Wenger DOES NOT like signing English players for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has revealed the reasons why he prefers to develop young English players at the Arsenal Academy rather than buy them from “smaller” teams in England. He thinks that they take much longer to come to terms with a move to a club where they are surrounded by other talented players and feel under pressure more…

Wenger said on Arsenal.com: “English players could have more of a problem when they come from a smaller club to this club because of how big the pressure is. They’ve fulfilled a dream because most of the time players want to come to a big club in England, and they could be under much more pressure than they’re used to.

“It could take them some time to express themselves with freedom so they can display their talent. They go from being regular players at another club to having their position threatened and that they have to face competition from inside that they were not used to. That, of course, can be destabilising as well.”

This summer Arsenal bought Calum Chambers from Southampton and Danny Welbeck from Man United. I guess they don’t count as being from “smaller clubs” as both those teams are above us in the League table….for now….

But Wenger also gave us an insight into the qualities he looks for when buying foreign players, as the have to learn to adapt even more. He also said: “First of all you have to look at the level of education of the player because they have to learn the language.”

“You have to look at their family’s history and whether they’ve ever moved somewhere else, the culture and where the player’s grown up.

“You hear that he doesn’t like to leave home, things like that. I believe it’s very important because not everybody is exportable without being negative.

“It’s not necessarily a quality to go to a different country because the target in life is to be happy and some people are happier when they are in their own environment.

“Some people have that desire to discover other cultures, other places and people, and they will be more happy, so you have to analyse that.”

So when JustArsenal readers say things like “Player X is brilliant so go get him Wenger”, we should all realise that it is not just a question of paying the money and he plays straight away. There are many more factors involved than we could possibly imagine….

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  1. Arsenal Fan says:

    Signing players is an art form. Although some might disagree…Wenger has made it an art form.
    Once managers use to look at the 28yr old bracket, but Wenger started looking at the 20yr old Bracket. Now you see the norm of 20yr olds being valued at stupid amounts.

    On a broader scale, look at the high profile mistakes SAF made…Veron, Forlan…

    Its all calculated risk, But Im glad we scout 1000 players each year, I would like to see our success rate improve though. Why did we not get Ronaldo who we ‘knew about’, why did we not just buy Messi’s family the house they wanted…

  2. fred cowardly says:

    Chambers and Welbeck need 2-3 years of improvement to reach their full potential.

    I’m surprised Wenger spent £16 million on an English defender. But then again I’m surprised he spent over £30 million on a forward and over £40 million on an attacking midfielder.

    Long may it continue

  3. Jogon says:

    i think Wenger fears saying, the British lack talent

    1. KickAssFan says:

      I don’t think they lack talent, I’d say they worship mediocrity.

  4. Mesut O-healed says:

    I’m not gonna act like I know the entire process of scouting/signing players, but don’t all players at some point come from a smaller club?

    1. andyarsenal05 says:

      Like Messi?

  5. Invincibles49 says:

    Why do i get the feeling that Welbeck is already playing at his full potential? I dont see him developing into anything more.

    1. muda says:

      Me too, I don’t think DAT GUY with improve massively!

  6. ruelando says:

    I can not believe in that ideology coming from wenger, my question is how much of that talent comes through arsenal to make it to the first team, we can not even count on one hand. i am not a fan of the england team but i believe over the past years of watching they now have the best batch of players to do something in a championship.

    My idea is if you consider them good enough they should be given their opportunity, if they are not, move them on just like how you move on those from the academy or some players that were bought but did not produce, there is a lot of british talent there which would become even greats with the help of our international players

  7. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi) says:

    new server yet?? i want to make my world class coment but in the new server 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. Malawi-Gunner says:

    This Manager Prof Arsene’ is very very very very very very very very intelligent….. some of these other managers were just born lucky like the bus managers ……… Wenger is my man, financial management, human resource management, environmental management and psychological management combined to make huge business….

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