Wenger: Damned if he Does and damned if he Doesn’t!

Arsenal fans can’t Have It Both Ways

Despite the fact that heads should have rolled for letting our most coveted players run down their contracts, if true and PSG are preparing to offer £70m for Sanchez, it will present Arsenal and its fans with a tricky dilemma.

On the one hand, we’d lose a world class player who has the potential to make a difference to our club during the up and coming season. It would also reinforce the message of Arsenal being a disorganised second tier selling club who capitulate to the elite clubs when the pressure is on.

On the other hand, we’d gain £70m (which is more than most of us realistically dreamed of) for a potentially disruptive 28 year old player who has given possibly the best years of his career at Arsenal and would leave on a free to a club of his choosing if a desired agreement is not reached. He would also not strengthen a direct rival in the premier league.

Wenger has now found himself, once again, in-between the devil and the deep blue sea i.e. damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Part of me believes that the only poker play left to him was to come out and deny any intention of selling Sanchez (as he did with RVP, Fabregas etc), thereby increasing the value of Sanchez and initially keeping the Arsenal fans on side before infuriating them and selling Sanchez abroad.

Ideally, I would love Sanchez to sign an extension to his contract at Arsenal, however with things as they are, regrettably I accept that selling him abroad for £70m is the next best option. IMO, we can’t have it both ways therefore we must let go of Sanchez and move on.


Updated: July 22, 2017 — 10:58 am


  1. Sell him coz arsenal are damned if they don’t and damned if they do meaning we ain’t gonna get top 4 anyway unless god produces a miracle and gives wenger a footballing brain and while he’s at it strip away that silly love for Ramsey n Walcott n co. If and it’s a big IF wenger buys a big like van dijk, carvalho, naby kieta, lemar and sell giroud to get a drogba type CF then alexis won’t be missed and top 4 will be accomplished! Just look at Chelsea’s squad when u add morata batsuaryi bakayoko rudigur its obvious we’re way to far behind to win the title

  2. Sold him for 70M and get Mahrez for 40-50M, he is more then good enough to play for us.
    We should forget about Lemar, since Monaco do not want to lose him and Mbappe at one time, plus 80M far too much for him.

  3. Interesting thought, maybe we should get Aubamayang and then sell Sanchez or maybe get Gelson Martins, I know he is a right winger but he would be something else I think for us. And of course Aubamayang is a striker but maybe we could go two up front.

  4. Tricky. The problem is, is that Wenger will struggle to attract world class/elite players to the club outside the champions league. If he sells Sanchez for £70 mill, who can he attract who will guarantee a similar goal/assist/creativity ratio? You might say, ‘but Lacazette came!’ Lacazette is french and grew up watching the invincibles (so Wenger had a lot to work with), also i’m not yet sold on the fact that we’ve bought a world class player.

    Wenger hasn’t been close to competing/winning the league for over 10 years. It probably might be best to KEEP Sanchez because at least he’s still an Arsenal player and our best hope of finishing in top 4…

    1. We signed Ozil, we thought we were gonna do big things, we couldn’t pull it off, then we added Sanchez we didn’t really do much, we added Xhaka, which we all wanted and approved, right now we are not convinced by him, we added Mustafi,he started well but along the lines something happened to him….

      All these signings haven’t really reflected on the team apart from maybe Sanchez and he is about leaving too, the problem is even if he stays, we are not guaranteed anything…

      Why? Someone needs to change or be changed…we are we gonna buy that we have an instant impact like Sanchez, he is such a game changer(if you have forgotten just go and watch his highlights again)

      When he leaves, we would take 3 steps backwards no matter who we sign…so far Wenger does not change his approach, nothing will change…..

