Wenger confirms Vardy deal is off! Who next?

Well I certainly hope that Arsenal have got more striker targets because it seems that Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Jamie Vardy is a Leicester player and will STAY a Leicester player!

This has just been published in today’s Metro:

Wenger moved quickly to sign the England international after securing Granit Xhaka on a £30million deal but he’s confirmed in an interview that the former Fleetwood Town striker will stay with Claudio Ranieri’s side.

‘Jamie Vardy is, at the moment, at Leicester and from what I know he will stay at Leicester,’ confirmed Wenger.

To be honest, this is NOT the news I wanted to hear. I now fear that Wenger will not go for a much more expensive striking option and will now make do until Danny Welbeck comes back. This could completely scupper Arsenal’s chances of winning next season’s Premier League.

Could Wenger really have put all his eggs in one basket?


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  1. I think we are losing our marketable intrest.I fear if the current state of the club goes for so long then most players wouldn’t wana cme to us

    1. No surprise there. He was not coming from day one.Wenger should sign one of Abamyang or Mkhitaryan.Or I would pour gasoline and burn Wenger’s unambitious a**!

      1. Aba or Mkhitaryan cannot join Arsenal, Arsenal now is not above Dortmond in status or Salary wise. If aplayer from relegation team like Leicester Cannot join who will

      2. So just cause Wenger isn’t acting like you would on football manager, you wanna burn his a**…

        Talk about being a child.

  2. The Vardy deal has been off since day one…… Infact i didn’t think it even existed!

  3. That comment does not mean very much, Wenger is just stating facts. Vardy is still a Leicester player and (at this point in time) Wenger has not been informed otherwise. That`s the simple truth. What will happen over the coming weeks after Euro2016 is another story which I`m not prepared to guess at.

    1. @Aussie Jack…

      What does this mean to you??

      “And from what I know
      “he will stay at leicester”..
      Now, am obviously not the best in English but imo,Vardy has stated he will stay at Leicester..
      That said, the Chairman sounded confident Vardy will stay with Leicester 2-3days ago..

      1. @ Goonerboy…”.At this point in time Vardy is still a Leicester player” true or false?
        Wenger says he is not aware of any change ” so, is he lying?” NOW! If you want my opinion I would have to repeat , like Wenger I simply don`t know but the vibes suggest he will stay put. (Unless Pep Guardiola puts in a bid. haha!)

  4. Although, am not pleased it turns out this way, BUT we have more than enough time to get a striker better than Vardy….

    Now no excuse for Wenger not to buy a striker, or betterstill a very good striker(don’t wanna say world class)…
    Surely, we will other targets….

  5. The euros are on so to wait but he can go for Vincent Janssen any news surrounding the striker any one ?

    1. Double bonus if we got Janssen, it would mess the spuds over as they want him XD

      2 for 1

  6. Admin why has my comment been moderated!!!!! And it talks about how arsenal hve given wenger a 3 year extension offer on the table!!!.I thought this was a forum of views not where antiwenger comments are slashed thats not a forum and its unfair.anyway my comment wasn’t even anti wenger just asking ” hey u guys hve u heard about the contact extension on the table for wenger” what is wrong in that one seriously.I am so gutted I read it this morning but u just deleted it somehow.if this forum will not take a negative comment to something then whats the use.thats why we talk to see how the negative will be positive.

    1. Simple reason.. This is a post about Vardy rejecting Arsenal. Talk about Vardy. When I do the post about Wenger’s contract you can talk about that. Now shut up! And I didn’t realise that was an anti-Wenger comment! I think its positive news lol….

      1. @Admin, I think is article have something to do with wenger, even the title includes his name ‘WENGER’ so @khangunner was not entirely out of context.
        Return his comment lolx

    2. L()L… @ Khangunners, pls check for profane , absurd or abusive words in the context

      stuffs like the N-word, F-word or S-word are strictly prohibited on the site!

      Courtesy: the Admin

    3. Hahaha………. If there’s one thing i’ve Observed around ere

      it’s Admin getting the Thumbs down…… Proves he’s not always right bout everything Arsenal (opinions, comments, ideas etc)!

      1. Nobody is always right about everything, but some people are positive and some people are negative. That is why we annoy each other and it can create healthy discussion. (Healthy, friendly – but not abusive…)

    4. http://www.justarsenal.com/so-lets-discuss-wengers-new-contract-extension/51586

      It gets annoying when I try to read peoples point of view about what the article has talked about and read other BS instead, if I wanted to read comments about Wengers contract then I would have read an article about his contract.

      It almost feels like these people may be the type that has a wee in the sink and then says “Well it goes to the sewers eventually, whats your point?”


  7. This is embarrassing. A club of our stature could not bring a 29 year old Striker from a tier 2 club even after offering 140k per week. Says a lot about the drawing power of Arsenal nowadays.

    1. @ Invincible49…

      How is it our fault that Vardy shows loyalty to his club????
      We have to take this as positively as possible..it is a breath of fresh air and it will be nice for once!

      If Wenger is disappointed or embarrassed as you put it, let him turn the embarrassment to ruthlessness in this window…

      He should go out there and complete a jaw-dropping transfer for a top top striker that will show our ambition and makes a statement on us..
      No need for anger at all…

  8. I’m not bothered by Vardy at all, I never thought he was a good fit for Arsenal, but I do agree with khangunners above regarding the marketability and appeal of Arsenal, with the majority shareholder declaring his lack of interest in actually winning trophies, what top player wants hear this, and the stupidity and arrogance for Kroenke to say it in the first place is mind boggling!

