Wenger confirms NO plans for Arsenal striker transfer

Well there you have it Arsenal fans, the news that we all feared and most of us expected has been confirmed today by Arsene Wenger. The Gunners will not be signing another striker in the January transfer window, unless something happens to change the mind of our manager in the next couple of weeks.

With Alexis Sanchez due back in action either this weekend against Stoke City or the next game after and with our England international forward Danny Welbeck finally back in training after his long injury lay-off, the boss feels that the Gunners have plenty of options up front, and as reported by The Mirror he feels that he will not find any better options than what he has in the January transfer window.

The Frenchman said, “I would prefer to have my players back from their injuries. [Danny] Welbeck is two to three weeks away and I am confident I will not find a better player than Welbeck on the market.”

However, I am sure we all remember what happened in the summer, when the former Man United star was supposed to be close to a comeback and then just a day or so after the summer window closed he had a setback. Six months later and we still have not seen Welbeck again so is it really wise for Wenger to gamble a possible Premier League title on our very dodgy injury record?

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  1. Honestly no real surprise here! I guess he is probably looking at the rich form giroud has been in, and has faith in him to shoulder the responsibility and step up “big time”!

    1. I totally agree with you @Greg.
      I must confess, I since Thiery Henry said in an interview that he doesn’t think Giround could lead the Arsenal front line to lift the title, I have been of the opinion that we get another striker (on that ground). However, I now think Grioud and Theo can lead the to the title. I still think that we should get another striker…not because of their incapability, but because of the injury record. It cannot be guaranteed that Welbeck will be back soon. If he was not injured, I’ll say we are good for the title already. I hope we don’t take that risk though. Sign the striker…It won’t hurt to do it.

      1. From @behnisch on Twitter: https://twitter.com/behnisch/status/688038363878809601

        Since 2014/15, Giroud’s been the second highest and most consistent Non-Penalty Goal Scorer per 90 minutes played in the EPL – 0.69 to Aguero’s 0.75. I’m not a huge fan, but must admit the boy’s largely performed.

        DuraSanchez also shows up at #6 with 0.49. The rest of the strike force, Walcott especially, on the other hand… 🙁

      2. No point signing just for the sake of a third option, when we do get one we have to do it right by getting one of The hottest prospects on the market. If that could happen during this window well that would be amazing, but I reckon during the summer will be the more ideal for all parties.

  2. we need to do more to genuinly challenge for the title.
    Glad to see players like campbell giroud monreal and ramsey taking responsibility and hopefully others do the same.
    Looking foward to see our brand new energetic midfield in action with el neny and ramsey.
    Needless to say about the striker talk.
    Seems wenger is contented with his options of walcott giroud campbell and welbeck.

  3. Giroud has been in great form but the problem i have is if gets injured or needs a rest i dont really trust theo up there by himself he can be very clumsy sometimes hopefully he can be a bit more consistent I think he just needs to be a bit more confident in his ability because he’s got bags of it

    1. OG has been almost indestructible. It was a weird shot that struck him on his foot against Everton last year that put him out of action. With all the banging he does winning aerials and never getting injured I think he is one of the most durable players in the league. Unfortunately can’t say the same of others who don’t absorb anywhere near the contact that OG does.

  4. I really dunno what to say???
    Buh don’t you think he is right???
    If you think otherwise,then give us some names…that is, names of strikers we can get in Jan that is better than what we have and will hit the ground running immediately

    1. @ Goonerboy Most fans don’t look at reality before blaming coaches and players. If not, which world class striker is available in this window?

      Off Topic.
      I just took look at the table and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Defending champs are have -3 as goals difference after 21 games,hmmm. And they are closer to the rock bottom team in terms of points than the teams at the top, oh my.

      And I had a dream last night, that the top four teams at the end of the season are:
      1st Gunners
      2nd Leicester
      3rd Man City
      4th West Ham

      Please, don’t………

  5. I am happy with that. Welbeck has all the ingredients to become as good as Aubameyang. Before you slate me, check out Aubameyang finishing stats from more than 2 years ago and he wasn’t that prolific, and Welbeck is 2 years younger than him. And considering Wenger is the best striker developer in the world, I trust him on this one.

    1. In addition to that we have Giroud, Walcott who are both strikers, Campbell who is playing on a wing but is really a striker, and Sanchez who can play there. If somebody comes in it means one has to move out, and I would hate to lose either Welbeck or Campbell.

  6. One thing I admire about Giroud is that he rarely gets injured even with all the blows and elbows he receives every week,while the likes of walcott,wilshere and Ox gets injured while warming up to get in the game…
    Sometimes, I just look at Walcott and ask myself…”Does this guy ever think of his career”?….”He is thinking he has arrived? Why am I saying this? If only Walcott is consistent, hardowrking and most importantly clinical,are we going to be asking for a new striker now???

  7. Wenger likely never even had a striker on his list this January. Maybe if Giroud and Walcott picked up long term injuries?? Otherwise, very unlikely.

    Will Eleny really play DM as many have suggested? From what I have read about him he has really been more of a B2B player thus far. Will Wenger convert him to a more dedicated DM role??

  8. we need a fresh leg not only to have another goal scoring option, but bringing in a new Striker pushes d ones available to work hard, brings a new faith in d team and allows U rotate to keep players fresh….
    May I submit that if Arsenal doesn’t win dis League dis year, they won’t win ever again with ARSENE WENGER as our Manager….
    Get Nolito, have a different option. Who says Welbeck, will find firm early enough having been out dis long?
    sign a new striker, give d League… The fans deserve this….

    1. This has become an annoying issue really. Can we just quit the new striker talk. We don’t need another striker! we already have 3! And we are not on a goal drought! What the hll do we need a new striker for?

  9. I will rather have Aubameyang in the summer than chase a striker we may not be sure how good he will be in EPL. If all the players are back and Giroud remain in this current form, we will win the league for sure.

  10. Well I hope he gets one in the summer but no guarantee as he didn’t get an outfielder this past summer

    Also we may not have space for another forward with Alexis, Giroud, Walcott, Campbell, Oxlade, Iwobi, Akpom, Welbeck, Sanogo

    That said we should have enough fire power with Alexis, Walcott, Giroud, Welbeck and Ramsey to win the title

    Campbell is not a big scorer, not a good finisher but an excellent hard worker and does score once in a while. Ozil has scored more This season

    Anyway, point is that we have enough players to score goals to WIN the PL Trophy.
    They just need to be more consistent and finish with more precision for three more months

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