Wenger denies Ibrahimovic to Arsenal transfer rumours…or does he?

We will not know until the end of the current Premier League season what sort of plans Arsene Wenger has for the Arsenal squad in the transfer market, or even whether it will be the Frenchman in charge of things for the Gunners for that matter. A lot could depend on just how well the current Arsenal players can perform between now and mid May.

That has not stopped the football media keeping the rumour mill going though, and the subject of quite a few Arsenal transfer rumours recently has been the possible move to the English Premier League of the great Zlatan Ibrahimovic whose contract with PSG is about to end. I have read some reports suggesting that Arsenal are the Swedish striker’s favourite option and with the Gunners having had scoring problems all season then it would appear to be a match made in heaven.

But Wenger was asked this week about the rumours and Sky Sports have reported that the boss was quick to deny that he was trying to sign Ibrahimovic. So on the surface it looks like Arsenal can forget about this particular signing, except that Wenger’s words were not quite as definitive as the report suggests.

He said, “At the moment no we are not on that case. Where we are at the moment is short term. We are not on Zlatan’s case.

“At the moment my priority is not to go in the transfer market about possible signings. We are not at the moment thinking of signing anybody.”

Does this just mean that Wenger and the club are busy with the current season right now and will get the business of transfers when the dust has settled? And will Zlatan then be one of the players Wenger looks at? I certainly hope so. Let’s see if he is still the subject of Arsenal transfer rumours at the end of the season….

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  1. Being or not on Zlatan’s case will not matter. Next year, around the same time we will be in the same position and same people here will do this : if we buy Zlatan they will bash Wenger for buying and old striker. Probably injured at that time. If we don’t buy Zlatan they will bash Wenger for not doing it while he is doing Chelsea. And in the end of the day what is a certainty is the fact that Kroenke will still be in charge and Wenger will see out his contract with a good chance of being extended. I don’t see anyone at the club having the guts to cut the ties with Wenger. But hey, we have seen strangest things during these 20 years. Move on, win the last 8 games and put on some show. That’ll brighten my days.

      1. You can paint the Emirates in Wenger out and nothing will happen. The geriatric board is so close to Alzheimer they probably think Guardiola is in charge right now. Kroenke doesn’t bother to come for anything else but consultancy fees and Wenger is just delivering what he’s asked to. Our players need a good whip but in order to use one you need a fairly strong hand. If you think Wenger will rotate from now on in order to keep fresh legs for needed moments then think again. So it started last season at City but since then no rotation whatsoever. That’s my beef with Wenger, he used to give young players a fair chance. Today he’s uber safe and uber predictible as a consequence. Anyway. Let’s win some more games. Can’t delay St. Totteringham day for one year. I already bought the fireworks.

        1. As a business man (Kroenke) you need to keep your customers (AFC fans) happy to cash more and more from them … If they see more and more banners towards them demanding change, I believe they will give it a second thought …
          We should do something, we cannot give up and just see things rolling the old way …

          1. Us fans are a captive audience. Kroenke will only respond to financial pressure, he is not interested in winning but making money. Its only if Kroenke believes he will lose money that he will act. Problem with banners is affect on team moral, we want arsenal to win remaining matches, we need a CL place to attract new players.

            It is good that we have an owner who is not borrowing money to buy players and putting the club in debt, long term that could be disasterous. It is bad that there does not appear to be the ambition to win PL and CL. It seems that top four in PL and get out of group stage in CL is good enough.

            Manc and chelsea are different, they have owners who want to win and will spend their own money to do it. Manc is a promotional/advertising mechanism for abu dhabi.

          2. As a business man you will sell your shares quicker if you as losing money and no fan was funding Arsenal… if you was using Arsenal as a cash cow.

            As long as Silent Stan can pull out cash then he will not care about how well we are doing.
            Silent Stan has openly said he does not care about trophies… You can look at his teams in USA and see that they are nothing more than cash cows.

            You think Silent Stan will give a second thought to anything other than “ooh would he save me more money than Wenger?”?

