Wenger convinced Jack Wilshere will recover fully

Can you believe that Jack Wilshere has missed close to 1,000 days of football at Arsenal? If you did, then you know how quickly Wilshere moves from the thick of action to the doctors table. If you didn’t, well… you are either Wilshere or his doctor.

With the latest injury setback confirmed by the club as requiring a surgery, Wilshere is set for another lengthy rehabilitation. It could be several weeks before the England midfielder can even think of returning to action.

At the start of the summer, as is the norm, there were indications from Wilshere that he wants to spend an injury-free season. And almost immediately he went on another injury break. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was also hopeful that he would have his star midfielder available for selection more than previous seasons.

And on the sidelines of the Champion’s League opener against Dinamo Zagreb, Wenger spoke of his admiration for Wilshere; especially his resilience and ability to recover from injuries. “Like every player, he wants to play football and he is disappointed, but he has shown in the past he can deal with that,” Le Prof said.

“I think he was determined to do it quickly and come back as quickly as possible.”

There is never any doubt about the potential or the impact of Wilshere on the field. The question has always been his ability to stay fit. Frustratingly for the supporters, he has developed a knack of picking up injuries at regular intervals of time.

But, what is commendable indeed is the mental strength of the player. The lengthy absence from action is never easy for any player. The more one spends time away from action, the more doubts creep in. And if the induced break is because of injury, there would be more questions. Wilshere definitely has inner strength to make so many comebacks from innumerable setbacks. Though none of these are physically career threatening, each of them is potentially confidence-crippling.

“This kind of injury is not a kind of injury which can damage your career.” Wenger continued. “It is just a bone that did not heal well. They need to put a little clip in. That is nothing major, not a career-threatening injury.

“I am not a bone specialist, so I would not like to give too many details. I have been explained the situation, but I leave that to the medical people. There is nothing malicious in there, just a part of his bone that has not healed.

“When you are injured and you come back, you always go through a vulnerable period, where you need to strengthen your body again, to gain competition,”

“I think he is young enough to get over that and I hope his body will stabilise, I am confident he will and that he can make a career his talent deserves.”

Let’s hope that Wenger is right. For a young player of his potential and skill, Wilshere spends too much time away from action. This won’t be his last induced break but hopefully, it would be the last lengthy one.


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  1. This is getting ridiculous. I guess someone had to replace Diaby eh?

    Well, he’s still 23, and since he’s not seriously injured, let’s hope his time will come sooner or later. Personally, I wouldn’t put him in our XI right now anyway.

    1. we could use him as an option tho..to come on

      ur telling me every time u fight with your missus u couldnt use someone u can call go meet and take out all that frustration on?

      he is a great plan b (no ben drew, he looks like plan b)

  2. What do you mean it’s not career threatening?
    Its the same glass ankle’s that has been crippling Jack Wheelchair for years!
    Putting a clip in his bone will help him walk and run but what will happen to that bone with a metal clip init when it takes a heavy knock?

    He has had screws put in and taken out in the past and that didn’t help either, you are kidding yourself if you really think that Jack will overcome this problem and return to playing regular professional footballer.

    It’s always sad to see a talented athletes career ruined by consistent injuries and unfortunately Jack is one of them.

    1. @Fatboy Gooney
      You hit the nail on the head Fatboy.
      Whoever recommended he get those screws put in his ankle needs to be “SHOT”. He will “never” be able to play consistently at the highest level ever again with metal in his ankles…FACT.

      1. You would think with today’s technology,
        That a lightweight flexible outer protection would be available to reduce the impact of knocks.
        Something more than the standard shin and ankle pads!

        If the same interest and enthusiasm was put into improving protective wear as in designing new Boots,
        Maybe we would see alot less serious injuries in this sport.

  3. jacks way of playing invites these injuries, he must adapt to prolong his career.

    then again..vegas…cohiban cigar…its miller time!!!

    1. many people keep saying this. about using his “low center of gravity”. whatever that means. never saw a pratical outline of what that means. looks more like the parroting of pundits who want to sound smart. sometimes you just need to give a guy a break and say tough luck mate. hope you make it. he’s not the first footballer to have his career blighted by incessant injuries

      1. tough luck mate?
        hahaha – u must be a surgeon with such technical insight

        look at how often hes injured, how it happens-
        tough luck mate lol, whatever dr dre

      2. @gun.joe
        As far as I know, i’ve been the only one here who has been harping on about Jack not being able to utilise his “low center of gravity”

