Wenger denies new Arsenal contract on table…..

Wenger has denied he has accepted a new contract at Arsenal!

Another season approaches it end, another season of where the Gunners could have done so much better. Come the end of the season usually sees a contract extension handed to Arsene Wenger, however this season could be different.

This was Arsene Wenger’s 20th year in charge of Arsenal Football Club and whilst he has had many great successes in that time, the last ten years have been full of disappointment. Wenger overlooked the building of the Emirates and I think most Arsenal fans have come to realise that perhaps the years after the move were harder than we think for Wenger, and that he actually did a good job maintaining a poor squad that consistently came in the top four. But now with the stadium move firmly behind us and budgets back in our favour, fans are adamant times cannot get any better under Arsene Wenger’s guidance.

There seems to be a split between Arsenal fans with half calling an end to his management of the club, whilst the other half are committed to showing their support for him whilst he remains in charge. The news over the past few days that Wenger was set to sign a contract extension therefore would’ve concerned many. However Wenger has today denied those reports, having been recorded in the Daily Telegraph stating:

“That is completely wrong. I don’t know where it comes from. You can treat that as an invention.

“It is absolutely false. They could have checked with the club and it would have been denied.

“I think about the next game. I have full commitment for as long as I am under contract.!

Wenger also has not made his mind up on his future just yet, with the Gunners boss also saying simply: “No.”

“The focus is to respect my contract. I have extended my contract at a period where it was vital for the club.

“I will see where I am personally and where the club stands.”

It seems as if Wenger is awaiting on the decision of the club and perhaps a lack of an extended contract being offered as of yet, may be an indication that club officials are beginning to think about calling time on Wenger’s longstanding management of the club. I have always believed that Wenger will not part from being Arsenal manager until he feels he is ready to go. This is not the right approach a club should take but I feel the board has become too comfortable and respects what he has done for the club. I feel Wenger will go when he resigns, rather than when he is sacked, and then I hope that even when that happens, that he takes up a higher position within the club, as he really does deserve respect and appreciation for what he has done, even if the most recent times haven’t been so fruitful.

What do you think Wenger will do at the end of the season? Do you think he is considering his time at Arsenal? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Wenger has known for at least
    nine years that top 4 is the
    pass mark and that as long
    as he achieves top 4 the job
    is his for as long as he wants.

  2. Now even make may not be able to save Wenger’s job next season….

    Anyhow it is, I wish him good luck,he may do all he can to secure the EPL next season…

    1. If that’s the case, I don’t see Wenger getting a top CF or top winger
      Unless he somehow gets Ibrahimovic for one season

      Theo staying is very bad news

  3. “I will see where I am personally and where the club stands.”
    Just in case Mr Wenger you didn’t see what happened this season, Liecester won the league and your club is luckily third, that is because you personally outdated as your tactics …
    Didn’t you refuse to sign any outfield players because there were no players available better than our players?
    Then what about all average players we are stuck with? what about your Mert, Walcott, and Giroud? what about your injury prone English souvenirs?

    Please leave us alone …

  4. Apparently, wenger responded angrily to his contract extention rumours.. I wonder why? ? disappointed, maybe?

    Other rumours suggested that Kroenke wants Wenger to extend for another two years and has been given a time scale until October to sign it.

    Either way, the most important thing right now is that Wenger pulls his finger out and makes the appropriate adjustments to the squad, by buying what we really need (striker etc ) and also getting rid of the so called deadwood.

  5. We all know that Arsenal does well every half of the season,so wenger has already mapped out an excuse or proposed decision to sign another two years contract….am not sure he might wait till end of the season to sign the contract.

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