            If you wanna do something then make banners slandering Silent Stan and how you will withhold all your money until an owner who cares about football takes over the club.

            I do agree that the fans can do something, the fans could all together stop funding Silent Stans piggy bank.

            How long do you think Silent Stan will keep his shares if he sees us fans sticking together and refusing to fund his projects?
            Keep in mind Usmanov has recently bought more shares because he wants Arsenal and that guy offered Arsenal FC a interest free loan to cover all our debts when we moved into our new home and allow Wenger to invest what the club earned back into the club.

            Stick together and git rid of Stan, then we may see the Wenger that gets the players he wants, like when we had Dein on the board.

  2. Wenger will not get Ibrahamovic. Not in a million years. Get someone younger that can be first choice for years.

  3. pointless debate……….why do we even think Zlatan’s coming?

    There are even more chances of signing umar sadiq instead

  4. No, I don`t think Ibrahamovic will come to Arsenal, but I do think some midfielders could leave.
    There`s new blood up front and if Sanchez and Ozil choose to stay Wenger will use it. The defence needs an overall and Mert. must make way. Other than that Wenger will stay with what he has so don`t get too excited.

  5. “[Alex] Iwobi is just coming into the team. Mohamed Elneny [as well], we brought him in January and he has settled very quickly.
    They have given us a very good balance in the way we want to play football.

    Gr8!….but watch him try and destroy it all when Ramsey returns (Ramsey on the right or middle)

    “It is an ankle problem [for Mesut Ozil], but it looks more of a kick than an ankle problem.

    Boy there’s reason to be scared….if OziL will be out for a while, wenger should come forward and say so….

    1. So what? Rotation is what is needed when players are healthy. We can’t wait until injuries strike. And Ramsey is not that bad as you make it, he’s one of the best CMs in Europe with the work rate of a horse. Comparing Ozil’s vision with Ramsey’s is a joke but truth is that comparing Ramsey’s work rate with Ozil’s work rate is the same joke. If Ozil is out Iwobi has the stage. And I think he will make good use of it.

      1. Actually, özil is on top of distance covered in arsenal, but that’s primarily attacking distances

      2. Sorry Budd but Ozil work rate is almost as good as Ramsey.
        Ramsey just does more sprints, that is the main difference.

        Ozil covers on average 10.24km per 90 mins
        Ramsey covers on average 11.23km per 90 mins.

        1km in it over a 90 min period.

        Ramsey needs to learn his basics again otherwise he will be a CM version of NB52. The guy has become lazy when it comes to defending! I have seen Ramsey bust a gut to get forward but then strole back to defend like he was on holiday.

        Couple years ago we had all seen Ramsey get forward AND back and he was scoring because he kept up his def work and we was winning the ball back sooner than what we can now with him in the same role.

    2. Nobody’s comparing anything……… Just saying Ramsey of 2016 dosen’t deserve an automatic starting berth and he certainly must not be the reason for an upset in the said balance(when he returns from injury)

      and on Ozil…..we deserve to know the truth (whatever is the result of the scan) ….no more assumptions and Lies

      1. More assumptions and lies??? You really are grinding those axes!
        Where is he going to get an indepth scan just five minutes after the game? He was asked for his opinion and he gave it.
        You are spreading 100s of assumptions and lies every day on here.

    3. “and on Ozil…..we deserve to know the
      truth (whatever is the result of the
      scan) ….no more assumptions and Lies”

      what exactly do u make out of this context?…..

      Haven’t the fans been Lied to countless number of times before?…. Welbeck … Cazorla … etc

  6. The Boss is correct to have said, he’s not on Ibra’s case. Not at this time when Arsenal are seriously nursing the a late hope of clinching a 1st Premier League title in 12 years.

    Transfers should not be on the priority table at Arsenal for now until after the season is ended. The next focus at Arsenal is to make Watford pay the big debt they owe Arsenal. And see if the Leicester will stuttered at home to give Arsenal late title bid a breathing space to breath a little better.

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