        The closer you are to the ground(height wise) the more stable you are, which in football terms means it makes it harder for you to be knocked over, it also means better mobility,ie being able to twist and turn easily in small space.
        Notice how Sanchez, Santi, Messi and Aguero are able to change direction in full trot and in tight spaces so easily. Jack, considering his height, should be able to do that. But he runs upright making himself top heavy. Which is sort of weird watching a short guy do.
        Another weird person to watch is Monreal. He shifts his center of gravity and utilises it like a shorter guy…

        1. respect for the explanation. not sure it has anything to do with his injuries though. i mean people end up running in the way they are most comfortable – stone rolls down path of least resistance sort of thing. in any case these are pros with an army of physicians and coaches telling them what to do not some pub players. and shit happens. van persie, aguero, diaby, khedira and now luke shaw are just examples of players who’ve been unlucky. i will admit there’s a level of street-smarts some players have in avoiding danger. henry had it and i used to criticise him for this but the brother looked out for himself. no jumping in to tackles and being brave nonsense. that’s the only solution i see for wilshere.

  4. I’ve been itching to see a midfield of Arteta and Cazorla. I believe we’re going to see some sick passing tonight. COYG!

  5. Jeez!………how do we appease the injury gods to spare us the trouble each season?………Jokes aside….. I feel for Jack….. I really do feeL for him!

    1. Jack needs to change his game to stay injury free. He should release the ball quicker and choose the challenges he decides to go into more carefully. QED.

      1. Someone mentioned a while back that Wilshere could have more joy playing wide. All the toughest tacklers are through the centre and that’s where Jack usually darts through. Maybe out wide his dribbling abilities could prove more useful.

  6. we need a need a replacement asap, with welbeck, wilshere, rosicky out longterm and no guarantee of dem making an impact this season, one player comes to mind that can debutise and make an impact in both midfield and attack Madrids ISCO is d man. COYG

  7. It’s no wonder the lad is still getting patched up today. Ramsey ..leg chopped in two ..Eduardo, leg chopped in two. Diaby, never to recover. All this was happening right after players, managers, ex players and your granny ..were saying when we play Arsenal all we have to do is kick them. Then during the game the ref and all of us would be watching Arsenal players as they got kicked, then after the game again they would say how the game plan worked ..just kick Arsenal.

    It’s one thing saying you have to be stronger or out muscle Arsenal. It’s also one thing going fairly for the ball but then leaving an impression on the player. A whole different category is a plan to play for players legs and/or instructing your players to kick the man.

    I still can’t believe authorities where listening then watching all this going on and it was acceptable, some of these lads where England’s future stars. I am amazed in particular to how refs listened to then watched Sto Birm gameplans.

    1. How many times did you see Henry get kicked?
      Not that he was super quick to be kicked ?

      I can only remember it happening once,
      Henry got up and absolutely gave that player a bollocking
      And after that no other player even attempted a malicious tackle on him.
      Respect is earned more through fear than anything else!

      1. Henry had men to learn from, he and Vieira mentioned how in training Adams Keown etc would hate to lose so would go full throttle and it toughened them all up. Also on the field he had these men sticking up for him. When the kick Arsenal came into being Henry and just about every other senior player where long gone, we had a massively young squad and had to sell off anything resembling a senior player.

    1. I agree 100%

      But do you believe Wenger will do something as sensible as that?

      We also should have got a backup to Alexis (lone Draxler) and another top DM (like Kondogbia) not to mention a top striker (many to choose from : Martinez, Mandzukic, Morata, Benzema, Cavani, Aubmeyang, Higuain, Reus, Greizmann, Dybala, Lacazette) We got ZILCH

      Wenger OUT

      1. @fred cowardly
        As if any of those players wanted to come to AFC. Another point many of you are missing is, a few of those players are owned by 3 separate entities. Which makes negotiations troublesome.

        1. Jackson Martinez 100% wanted to come. He even said he supported Arsenal growing up and would accept if he was offered a contract

          Also, if Ozil, Alexis, Cech are happy to come to us, then why is it impossible for one or some of the People I mentioned to come to us.

          You must have a very low opinion of Arsenal football club and it’s potential

          1. @fred cowardly
            You must be kidding dude. How old is Jackson? 28, closer to 30. Why waste the money…
            I said what I said because we don’t even know if any of those players wanted to even come to AFC. Not every player wants to play in the BPL just because you want them to…
            Jackson Martinez…CTFU…

  8. I hope both wilshere and shaw recover from their injury. On the matter what i feel is that when shaw got injured the whole world went crazy and gave their support to him whereas when Ramsey was injured all english media outlet and England captain gave their support to Shawcross, Ramsey’s was more career threatening and painful.

  9. The chances of Wilshere fully recovering is the same as Wenger getting a Top striker and Top DM in January

    Wenger OUT
    Corbyn IN

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