Wenger declines to ‘walk out’ after defeat to ‘Top Class’ Bayern…..

Wenger to leave Arsenal?Every single Arsenal article in the last few days has been all about whether Arsene Wenger should resign right now or at least decide to give up his job at the end of the season when his contract runs out, but today he has made it clear that there will no decisions made right now.

Le Prof looked extremely unhappy after the Bayern massacre, and he was asked outright whether he had ‘had enough’. “No. No matter what I happens, I will manage next season, whether it’s here or somewhere else.” he replied. “That’s absolutely for sure. On a night like that, of course, I hate defeat and I hate to lose games. I want to do extremely well for this club and I feel a big responsibility.

“You do not stay somewhere for 20 years to then walk out after a defeat like that. It is difficult to take, but I have the strength and experience to respond to that. I would just like to add as well that we played against a good Bayern team who have won this competition [recently], and who have 11 top-class players. We have to give credit to our opponents as well sometimes. It’s important to put things into perspective in this competition, and they are top-class players.”

We can’t help but agree that Bayern are an excellent side, and so were Chelsea (I’m not so sure about Watford!), but how are he and the team going to deal with the dejection after such a devastating loss? “The main emotion is that everybody after a big disappointment regroups and focuses on what is in front of us – the next game – and to take care of the consequences a disappointing result can have on everybody’s spirit inside the club and to make sure that we bounce back and focus on the next game. That’s what life is about.

“I think we can speak now – I know the media likes this kind of press conference – but what is important for us is to focus on our next game and let everybody judge and criticise. We have to deal with that, with the media, and focus on what is our job. We can analyse with clarity what happened and focus and take care of what is in front of us and what we can influence. It’s not the last result – we can influence that when we play against Bayern at home. At the moment, we have to look at our next game.”

So life carries on as usual. He says he will still be managing next season so I am assuming that to mean he will still be at Arsenal. He has never let a massive defeat interfere with his day job!

Darren N


  1. GbollyB says:

    What a nonsense press conference, as if we were just hearing that the first time, Wenger should go, all his methods are outdated,are u now telling me theres no money to equip ur team to 11 top class as u praise Bayern?
    Pls go manage elsewhere nxt season as u dont want to retire. Enough of embarrassment to we fans.

  2. Jansen says:

    This man (Wenger) is not going anywhere. He will be our manager next season.

    1. Jansen says:

      ps: I am not happy about that but I don’t see any reason why he would get fired. The owner loves him and doesn’t care about trophies, Wenger wants to continue to manage and could not find a job with more money and less pressure so why would he go? Gazidas is only too happy to hide behind the owner and Wenger and collect his wage and not be exposed for not knowing anything about “soccer”, and the fans will be pacified as they have for the last 10 years.

      I can only see a serious fan revolt break this happy trio up.

      1. Ozzy AFC says:

        Absolutely right there
        He won’t go anywhere because he does what the board wants him to
        He delivers profit and very low risk and sets expectations at virtually zero so that’s the fans don’t expect too m7ch and he doesn’t have to deliver and the board don’t need to spend
        Its a farce and more importantly a blatant con
        Every single fan who puts even a penny into the club either through season tickets right the way down to buying a mug or a pen or a shirt is being robbed by a board who care NOTHING for sporting glory and even less for the fans who finance the club
        There SHOULD be mass walkouts on home games and protests at every turn but, there won’t be because the demographic of fans now is of a majority who are not true supporters but millennial who only want to say they attend the ground every other week.
        The club has been destroyed and you can blame the board and Wenger for that.

      2. Ozzy AFC says:

        Wenger can go or stay it won’t matter the board will replace him with a carbon copy and the same old cobblers will carry on

  3. RSH says:

    delusion at its finest. any sympathy i had left is almost gone since he’s going to treat this like a politician and pretend things are a different way than they really are. Let’s see who bites, won’t be the fans this time I hope.

  4. LiveSA says:

    Listen to him admit that the team he has put together is mediocre.

  5. Jimbeam says:

    This press conference is very similar to Trump’s basically 2 old senile men living in their own bubble with complete disregard to truth and ethics.

    Wenger has been doing himself and his legacy a disservice at least since 2014 when we won the FA. He should have left on that high.

    People are always last to realize they have gotten too old for something. Picking up something heavy at 50 is not the same as when I was 30. Same goes for demands of managing specially if you are unwilling or unable to change with the times.