      1. Bottom line: We is the problem.

      2. Goonerboy, 100% that’s twice in 24 hours you have commented exactly what I was thinking. Do you live in Australia because I think we would be good mates if you did. Lol. Just before the pre-season games started I commented on this site that I was one off the biggest W.O.B’S out there but I was hoping that the gaffer could prove me wrong this season. Wenger had impressed me at that stage this summer, with the refusal to sell Alexis and the early signings. Now after watching the team play against real opposition it looks like nothing has changed and you know what they say NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES. Bringing Jen Lehmann as a coach to get in these players faces and challenge them to be better will have an impact but will it be enough. I live just around the corner from Port Adelaide Football Club’s headquarters and with Darren Burgess as head off fitness we will have one off the fittest squads in the league, he is a genius and I think he will help alot with the yearly injury curse as well. But if the message from the top hasn’t changed then I don’t think any of the above matters really. Like I said I pray to God he proves me wrong but on the evidence off the last 13 years especially the last 2 I don’t think so. We don’t even play beautiful football anymore actually and I can’t believe I’m saying this most off last year we where boring to watch. Only against Chelski did we play the Arsenal way.

  5. Can we move on already? Sanchez wldnt be a happy player playing for arsenal next year, he wld be a source of dressing room unrest and might not give his best on the pitch. I admit it is near impossible to replace him, but we can try. Letting him go is the only option I see. Let the rebiulding begin

    1. How can we move on if the situation is still not resolving? When he is sold then we can move on but would be a step bkward if Sanchez is not replaced with equal quality. A step bkward all the more because we are missing a replacement for Carzola too and this will be the second season in which Wenger has not addressed the problem.

      We not moving on until Wenger has moved on, another 2-4 years of hurt I’m afraid.

      Wenger out

  6. We are talking about Alexis, a player that doesn’t want to be with us. Wenger and everyone that doesn’t want to sell are deluded. Even the fans considering the fact we all believe arsenal can win the league. Every club is a selling club. I have seen in my life time Madrid selling players arsenal, chelsea , Man u etc player will want in their team. I have seen barca sold Thiago, Ibrahinmovic, etc because they don’t want to be with them. Monaco is on a selling spree…Silva, bakayoko, Mendy etc. so selling and buying player is not new in football. Arsenal has good set of players, even the young guns are not doing so badly. What we need is someone to beat champion out of them. someone to earnest their individual talent and motivate them to perform at top level week in week out. Unfortunately, Wenger , the man i have so much respect for, is not that man. The game has passed him buy because he takes winning so easy and that is the reason he has not win EPL and Wii never win it again.

  7. PSG next season…

    Neymar Sanchez

    Why don’t we do a part exchange for Draxler? He’s not likely to get too many games if PSG get both Neymar and Sanchez. We could do

    Draxler Ozil Walcott

    Which ain’t too bad

    1. Spot the odd whippet out …. Walcott you’re funny u really are

      Same sh@@ with wenger every summer … Can’t admit that his chosen progeny ain’t up to the task of winning trophies so fails to strengthen in key positions but always active and makes a tantalizing addition to keep the junkies on a high through Xmas when things go pear shaped …

      1. Walcott had a better minute per goal than Sanchez last season. Walcott scores goals. Every season. On merit and loyalty, he deserves a spot on the team. You’re just a hater, that’s all

        1. Give it up surely u know there are lies damn lies and statistics ….. No one is remotely interested in taking him not even mr chinese money bags coz he is a massively overpaid less than average footballing albatross .. And with the support of junkies like yourself the yoghurt man has missed out on a hatful of quality attacking options … from hazard to griezman to dybala … that could have given us a shot at trophies .. As long as he and Ramsey are in our starting line up I will continue to point to their shameful mediocrity

          1. Walcott lost his place on the team because of injury and then due to our change of formation following poor result. Otherwise, it could have been his highest scoring season in an Arsenal shirt. Ozil on the other hand had a dreadful season even though he played most games. Yet I don’t see people saying he should be dropped. Like I said you’re just a hater.

          2. twig let it be there are three kinds of people with whom you cant reason: the arrogant, the ignorant and the stu., and rkw is a combination of all three attributes ^^

          3. Hypocrite!

          4. Jesus … The chips is back in town … Wrong every year for the last five so I guess you are speaking from experience at least … Sad supporter

          5. That’s lies, I remember there was many people on here calling for Ozil to be dropped. I was one of those people wanting Ozil to be dropped too on the sidelines.