    Also being reported in some papers today is the news that Wenger is to be offered a 2 year extension to his contract. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Wenger, and how he steered us through some very difficult times financially, and his success in the first half of his reign, but I think its time for him to go, I believe he has become predictable and stale in the role, and it’s time for a new man, with new and fresh ideas to take over.

  9. Vardy is on till
    he says different.
    We still have Sanogo
    who Wenger remains
    convinced will be better than Henry.
    Walcott is better than Ronaldo.
    Ox is better than Aguero
    With Giroud and Sanchez Arsenal
    does not need any more strikers.

    1. If you just look at your comment do you surely feel you have spoken any sense.
      Its not hialrious and neither is it intelligent.

      Do the ox and aguero play in the same position?

    2. When has Wenger indicated that SoNoGoals was in his long term plans? He was a free gamble and it didn’t work, at least he didn’t cost what Jovetic cost City.

      Theo has fallen out of Wengers grace, Wenger openly saying that Theo needs to sort himself out and his dithering between CF and wide attacker has cost him his place.

      Ox doesn’t get to see the pitch when we have other fit players, Ox being a CM gets thrown out wide a lot as he isn’t good enough in the middle for Wenger yet.

      Wenger has said we need another CF as Giroud doesn’t have the consistency, he was also bought when we still had RvP and if you looked at Wengers comments during that time, Giroud was only going to be cover for RvP but the board allowed RvP to be sold for £25 mil instead of risk losing him for free in 12 months time. Every year Wenger has been linked to another CF since. !2 months after RvP left it was Suarez, that messed up by Gazidis and Suarez didn’t want to come to us as well. Got SoNogoals on free so could be a good gamble, if not he didn’t cost us anything.
      12 months after Wenger was at the WC, he got Alexis and wanted a CF as well, he only wanted to loan Welbroke instead of buy but the board went ahead and bought welbroke.
      12 months later and we spend £10mil on Cech and that is it, anything to do with spending close to £100 million in the last 12 months? Kinda freaking obvious to even blind people! Wenger spoke to Xhaka 12 months ago and wanted him then, if it was all down to Wenger then why did he wait 12 months to get the player he called up and spoke to? Why buy Elneny in Jan if your main target was Xhaka?

      This year transfers haven’t ended.

  10. I think this is great news.
    First it means we can move on to new targets and second Vardy was never the right player in the first place so we’ve dogged a bullet.

  11. Who else things God is signing Vincent Janssen for us! Mr. Wenger Janssen is walking around with his phone waiting for an Arsenal call. He is that leading Dutch Eredivisie goal scorer. He plays for AZ Alkmaar. in 34 appearance he has scored 27 goals and 5 assists. He is 22 and since the Dutch are not in Euro 2106, there should be no complications. Sign him up and look around if you can get anyone else ‘world class’. Janssen will be in place just in case we fail to sign someone else. Janssen would be loyal and could just surprise us. The same league gave as Ruud Van Nistelrooy who was 24 when he joined the EPL. The same league gave us Suarez who moved in at 23 years of age. At 22, Janssen could be helpful…

    1. God… Really?
      Out of curiosity, which ‘GOD’?

      The christian one?
      The Muslim one?

      Why only god and not godS?

      Is it not insulting to other religions to claim your god is the only true one and everyone is fools for believing in a false idol?

  12. what is it with arsenal fans calling vardy a tier 2 player?
    Wasnt kos also a tier 2 player?
    Vardy scored 24 goals last season ffs so stop underrating him.
    He is also a consistent goalscorer for england.
    Too bad we missed out on him now lets find other players in the market
    I suggest lacazette

    1. @Ramterta……. Um go easy with the 2nd tier thing buddy…… Should we already tag him world class after this good season?

      That tag comes with a premium…He would have to earn that like Ronaldo, messi, suarez, ibra etc has already done…

      I bet if he (vardy) can’t replicate last season’s form in the coming season, u’d be the 1st to turn a blind eye

      1. So if a player isn’t 2nd tier he must be WC?
        Very limited scope you have there.

        You could be top tier footballer without being WC, kinda like most players in the EPL, too good for the 2ndt tier of football but not good enough to be considered alongside Messi or CR9.

  13. Who is out there that could be classed as a decent striker much less world class and who wouldn’t cost £100 million ?
    The very limited resources Arsenal have would leave me to believe that we won’t sign anyone new this summer.
    Vardy, Lukaku or Morata would not offer any more than Giroud to be honest..

  14. Hahaha……….Admin….and while u are still here, could u pls explain to us why u get helluva thumbs down but ur comments never gets hidden like the rest of us

    [this is me asking nicely , in a friendly, non-abusive manner L()L]

    1. Because this is my website, so I can do what I like. When you have been working night and day for five years to make this site a success then you too could have that privilege……

        1. If it was your website, I would do what you ask…. but as it’s mine, I will do what I want. If we had a vote and 90% of the readers said to get rid of the thumbs, then I would listen, but just on your advice? No

          1. It’s hilarious, how you give some people an inch and before you know it, they are trying to kick you out! of your own home! ? ?

  15. After this failed attempt to sign Vardy, I have a hunch we will eventually settle for Lukaku or Morata.

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