Wenger confirms Top Four is ALWAYS Arsenal’s main target

Ever since Arsene Wenger arrived at Arsenal, way back in the midst of time, Le Prof has always managed to keep the Gunners in the Top Four of the Premier League which will now forever more be known as The Wenger Trophy. Even though he has always won that race, the Gunners just managed to win their first real trophy for nine years last season beating Hull in the FA Cup Final.

Now that Arsenal are playing tomorrow for a place in the quarter finals of the same competition tomorrow, Wenger has yet again maintained that the Top Four still remains his priority. “Our basic is always to finish in the top four and then win a trophy on top of that,” Le Prof said in the Independent.

“We want always to be in the Champions League and this season it will be very difficult, because it’s very tight if you look at the table – every game now becomes a cup game.”

Having said that Wenger also admitted that he still wants to beat Middlesbrough and return to Wembley for another final. “We have won (the FA Cup) five times during my period here,”

“Nobody has won it more in the last 18 years, so we have always taken the competition seriously.”

The game maybe even opened up a bit as Wenger rotates his squad a little, with Szczesny and Gabriel both expected to play. Alexis Sanchez will also be sidelined, along with Ramsey, and Jack Wilshere will be brought back slowly. This could be a very interesting game indeed!

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  1. Our main primary target should always be to win the league and if we fail the secondary target will be top four!

    1. The media and the author of this lame ‘article’ take what Wenger says out of context to get a rise out of the plastics and it works every time. Articles like this have one purpose to have fans turn on each other, so rival fans and club supporters can laugh at the Arsenal. Wenger’s minimum basic requirement is top 4, this is the bare minimum this is not the ‘top target’. It’s all in the wording, it can taken out of context and it has been.

      I don’t care if Wenger leaves in the summer…but this rubbish is written for one reason and one reason only; To hurt the club and confuse the supporters, shame on the author.

    2. so is stoke cities, so is west ham, but the new reality of a more competitive league is top 4, especially more than half way thru the season and in 6th place, top 4 effects everything from recruiting to maintaining players

  2. I would like to offer my services to drive old Arsene to Euston Station and make sure he gets on the London to Paris express. TThen welcome a manager who wants to win the league like I do.

      1. New manager? hmm who? Which manager would come to Arsenal now and reproduce anything close to what Arsene did for the past 18 years?

          1. Guardiola, maybe when Arsene’s contract is over as he’d want to do great things with Bayern. Simeone won’t leave Athletico for a while as he is currently making his team a force to be reckoned with not only in Spain but Europe. So let’be realistic people

    1. hey, how about Klopp? you all wanted him, he may be relagated at dortmund and in need of a new job? you can have him since he was the darling of the website last year,,,,

  3. Yawn ….. When is arsenal fc going to be managed by someone with real ambition …. We are the 8th richest club in the world for god sake but run by some twat who still dreams of taking strasbourg fc to the next level ….

  4. Glad to see Sanchez taking part in full training……hope he doesn’t start tho..keep him on the bench just incase tho…but dont play him onless he have to..thats only if we need a goal with 20 min to go…I would also like to see carzola on the bench….why?..busy period coming up with champions league and all..he’s key to our team I think this our last chance to really give him a rest..also would like to see kos6 giving a breader..we all know bout his injury lest not wait till he get injured to rest him…I think we’re in good shape for this final sprint in the season im here ti support my team through whatever…arsenal fa life..from Jamaican

  5. In case there is a backlash for the comments.
    It was not saying top 4 is our target, but our minimum target.
    I spoke to a Liverpool fan the other day and he said he would rather a sporadic challenge for the league than a consistent top4 finish.
    I said Arsenal have fallen…but have only fallen to the top4. While Liverpool have fallen further…
    My point is while we have fallen, we are getting the revenue to build up paying debts and to than be able to eventually spent £35m on a player…
    Our aim from doing that (only been 2 seasons) is to get to the point we continually challenge.
    For now, if we are not good enough…keep to a top4 minimum

    1. @AYZAY
      I hear ya. I hate it also, but it is one of the best days for a single guy to get some easy pink taco…

  6. That’s kind of the problem.

    Being 14 points behind in February would not have happened if we had started with a full defense and had signed a top striker. Also would have helped if we had re-signed Fabregas, Song and Vela.

    Now you may say that’s the past but what happens if Wenger makes the same mistakes this summer.

    He may feel we do not need any defensive signings (defender and DM). He may believe we are fine with Giroud, Welbeck and Akpom so no need to get a striker.

    All I can say is that we finally have money to show ambition. This season Chelsea got Costa, Fabregas, Remy and Cuadrado. City got Bony but already had Aguero, Dzeko, Jovetic. United will spend HUGE this summer with their £750 million advertising deal.

    I’m NOT asking Wenger to break the bank.
    Just 3 players will do fine To show ambition:
    1. Top Striker: Cavani, Martinez, Dybala, Lacazette, etc
    2. Top DM: Schneiderlin, Vidal, Gustavo, Bender, Carvalho, etc.
    3. Back up (understudy) LB.

    Extras (not necessary but useful)
    1. Another quality CB
    2. Another GK
    3. Another versatile winger like Reus, Draxler, Greizmann

    We can fight for the title with just 2-3 signings

  7. Top four or Champions League spot (till the 4th slot is taken away from the premier league) should always be a priority. No doubt. The cash from UCL is huge.

  8. no ambition as usual. yet when we get 4th place this year a bunch of Arsenal fans will hail Wenger as the Messiah while Mourinho is busy lifting the trophy. Laughable how deluded some people are.

  9. used to be 4 teams challenging for top 4 spot, then chelsea and city come into the cash, the league changed, now there are ligitamate 7 teams chasing the top 4 cash and prestige, and often a dark horse team such as SOU that make it worse w a magical year. Top 4 should be a minimum acceptance w eye on winning league or Cup, the issue is, we are now like Athletico Madrid, w a tier of cash spenders above us in city and chelsea that make top 2 very tough. but we have adjusted, ozil and sanchez are more than we used to like to spend, the day we fall 5th in league is a day we will all see how it effects our ability to spend

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