Wenger deserves HUGE credit for Arsenal’s TOP form

With Arsenal now sitting in second place in the Premier League table and heading for a second successive Wembley FA cup final and on an amazing run of form, with 21 wins and one draw from our last 25 games, the calls from some Arsenal fans and members of the football media have pretty much gone away.

But you just know that it will not take much to bring the AOBs out in force again, so our new keeper David Ospina and his warm words of praise for his new manager will be very welcome for the Frenchman. The Colombia international star is one of the big success stories of the season for the Gunners, but there are plenty more, like Alexis Sancez, Hector Bellerin, Francis Coquelin, Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil.

Ospina explained to Arsenal Player that he thinks all of the players’ performances, as well as the strong team spirit, the fluency and style can all be credited to our long serving boss. He also feels grateful to the Prof for the chance to shine at Arsenal and is clearly relishing the chance to be part of something special with the Gunners for some years.

Ospina said, “I think that we have created our own way of playing.

“We have excellent players at our disposal but now we have to keep on track. We have a brilliant manager in charge who has been able to put us on course for where we want to go.

“The defence I play with is full of experienced players who have played many games in strong national teams. It has helped for sure. We take pride in doing things well and I’m sure we can achieve a lot.

“I adapted to the English style and the style required by the team quickly. I tried to put it into practice in the role I play in the team, in the best way possible.

“I have to thank all the fans for the experience they’ve given me. It’s been important to me and this team, and has been a great source of pride for me. As I’ve always said, I will always try my best and dedicate myself to the team, and I hope I will be able to give my all until the end for Arsenal.”

Everything really does seem to be going our way right now but do you think we can keep this up into next season and put Arsenal right at the top of English football once more? And if so, would you want Wenger to stay even longer than another two years?

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  1. We need to stop hazard cos most of their players will pack d bus and expect him to perform magic. I hope our starting line-up will be great and we finish off chances

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….. I’d Love to see what this Hafiz really Look Like

      1. Name sounds like he’s from Bangladesh – Which I thought is a cricket playing nation.
        No wonder confused all the time.

    2. hey Hafiz. I have now learnt that you were a AKB few years back, but suddenly became part of (or a leader to be precise) AOB. Guess you are trying to use sarcasm all this times and trying to prove everyone that you are Anti-Wenger. But you are anything but. And now since Arsenal is doing well, I think its best you drop the sarcasm and be true to yourself and be part of the good days we are enjoying currently. Many have realised that Arsene does know lots (if not everything) and is doing well for Arsenal. 🙂 dont want family to miss out.

  2. I think WENGER DESERVES THE CREDIT presently, and that’s cuz he’s started to Listen to reason and alter his patterns…does anyone know how long we cried for a DM and a CB? …. Well, coq and pauLista emerged…. We complained bout carzola and/or OziL playing on the wings and then came the diamond formation (4-1-4-1)…which Looks to place him somwhere btw the wings and the midfield…. Good idea… We complained bout arsenal’s time of substitution, we now see subs taking place even at 60mins… Won’t forget how Long we Lamented our injuries…then came shad forsthe …. So u see, Wenger deserves the credit, but the fans are no fools too, we may be keyboard managers, but we see the game too…but not all our ideas and suggestions are to go un-noticed.

    1. It’s funny how u are giving him credit and at the same time implying that it was the fans who actually forced him to make his decisions. Am kind of confused as to which one u really want to do. Just so u know, all managers take time to field a good squad just to find the right balance. If u had mentioned the fact that he is too loyal just to see that we needed a DM and that would require benching Arteta.
      In addition, before we had such a good team with a deep bench, how many times have u seen he made subs and they didn’t have any impact on the game or the result? We now have quality players on the bench that can impact the game at any point. The 1st 11 is out there and I agree that changes are to be made if things aren’t going according to plan but there’s a reason why it is called the “1st” 11.

    2. FICKLE. If I remember correctly you were one of them who desperately wanted Wenger fired mid season.

      1. HeLo big gun…. Call me fickle or whatever…. And yea I wanted him gone (but I never hated him outta hatred,only cuz he had something wrong with his attitude,appproach at the time), but does anyone want something to happen without a reason?… 9yrs is probably Long enough to run outta patience… Even you, were frustrated sometimes

        1. It is a good to see you are giving credit to Wenger and I hope you continue to look at the bigger picture and support him even when times get tough. Yes it has been frustrating being an Arsenal fan over the last decade, but you need to realize that Wenger actually overachieved the last couple of years before we won the F.A recently. By that I mean we had just built an extremely expensive stadium and on top of him having to be forced to work on a shoe string budget, we had all our best players leave every season, something which I doubt Wenger wanted and planned for which meant every new season he had to rebuilt the squad after losing 2-3 key players – yet he still managed a top four finish. By looking at that, I’m not sure how people can say we underachieved.

          But I don’t agree that the fans constantly criticizing had anything to do with Wenger’s decisions of late. That would be like saying the only reason Wenger is making the right changes is because there are a whole bunch of fans still loyal to him and support him – just isn’t true. Wenger does what he does and makes decisions based on his extensive experience and also because he has the greatest insight to each player, not only what happens on the pitch, but what happens in training and behind the scenes, something which us ‘keyboard managers’ cannot see.

