Wenger confirms more new arrivals at Arsenal are imminent

Wenger: Arsenal Will Be BUSY In The January Transfer Market! by AT

It is no secret that Arsenal have wrapped up a deal for the FC Basel midfielder Mohammed Elneny, but the Egyptian international might not be the only player that the Gunners sign next month. If the comments made by Arsene Wenger are anything to go by, the North London side will be looking at bringing in further reinforcements as they look to consolidate their place at the top of the Premier League table.

As quoted by the Daily Mirror, the Arsenal boss said: ” I’ll be busy, that’s for sure. I’m already busy and I said already one month ago we are a bit short to deal with all the competitions we face, especially in midfield. We will be busy, yes.”

First of all, it is very surprising that the Frenchman admitted that there is a shortage and that reinforcements have to be brought in. In my opinion, I think this is a clear indication that Wenger realises this season is his best opportunity to win the title and it seems like the boss is not taking any chances with his squad depth heading into the business end of the season.

It will also be interesting to see which areas of the pitch Wenger has prioritised to bring in reinforcements. While central midfield is an obvious area of concern, we may also need a new right-back, with Wenger confirming that there is a chance Debuchy may leave. Who knows, perhaps he is looking at attacking reinforcements as well.

Anyway, the most important thing here is that Arsene Wenger has realised that this is his best opportunity to win the title and is ready to invest in January, despite not being a fan of the mid-season market. With Arsenal being linked with moves for players like Marcelo Brozovic, Aleksandr Kokorin and Javier Hernandez, it remains to be seen who Le Prof will decide to bring to the Emirates.


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    1. why would leverkusen sell there star player who scores practically every game for them??
      hes been player of the month again an is helping them to compete for champions league places, so how would we get him for a bargain price?

      no chance

      1. Ain’t saying I would sell sanchez to RM for any price… Only saying, Best players are not easily for saLe especially in the winter or whilest still in a European competition….. Cept a one in a million kinda chance arises

        *some just never understands*

  1. watch me wip…watch me neny….do the stanky leg….yes the song is trash but elneny chants are coming-
    i expect wenger to grab a few more weve never heard of.
    so people less of the …we need isco, we need aubemeyang talk…thats not wenger

  2. I think it has more to do with Wenger realising that his injured players won’t be back for another month or two, some even out for longer!

    Haydon’s loan move has been cut short, he is due back at Arsenal tomorrow, Debuchy is definitely off, with Villa and Roma interested (maybe a loan deal)
    Ospina could be sold, if the right offer comes in.

    As for more signings, Kokorin is the most realistic in my opinion, for a bargin 4.4 million, as well as the young Samper who is also valued at the same price.

    I for one, would not be surprised if Wenger doesn’t sign anymore senior players, calling Haydon back is a clue to that, maybe he will look to call back another youngster from one of the other championship clubs.

  3. I think the Boss has the element of pulling a surprise signing. A signing who is not recond with in the media but good quality is the kind of signing the Boss does for Arsenal in recent past.

    Even Ozil was mostly unrecond with by the media, until the Boss bidded for him. I think the only high profile bidding the Boss ever submitted a bidding for was Louis Saurez. He may not sign Hernendez because Leverkusen will mostly exploit Arsenal financially. But the Boss might sign Aleksandr Kokorin because he Kokorin is the Boss’ discovered player. No media had rumoured him out but the Boss himself and his scouts got Kokorin by themselves I suppose. That’s why I strongly think the Boss might sign him.

    Some Gooners also mentioned Lukaku of Everton FC. But the problem is Everton will charge much to sell him Arsenal. But if the Boss can persuade Everton to part with him, he will also be a good striker for cover and option for the Gunners as Lukaku is already a finish BPL article suitable for Ucl campaign. I want the Boss to get both Kokorin and Lukaku. But I doubt if he will. As the Boss action can’t be successfully predicted.

      1. Did he actually play for Utd this season?
        I don’t think that he did?
        Otherwise why would we be linked to him if he wouldn’t be able to play?

        Not that I’m bothered ???

  4. @fatboy gooney…Wenger is not recalling Hayden,rather Hull and the player in question came to an agreement to cut his loan short as he’s not been playing enough games

  5. Where is LEO? He’s very reliable all these past transfers deadlines in this site…Has anyone got an idea where he’s? Most guys just bring Gossips from other sites so I’ve stuck to just arsenal cos i found this site with good gooners followers and bloggrers..I do think If we get Couple of players now so they can adapt for 5 weeks until we get mighty BARCA..we can give them a hard time and why not a WIN at home. DM ( Carvalho / Biglia ) ST ( Lacazette / Kokorin ) just to mention some but we need them and If failed in UCL no harm then move on and grab the EPL .

  6. I hope people appreciate that January is basically “pot luck”. You get whomever is available and its usually scarce of top quality as clubs are extremely reluctant to let players go mid-season

    That is why Managers should sign their big outfield players in Summer not January
    January is for emergences
    I believe Wenger created a January emergency way back in the summer when he did not sign a single outfield player which is almost unheard of for a top European team
    We were all hoping for the likes of Krykowiak and a top striker which would have saved us searching in January for left overs

    I think Elneny could become an excellent DM

    Im not saying its impossible to get a top player (Isco ma be available for example)
    But don’t get hopes high
    Maybe we can learn from our mistakes this summer

  7. Gotta be cheaper than most other top form strikers available out there. They’re all expensive you know mate!?

  8. Lukaku or Hernandez are realistic options for top strikers come the summer. We’re bigger than those clubs and we can afford them

  9. To have a chance we need to repead what we did till now. Quality of Santi and Coqueling wont be replaced by the likes of that egyptian dude who doest even look like close to an dm, or with the like sampers who is just a kid. Not that i dissliked them as players.

    Dont come up with ramsey now, bec in his head is a striker and we need a new passmaster in the team.

  10. DMF, CMF, youg CB, a good striker to challenge Giroud. If that doesn’t happen, the title chances are slim.

  11. Hannendez can come in any time, being him best player of the month or not, regardless his contribution to leverkusen. Wenger knows the perfect words he uses when handling transfer issues. All we need is good signings to secure the title.

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