            Furthermore Ramsey and Walcott are the type of players that flatter to deceive. They often turn up enough to bring moments of good impression and false promises to dupe certain fans but in reality actually lack ability and consistency to be a game changer.

        2. The funny thing with stats is it doesn’t show the full picture. One always uses stats to suit his own fancy.

        3. Sanchez get more goals and assist for arsenal in 3 years than 10 of walcott…and dont start with that thay he is winger, alexis plays on the wing too…and trackback too, defends, create, and most importat, he wipe the f shirt while walcott is walking in the park taking a cup of tea…but yeah, “he has more goals per minute”…what an as**….for peaple like u, sesrching any stat to make a point is because we are where we are…pecho frio!

          1. What rubbish. Who says Walcott is a better player than Sanchez? How many players are better than Sanchez in the premier league? However the FACT is Walcott has scored more than anyone else at Arsenal last season. Deal with it. Good you ungrateful supporters aren’t the ones managing the team.

          2. Walcott has scored more than anyone else at Arsenal last season *per minutes played

    2. We where talking about this yesterday mate. 1 day to late. Give them Sanchez and demand Lucas Mourne and Draxler in return + 25 MILLIONGBP great deal and both LW and RW sorted.

  8. Selling to PSG is our best option as against keeping him against his will, he will definitely leave to Man City on a free transfer and I won’t blame Wenger for that…

    What I might blame him for is allowing the contract go down to a year….
    And I have heard some fans say we should have shown more ambiton, by getting world class players to play with Sanchez….

    In all sincerity I don’t think Wenger is capable of winning anything big and it is a pity, can we really say this team isn’t good enough???

    It is such a great pity,this is not to insult Wenger at all but it is the truth, the man clearly lacks something, I have the feeling no matter who he buys, he can’t deliver….

    Sanchez knows this, Wenger has lost something during the transition time, (The Emirates project)….
    How many of you are sure if we buy Lemar, Carvalho,Aubameyang that we will compete let alone win…

    Wenger needs to realise this, imo, our team should set up defensively and play counter attacking football,direct football as we don’t have players that can really dictate play and influence a game like Sanchez but we sure have speedsters that can hurt teams on the counter….

    Am sorry this post is long but right now, I am not happy about our situation at all, its to sad, I try to be positive but with Wenger and Arsenal it is so hard…

    1. Goonerboy,
      I have been saying now for 6 months with the right manager last years squad can win the league with no additions. If we had Conte, Allegri, Simeoni, Zidane, Pochettino even. We need to overhaul our squad cause the only way this guy can win the league is with a squad full off ballers. He used to be the best manager in the world but he didn’t loose anything. He actually thinks the tactics he used to win the league in 1998 can still be used to win the league now. He has failed to evolve. Sir Alex stayed relevant because he was always prepared to try something new always changing things up. His straight out refusal to accept the club getting a director off football shows you how set in his ways he is and should have been a warning to the club. It took this guy 13 years to realise he needed to change things up when he went to 3 at the back last year. I’m not pushing the WENGER OUT thing anymore cause the club don’t listen to us. I’ll continue to support until the club wake up and what needs to be done. Until then I think the ultimate success will always be just beyond us. I knew Alexis was gone straight after the 10-2 Bayern loss you could see it in his body language. That was the straw that broke the camels back.

  9. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    You make him sound like Bart Simpson

  10. Lacazette
    alexis ozil
    Lemar carvalho kieta Bellerin
    Koscielny van djik mustafi

    Might get us top 4 and that’s a lot a spending also I think lacazette needs support from alexis so if he leaves we will need a big player that can bring the ball to lacazette but honestly I don’t like lacazette and wanted a more imposing player he’s just a smaller giroud he’s post box instead of a lamppost lol

  11. £70 mil.? Sell him and move on.