          Anyway right now it is good to see us all in unity supporting our club and backing our manager.

        2. give stuff time. 6 months ago ozil was deemed shit, and we had actual conversations about selling him. people are idiots

      2. BG: Fickleness is in the DNA of all fans. However I am happy to see someone changing their mind, even if it is only temporary; the ability to change your mind is a virtue. For me, we should lay off guys on here who come on here and declare their shifts in thought. Even though I applaud our friend SoOpa AeOn I think he is misguided to think the fans are responsible for changing Wenger’s approach.

        1. People often change their opinion depending on ‘whichever way the wind blows’ – meaning they state something to fit in with whatever is happening so they don’t look stupid. Right now, we are in great form and almost unbeatable, so to not support Wenger would make you look stupid. The true test will be when Arsenal go through another slump or bad spell, then we will see true colors of the fans. Arsenal have finished in the top 4 for over 15+ years, we won the F.A cup last year so when we were going through a rough patch earlier this season, many of us knew it was only temporary and supported the manager regardless. Just saying it is easy to support when things are going well, but it takes balls to support the manager and team when things don’t go so well. I’d say if Wenger did not make top 4 then it is time for panic stations, but until that happens myself and many of us will continue support our manager through thick and thin.

          1. Agree totally BG – we all know who blows hot and cold on here I just prefer not to pick them out when they come back with their tails between their legs – fair play to them I say. There are a few nutters on here though who really have no way back – lots of them are slinking around in the shadows waiting for a loss or bad performance. Whenever we lose I often skip this site for a few days to let things simmer down – not much grounded common sense spoken by quite a few on here come match days irrespective of whether we win or lose.

    3. I think you are confusing correlation, with causation. Simply because we cried out for a DM and a CB, doesn’t entail that Wenger acted upon that. Especially in the case of Le Coq, he was just the greatest accident of the season, we were ravaged with injuries in the center of the park, there was a undeniable NEED to bring him in that both fans and Wenger recognized. Wenger acted not on our pressure, but instead on the undeniable need for reinforcements. The same can be said of Paulista.
      Again with the formation, both the fans, and the managers recognized an undeniable need to tweak it to get the best out of our players.
      Wenger as well as the fans recognize an undeniable need to sort out injuries, and Wenger brought in Shad, not the fans. I didn’t hear any fans screaming to brings Shad’s name forward to head up our medical team, but I did hear fans lament our injury problems.

      These are problems both the fans and Wenger recognized because anyone who follows football knows our clubs problems. Wenger responded to those needs, not our requests.
      The credit for these things should go to the manager, the backroom staff, and the boys on the pitch for implementing the results on the pitch
      The fans who love this club, cheer the boys on win or lose, they without a doubt deserve a lot of credit, because they are the heart that beats the blood of this club.

  3. why not
    we 2nd on the log and in FA Cup Final….considering we didn’t spend like Man U, and don’t pay salaries like Man shity and Chelshit…

  4. It is all about beating Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday evening that has set every Gooner including myself and every football pundits alarm. Isn’t it? Well I have good news for all Arsenal home, away, global and pundit fans. Even Arsenal pessimists should take note of this good news that has been heard throughout the football world, as the town cryer has publicly announced that, Arsenal will beat Chelsea to submission and consequently send them to coma.

  5. I totally agree with the idea that pressure from the fans has paid off, and some people are not willing to give the fans credit. Were it not for Wenger’s stubbornness, miscalculation and calamitous behaviour, Arsenal would by now be cruising to winning their first EPL title in ten years, considering our position right now. Imagine the winnable games we lost early in the season with a squad ravaged by injuries when Wenger refused to strengthen — in the defence, the DM position and our striking position. He sold Vermaelen and refused to bring in replacement and also refused to bring in a top striker to partner OG. We lost Giroud, Debouchy, Koscielny, Ramsey, Walcott, Ozil, among others, to injuries earlier in the season. By the way remember Ozil and Sanchez we brought in as a result of intense pressure from the fans when Wenger could no longer take the criticism, insult and abuse! He’s not an ambitious manger, he’s satisfied with finishing in top four to be in CL and get some $ and not win the competition.

    1. So fan pressure has affected all of Wenger’s positive decisions, and all of his negative decisions were simply his own? Yup, that totally makes sense…

      1. I was referring to nernlorg comment. Well what if our form didn’t pick up the way it has recently, with Wenger still responding to pressure like you say? You’d want his head on a stick, but because we are doing well that is due to the credit of fan pressure. People moaned on and on about Wenger never listening to the fans, and they’re right, he doesn’t, never has, never will. That is incredibly frustrating at times, but you gotta the give the man his dues for our run of form.

  6. well it is my opinion that wenger should finally go at the end of this season . he has nothing further to add to our team and our club . an amazing manager but everybody has their day and wengers day is well and truly gone i feel . i am certainally not a wenger hater , in fact , i do not hate anybody or anything , but the team are now rumming by themselves , his outdated tactics , or , should i say tactic , has been found out many years ago . build a statue of him and pension him off handsomely , for the future of our club i say .

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