Wenger doesn’t believe the Arsenal fans are angry!!

Wenger hits back on the Arsenal fans again, and of course it’s always the same.‏ by KM

Wow that fraud of a manager called Arsene Wenger hit back at Thierry Henry who said that the Arsenal fans are angrier than ever and at least from my opinion that is very true. “They were less patient than I have ever known, booed one of the managers substitution and groaned every time a pass went astray or a tackle was lost.” said our legendary striker – and that is the sole truth.

But Wenger having the most durable earplugs probably didn’t hear it that way saying: “He has not found the measurement of the fans angriness, of 60,000 people straight away, because he sits in the best seats of the stadium”.

But by far the best quote was this one “We prepare for every single game with the same intensity, the same focus and there is not a lot of special things to do. Maybe the impact and consequences on the table [are more significant] but the preparation is the same”.

Maybe there is something special to do Arsene? Maybe Barcelona do it? Maybe teams adjust to opponents in order to beat them. Maybe it’s because it’s always the same is why we always lose to Chelsea, Man Utd and Swansea? Because we are predictable. Most of the fans can name the starting line up without a second thought.

Maybe other managers have learned your number because it’s always the same. Arsenal football club needs an earthquake under it’s feet to break the old and start something new. The empty seats and the boos against Swansea will feel like nothing after Wenger loses against the spuds.

The reason this football club hasn’t moved forward in 10 years is the fact people still believe in him. Maybe they live in the past, or maybe 4th place is their dream, or maybe they like throwing away money to watch this circus called Arsenal with it’s main clown in charge?

He still has an enormous support among the fans, despite the fact he is just not good enough, no, he is not good at all, but with that amount of support he’s never leaving. The problem is if we somehow by a miracle greater than those of Jesus himself occurs and we win against Tottenham everything will be forgotten.

Those 12 years of hurt will be forgotten like ancient history and it will be eclipsing the problem with a piece of A4 paper over our eyes. The Wenger believers will be back from the shadows in a swipe if we win our next game and a new contract with them on the way.

Maybe my definition of patience is different, but for the first five years I actually believed Wenger too that bad luck and lack of money were the problem, but bad tactics, lack of transfers when funds are available, and the teams lack of desire on the pitch is enough. Every year it is the same.

I understand why Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasry and Adebayor even all left. I mean I’d feel pain if I was Ozil and had to play with Walcott, Giroud and Ramsey on the pitch. And the only person trying in Campbell gets replaced.

My biggest fear after the one that Wenger will be here for another 10 years is the fact, he’ll be replaced by another yes man! Arsenal needs a manager like Mourinho and Simeone. Someone that will put the heat under those players and make them play with desire. Set a spark in their eyes! Give the hairdrier sometimes if it’s needed.

But don’t worry, with Arsenal and Wenger it is always the same. He has become Arsenal football club. Everything is him. The board is in his pocket, all the players are brought by him and react to his mood. You can replace Arsene and Arsenal in every sentence and it’ll be valid.

A new era at Arsenal can only start with the fans, because no other force of nature will move that deluded statue from it’s place. The backlash after this weekend followed by an FA cup exit and a Barcelona spanking though might be just the thing we need!

A few defeats in a row might be hard to swallow but if in the end they bring a cure to this disease I’ll take the red pill.



  1. Monsieur Wenger Lives in an UnreaL worLd…………far diverse from the one supporting humanity!

    1. Some fans said ” oh becos Wenger helped built today’s Arsenal , the stadium etc etc so he’s Godlike and untouchable !”
      I say , even if he helped built a country but if he has turned into a dictator who only listens to himself and is bringing the country backwards , he has to step down ! Let alone the stadium was not built with his own money but the money earned from fans !

  2. i wonder what it would take for him to say “yes, now i see the fans are very angry” ?

    1. An almost empty stadium, maybe?

      Then again, apart from the fact that it is impossible for that to happen.. you never know if it would have any impact if it happens.

      1. i’m not sure an empty stadium would do it. wenger’s a psychological case: he’s a dictator, drunk on his own power. he has oppositional defiance disorder.
        one thing he is not is a good manager.

    2. If Spurs won the Premiership
      that would rile a lot of fans.
      But even so if Arsenal make
      the top 4 I am sure most fans
      would allow him one more season
      to complete his present contract.
      Besides tomorrows Arsenal victory at WHL
      will galvanize the fans behind the team
      as we surge to EPL glory again 🙂

      1. It’s already “tomorrow” here @David.

        I don’t get.. why is kiwi time always different?

    3. If this season turns out to be a massive failure overall, the fans will come around to Wenger’s excuse. The fans will be the first to rationalize our mistakes this season. Then they will say “Chelsea, United and City weren’t great either”, “This was only just one sx*t season, next will be better”, “judge Wenger next season”.

      I’ve seen it happen like this before time and again. And Wenger knows this too.