  12. Guys I think Arsene has bought lacazette to replace Sanchez. He is very smart and wants to again have a profitable business. I think 70millions will be the best price Arsene can get and he will surely take it rather losing for free. The board hasn’t changed . Arsene will give the same excuse as he has been giving for last 11 yrs. He will say Sanchez wanted to leave and we sold to PSG. We didn’t strengthen our rovals. My foot!!!! He is so stubborn and ignorant that his arch rivals has already done their buainess. He thinks we will win EPL if we are not in champions league. The best chance for us to win EPL was last two years. Please don’t get me wrong for me next year again will be Chelsea dominating EPL and reaching champions league until quraters. Man utd, Everton and Liverpool will be in top four. Spuds will be with us in Europa league.
    For next two years we still have to swallow sleepless pills and shut our mouths and accept that we will never change….?

    1. I’m bored of arsenal being rubbish

    2. Lacazette on the left? That’s a bit pointless seeing as Welbeck (aka Bambi on ice) is much more effective as a midfielder/winger than a striker.

      1. Lacazette can play on the left
        When he first came to Lyon he played on the left

        1. Yes but he’s not suited to be there!

        2. We might as well play Perez then.

    3. Best replacements for Sanchez are


      in that order. Lacazette doesn’t have a very good assist record to be a Sanchez replacement.

    4. There’s no point in speculating because it’s out of our hands right but it is an interesting hypothesis. Although it is highly unlikely seeing this happen because Wenger has said himself Lacazette will be used ahead of Giroud, but if it is true then you will see a huge backlash from the fans from the set go and I apprehensive that the board or the manager would want that to happen.

  13. Sell him off. If it’s really £70m it’s a good bargain. My only concern is that, we may not get a proper replacement.
    OT: ppl talk about Ramsey not good enough but I feel some of this players are good but really need discipline. A Ramsey in other manager system may not move close to box 18, besides I saw him perform at Euro and some other matches for wales

    1. I actually agree o think Xhaka is a awful player for Ramsey, xhaka is one paced and cannot tackle

      Put Ramsey with khante he would flourish

      1. Well it’s too late now, we have missed the train and Kante has taken the Chelsea train

  14. It is what it is.
    If we can get 70m and sell out of the pl do it and do it quickly. Better this than have a season long sulking player bringing bad karma throughout camp next year before leaving on a free anyway.

    The above is based on the fact we must get 1 or even 2 players of similar ilk with the money.
    Lemar, goretzka whoever just get someone. It’s clear today how lacking we are wih creativity between the midfield to ozil to lacazette who was completely isolated up front.
    Start the season with this squad alone and we are in a much worse situation than last year based on how other teams have strengthened.
    I know we don’t have cl to offer but neither do Everton. # money talks ask koeman

  15. psg agree to terms w neymar, 260 million buy out clause, no money left for alexi,

  16. Crazy – keep him!!
    Why the fu** should we care about the money!!!! Who’s pocket does it go into! They barely reinvest so why are we all here discussing profits. We have been brain washed by wengernomics!!! We are football fans, all we should want us the best performances.

  17. It’s funny, everyone is so busy propping up their respective favourite players or tearing down their least favourite, all the while the only common threads in this multi-year shit show are Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke…coincidence? I think not..it’s not really the players fault, they can’t help it that they aren’t good enough to make up for the lacking of proper coaching, tactics, transfer decisions or in-game adjustments…so whoever you like or dislike is immaterial because nothing will truly change until we run this antiquated, ill-prepared, complacent, money-hungry, dishonest and dysfunctional triumvirate out of North London…any former player who says otherwise should be turned upside down so we can see what size the cheque is that falls from their traitorous pants…there is nothing more despicable than former players enabling this charade to go on any longer by offering support to these “mad” kings…they should remember that if this goes on for too much longer it will sully the memories of a once proud and truly great team

  18. Bottom line: Wenger is the problem.

  19. If Arsenal are being offered £70 mil plus for Sanchez then they should take the money and run. I don’t believe Sanchez will sign a new contract even if we get champions league football again next season. As things stand i also don’t believe Arsenal have done enough in this transfer window thus far to gain qualification this coming season, I hope I am wrong, i’d love to see Arsenal win the league again so we can sing to the rafters with joy and pride but i am just one of millions of fans supporting thousands of clubs world wide waiting and hoping to get the right players.
    Putting it out there, I want Sanchez to stay and play only as he can, my head says he won’t.

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