what the next manager could do with Maitland-Niles, Nelson and Iwobi

    1. Simon

      Iwobi? What a promising youngster he appeared to be when he started, and, his goals for Nigeria seemed to seal a promising future. However, his passing and possession in recent times have been sloppy and not up to the standards that other attacking midfielders like Miki and Ozil can produce. Unfortunately, Iwobi has been through a less than stellar period in recent times and shouldn’t be thrown to the sword at United.

  2. Simon

    The performances of Willock et al in recent matches have been a little underwhelming. I would hate to see them play against United, only to add another defeat in the column. This could affect the team to face Madrid since we have flopped in away games recently, and, the Madrid game, is also an away fixture.

    Whilst bringing back players like Kolasinac(who provides physicality) should be a definite, surrendering this match should not even be considered.

    1. Midkemma

      Play the 1st team and risk their confidence being knocked even more by a loss to UTD or play the kids and give the 1st team a bit of a rest for the game.

      UTD will not be an easy win so why risk the 1st team? They lose then that is more mental pressure on them before the game starts.

      1. bran911

        True, and we have nothing to lose there. Win or lose, our season is a shambles made by the departing old man. At least Europa can guarantee us a feature in the UCL and the next manager will have fun being in that too

  3. Uwot?

    Oh well.expect a thrashing.another humiliation.maybe manure will hit the magic ten this time!se we can the piss taken out of us for evermore.that seems to be his legacy.

  4. Counsel

    We need to frustrate mourhino, pray the youngsters he will have nothing to take proud of,If we escape without a humiliating defeat

    1. John0711

      Council nice to see you back lol so now you call fans dumb

      So what are your achievements knowledge or sports please enlighten everyone

      1. Counsel

        @ John my achievement is being intellectually independent.I can think beyond Wenger out unlike you

        1. John0711

          Haha so nothing then yet you accuse other fans of being dumb. I think you will find the WOB had their own minds and want to compete for the decent trophies. whether that will be achieved we will see. However, continuing with Wenger would definitely continued the downfall of the club


    Young or mature, they will be putting on our arsenal shirt. After 10 years no one will mention that Mour thrashed a weak side. The statement will read ‘Manu wallops Arsenal’ in wenger’s final OT visit. I just pray the youngsters step up to the challenge. otherwise, we are yet to lose two games consecutively.

    1. Redhot

      We won the league in Manchester, we won the league in Manchester…….just sing that when anyone mentions 8-2

  6. jon fox

    A more pragmatic manager would see the danger of slipping behind Burnley into seventh place and thus need the qualification round for next seasons Europa, at least as I understand the situation. We have still to play them in our final home game and IT COULD HAPPEN. Only consolation is that even with the best available team we would still lose anyway. Fighting Burnley – BLOODY BURNLEY!! – for SIXTH place ampoly proves how right we were to force him out!

    1. jon fox

      Of course my above post assumes the inevitable loss to AM in thr second leg. PERSONALLY, BEING A REALIST, I TAKE THIS AS READ ALREADY.

      1. Ozziegunner

        Come on jon, I may agree with you on a lot, but you can be a realist without being defeatist. Expect the worst, but hope for the best – any Arsenal player selected against Atletico who doesn’t think the team can win should be left at home.

        1. jon fox

          Ozzie , I always hope for the best. Surely that goes without saying to fellow Gooners. When the occasional troll from other rival teams comes on here, I ALWAYS stick up for Arsenal. But we have a need , even a duty to be straight and honest with ONE ANOTHER on here. Surely our club has had quite enough fudge and distortions, which really means DISHONESTY from those in charge, not only WENGER BY ANY MEANS, TO LAST A LIFETIME. I find it boring and pointless to keep being like a child and constantly expressing, on here, my love of Arsenal. My 60 years attending I feel, shows that truth better than any words. I loved Arsenal way before most on here were born and though that in no way makes me a better fan, it makes me as good as any of them and entitled to be honest with other Gooners. If not, what is the point of a forum? In friendship though, eh?

    2. Midkemma

      6th place so bad…
      I wonder why Jose wasn’t forced out after fin 6th?
      UTD did compete for the EPL this year…

      Yes, we have had a bad season and guess what, Wenger is leaving so stop moaning about him like you are secretly upset that Wenger is leaving.

      “Oh my, Wenger is leaving, who shall I moan about now???????”

      I got to laugh as well at how you think “we” fans forced him out, how many years was you moaning about Wenger and how many years did AFC ignore you for profit?

    3. Neil

      And if he plays our first team… (to ensure he does not incur your wrath any further) and 2 or 3 get injured ( when we are likely to lose based on our current away form and Man Utd being in form ) you will be the first person moaning that Wenger has cost us our chance against Atletico.

      It’s clear you don’t want Arsenal to win against Atletico and get to a final even now when Wenger won’t be here after this season !


  7. Lupe

    Has anyone noticed we hadly produce wide players from the academy, everybody wants to play middle because they love the sideways passing we have adopted. Nelson is the only one that looks like a winger.

  8. ThirdManJW

    It doesn’t matter. Even if Wenger picked his strongest XI tomorrow, we’d still get humiliated. He’s doing the right thing by resting players.

    1. RSH

      we’d still lose if we played out strongest squad. Better to just rest players. Let’s at least get a 0-0 draw or lose by a goal. Sounds strange to say but theres just nothing to play for and only Thursday game matters in our season now.

          1. Counsel

            @john I have read you a degree and a uefa license and played football at least, Wenger made his name how come you have not made a name with your qualifications.A Uefa license amounts to nothing when AFc is looking for a manager who is clever than wenger and you have not dropped your CV all you do is slate Wenger and whine online.For me I’m a brilliant legal mind who has won landmark cases, and a football lover

          2. Phil

            Yeah @Counsel.I left you a reply so look forward to hearing back from you.My wife is absolutely laughing at the Lower Class comment.She is flying into Madrid on Thursday morning to join me for the game.She is worried BA won’t allow to fly Club Class as she is married to a Lower Class Supporter.Will YOU be joining us for the game?Have YOU even seen the club play at any time?
            I will have my secretary check with the Club on Monday to see if they still allow Lower Class Fans to watch the Club.

  9. tletico will

    He’s right to rest players even if it means we are dealt a big blow on the day. If we won this match fans could not be arsed as the season is already bad, we need to think about Atletico because it’s all we have to hope for. Atletico will be tough, only four conceded, that’s f**king insane. But we have seen that nerves can get to their players just like ours, they looked rattled in different spells only for Godin and Oblack to ride it out. I still cannot understand this team of ours, 1-0 is a great result with a chance for us to get an away goal. Whenever they smell blood they get greedy by trying to force the issue. Would have loved Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan for that game, could have made a huge difference.

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