  6. This man is sick if he thinks we will let him go on through to next season like nothing happened!

  7. evans says:

    If Wenger stays on us our manager next season I might as well as go elsewhere to find happiness. Maybe support hull city . Even these small clubs know the importance of change

  8. evans says:

    I blame the fans . We are deluded as Wenger . Just afraid of change . This man will win three matches on the go and everyone will start thinking he is an Angel. Well , our club is sinking very fast like the titanic. We will all go down in shame if we don’t rise to kick this dictator out

  9. Wayne Barker says:

    Arsenal fc has become a joke football club. People all around the world are laughing. My german mater who is a Dortmund fan was laughing at us and saying what is the purpose of your club. I couldn’t even defend and that’s how bad Wenger the players and some of us fans have made this club to be. O have been yapping for past 3 years here that our fans are the most delusional ones. Just scroll back to some of the articles written here, one win we act as If we are the biggest club. All we do is laugh at other clubs, hey look at united ,look at Chelsea , look at spuds . Yes Manchester united have been average for past 3 years but when they dominated they were really dominant . When were we never dominant in whole europe , never. Manchester united will always be more relevant than we ever will be. There is a reason even without chamoi9ns league they bring world class athletes , can we do that? No.

    Let us stop laughing at every other club and look at our state and admit that we have become a comedy central channel for everyone . Look at all the pundits even our ex players, even they treat this club like a joke and even then you can’t disagree with them. We have to change from the scratch. Stop being cry babies and become man.

  10. Worse and more pathetic than WENGER are we the Fans no wonder no one takes us seriously, comes to mind the infamous planned protest at the Emirates last year, when only a few courageous fans made their voice heard, the rest were sheep bleating at Arsene knows best…nothing will change unless the Fan core makes a real statement and frankly don’t see it happening we just bark but don’t bite…..the man is completely delusional his scare tactics warning of a total debacle after he parts way plays exactly how he wants…..it’s a gigantic task because the owners don’t see nothing wrong on the contrary the man serves their purpose so unless we hit my countryman the yank where it hurts him the most (REVENUE) he will do nothing to change the status quo

  11. Ramterta says:

    Wenger really loves playing cat and mice with the fans.
    His experience tells him there is absolutely no way he is winning anything with the resources and the payers he has.
    So he decides to give people false hope after a couple of decent results then the team disappears.
    Then a returning player from injury comes and saves his job.
    and the cycle begins all over again.
    He is not ready to sacrifice anything for success but he will always give reasons for failure.
    Imagine the embarrassment we always have to go through when rival fans and tv pundits mock us by saying “i told you so”.
    We are hard headed at the beginning of the season and humbled at the end.
    wenger couldnt care less as he is recieving his blank cheque of 8m pounds a year

  12. BUR says:

    Good let him go. I can take over! Can’t do any worse. I’ll do it foright 2000000 an I bet I wouldn’t get beat 5/1, or beat by Watford or have half of those bad results that wenger has had.

  13. ken2 says:

    this decline is different from those not in the champions league, certainly those finding it hard to get in to the top 4. it actually determines the type of team you are but I guess that doesn’t include arsenal, neville said it best in terms of alternatives, because arseanl dropping out of the top 4 would provide everyone especially the media with a legitimate reason to put the manager to the sword. if this man goes tell me one prolific manager that would do the job with out a class A team or substantial funds every season. who here thinks United will get in the top 4 this season with absolutely no proof in the pudding and a great run of form that keeps them in 6th. Chelsea are the only team that stick out this season and guess who their biggest loss came at the hands of? when United got brutalised by Chelsea it was very short lived, almost like it never happened. the media use the arsenal fans for leverage; there is no compassion what’s so ever so don’t think for one second they are in it for us. players should shoulder alot of the blame and the only way they can rectify it is by playing like their being paid for it. personallyI think giroud should of started in our last three games because that man is worth many a 1-0 wins and has been our most Influential player Wether you like him or not, welbeck also needs to start because he offer some something different and wenger admittedy is responsible for not opening his eyes a little more than expected

  14. leo says:

    50,000 tickets unsold for the Bayern home game the message to the board everyone’s had enough

  15. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Lol and lol again and again ?
    We have been suffering defeats like that for over a decade now,
    As if Wenger is going to let this one bother him.???
    And now he’s getting bitchy with his comment about he will definitely be managing next season, whether it’s here or elsewhere. As if anyone really gives a hoot if he goes to another club.?

  16. ButtFlaps says:

    Wengers leave then Arsenal next year to middle table. Arsene go to PGS I think, then champoins to Paris. SO SAD

    1. Like PSG will choose the old Dinosaur over the Maestro EMERY…….I can see him reuniting with RVP at Fenerbace at best

  17. Jansen says:

    It would be interesting to see if he could succeed at another club.

  18. Break-on-through says:

    I like the idea of that Seville coach taking over, he would help us keep Alexis. I’m also thinking about young S American players maybe choosing us in future, he’ll know a bit about that market. Someone earlier mentioned to bring along Seville director of football with him, I’d be ok with this. I’d like to see this dude or else Allegri taking over. We will need to get someone in to do the work that Gazidas’s position was supposed to be doing. It’s a must, or if Arsene would like to become our director of football that would be cool, he can also oversee the academy. Does anyone know if the Seville coach speaks English, I think that’s important.

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