Wenger delighted how Arsenal passed TRIPLE test

Okay so what are the anti Arsenal brigade in the football media going to accuse the Gunners of now? For years it was the lack of a trophy, as they blithely and ignorantly ignored the fact that Arsene Wenger had no money but was still managing to beat big spending clubs around us to the Champions League places.

And for years it was the accusation that we had a soft centre because we did not play like Stoke. Arsenal have in recent years gained a reputation for not turning up in big games and then as soon as we put that right it was the opposite, that Arsenal failed when we were expected to roll teams over.

So it is no wonder that the boss was delighted after Arsenal passed a triple test of our trophy credentials last week. First we performed under the pressure of a nightmare November to grind out a win over Sunderland and then we put our previous record away to Olympiacos firmly to one side when our backs were to the Champions League wall and we followed that by showing great professionalism to get the job done away to Aston Villa.

Wenger said to Arsenal Player, “I’m very proud and happy of the spirit we show. That’s what people want to see. There’s a strength and togetherness coming out of the team that people feel and that’s the biggest satisfaction. It’s the best basis to make results.

“It was a convincing performance overall. In the first half we dominated the situation very well and got two goals. In the second half it was a bit more difficult physically because we gave a lot on Wednesday night and you could see that the legs were a bit tired.

“But overall we have shown maturity, didn’t give a goal away and came home with what I believe was a convincing win. It’s a great week – Sunderland, Olympiacos and today. We’ve scored eight goals and I think it was a fantastic week. I would like to give credit to the team for their mental approach to the games. It’s absolutely fantastic.”

I get the feeling that Wenger and the players will believe they can achieve anything after last week. Are they right?

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  1. Hahahaha I didn’t get to see Moanino’s face Looked like Last night after the Leicester game……. But from what i heard….. They said His face could kiLL……

    And i’m quite sure the camera didn’t want 2 show us what Abramovich’s Looked like as well(so sure he wasn’t sitted next 2 his wife clapping an smiling)….

    Hahaha….Bada** cameraman!

    1. Well, judging by the picture I saw, it was like that of a man who had farted in front of the Queen.

  2. Hmmmmmm Mourinho,honestly i was touched while reading his post match conference..i pity and feel for the poor chap, he said he feels betrayed.

    1. hahaha…….. Saying he was Betrayed Just Like that is not Justifiable………. Betrayed By who??? And for what reason??

      Looks Like he’s forgetting what he did to Eva caneiro L()L

  3. I’m somehow pisssed at the folks who kept saying Courtois was better than Cech while they both were at Chelsea. My goodness!!! It was Maureen’s personal preference to go with Courtois ahead of Cech in goal, it had nothing to do with who’s better, and Courtois was considered Cech’s successor and needed more games to be as established as Cech, it’s not that Cech was underperforming.

    One more thing, there’s a huge difference between age and form. A player should not be dropped or sold just becuz of his age, rather becuz of his ability/level of performance.

    1. With regard to chelsea it seems that nearly all of the players are suffering from a loss of form. It has to be a problem at the club and it seemed to start with the controversy over Eva Carneiro. Or perhaps Mourinho only knows how to build a team with plenty of money to spend and motivate the team short term. Long term motivation is perhaps a problem for him so he never stays anywhere for long.

  4. As far as I’m concerned Wenger is yet to prove anything. Our activity in the January transfer window will determine how our season pans out.Make the right decisions and we are in with a chance of winning the league, make the same stupid mistakes and we’ll be out of all competitions by March and scrapping for fourth.

    1. True man we are alwys quick to 4get n learn frm our past mistakes over a decade…soon u will hear ppl saying no need to buy but we know hw the season wil end…just living in denial!

  5. OT: mourinhio takes all the credit himself when the team is winning and gives all the blame to players when the team is losing. Now I respect Wenger even more.

    1. @optimisticgooner
      In all fairness to Jose, he’s always praising his players when they do their jobs right. I agree with him as far as feeling betrayed by his players. Last night they looked like they did not want to be on the pitch, much less wanted to win, save for Willian, who put in a very decent attempt…
      Remember, these are the same players, who at this point last season were running away with the League.
      I’m pizz’d off at losin the top spot.

      1. Yes but countless times Wenger too has been let down by his own players but he never criticised his players so directly in front of press. See the difference in approach

        1. @optimisticgooner
          We’re talking about 2 different people. When Chelsea were winning and he criticized his players, everyone thought he was giving out “tough love”. Now that he’s doing the same when it is definitely warranted, he’s considered an a-wipe…
          Go figure…

  6. A record that had not be made by any good coarch in the world is about to be make by The Chosen One, the Special One and the Losing One call ”Mourihno”, the first coarch in the world that took a defending champion to relegation

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