    4. A slap by a fan can do. What Henry said was an understatement. It is because he is in London. Assuming he lands in my country now he will send his resignation from here when Arsenal fans might have been through with him. He has past his time.

  3. Are WENGER OUT banners allowed inside the ground? Or are banners in general banned? My one is ready to fly next home game. I will more than likely get slung out. Dictator wenger won’t allow such criticism

    1. You have your right of course, but lets not forget that we want the best possible ending to this season. After today you might know which outcome to cheer for Wenger out or COYG lets pip spu to title. Both I suppose you could want, but atmosphere does play a part.

      1. The best possible ending for me would be for Arsenal to win the title and a change of manager end of the season. I will of course be shouting on my beloved Arsenal this afternoon. I support the team, not the manager.

        1. Well said. The team would think everyone hates them if they came on here. Come on you Gooners. MAKE US PROUD!!!

  4. “My biggest fear after the one that Wenger will be here for another 10 years is the fact, he’ll be replaced by another yes man!”.

    It is a possibility. It can very well become our reality.

  5. This is a massive game, but I still can’t stop thinking about those swansea points, they were huge. I hope we can put in a performance today, or just win whatever way necessary. Allot of these players are not just playing for one last slight title shot, but also their careers. There is no way that a muck up this season will be tolerated by seeing the same team staff line up for next season. I don’t think one or two signings will cut it either, they will be pacy agile type players without a backbone so whats the point adding anymore of these types.

    We need to keep winning but here is just as tricky as we need Leic to muck up in three games because of GD. Does anyone think we could start a winning run while we wait patiently for Leic to muck up in three games, after today we will be aiming for that or else out of race and looking over shoulder at manu.

  6. I feel your pain @Konstatin.

    Watch us beat the Sp*ds today.. and the sentiment and mood around the fan-base will do a 180 degree turn!

    And 100% confident we will beat them. However, let me say that our victory against the Sp*ds today wouldn’t mean that we’ve automatically won the title. We need to wait till Season ending in May.

    1. Won’t change my mind. Would be good to stop Spurs but we can’t easily forget the huge issue at Arsenal that has existed and continues to do so to this day.

      Cracks and papering over!

  7. Wenger has given these players total loyalty belief and every chance under the sun. I think in a season like this one, if we collapse like other times well then they will have nowhere to hide. Wenger if like everyone believes will stick around no matter what well even he will have to call it a day on certain players who have been around for a long time. He will have to say to himself it’s not the money, it’s not the injuries, it’s not the refs, he’ll probably say it’s not me, it’s not luck ..Son juste pas assez bon.

  8. Wenger was clearly vexed when asked about his fellow Frenchman’s comments and he hit back by saying no fans are happy see their team lose at home, with their furious reaction a normal act of frustration.
    “I would like not to comment on that and I say to people what I think face-to-face,” Wenger said when asked if Henry’s comments would make matters worse with restless fans.
    “I don’t want to comment on that, it doesn’t help us to win tomorrow (at Spurs). Thierry Henry will not play tomorrow for Arsenal. His comments are like any other comments, they cannot help us to win, nor be an excuse to lose. We have to focus on ourselves.
    “You cannot say they were never as angry as that. Who can measure that, who can compare that? Do you want your fans to be happy to lose a game? Where do you see that?
    “So, it doesn’t look to me (like) a major statement. Our fans are unhappy, I am unhappy, we’re all unhappy and if you were in our dressing room after the game you would see that we are absolutely devastated to lose the game.
    “The players, nobody moved for minutes and minutes. It’s normal. Why do you want people to be happy when you lose? It’s quite remarkable that you are shocked by statements like that.”
    That’s wat Wenger actually said.

    1. Above all Wenger is stupid, I’m very sure that very soon the University students will ne using him as a case study of a person “contented with failures” in their academic projects.

      1. Ahh okay so he has won more trophies than anyone else in the premiership. We have just won two fa cups in a row. So every other manager in the premiership is surely a bigger failure no?

  9. I know we’re all very angry with Wenger at the moment, but we all know with Kroenke & Son heading up the board, that Wenger is very unlikely to be got rid of, and if he was, we would be even more worried with the great footballing brains of Sir Chips Keswick and Josh Kroenke scouting a replacement.

  10. Reality check on wenger’s capacity in our usual adversity:

    Arsenal will beat Tottenham, Go away to Barca win 1:2 or 2:2 draw and win the next 9 premiership fixtures.

    Personally,i still want a major earthquake shake up…….BRITISH BOYS OUT!!!

  11. Now am convinced more than ever before that Wenger is deluded and is living in denial! The time to save our is now!

    1. Can you explain why you think that? A throwaway comment means nothing it’s a waste of bandwidth

      1. Are you saying Wenger is not living in denial when he said that the fans are not angry? AKBs *SMH*

  12. There are repots in a few news papers (so a pinch of salt is needed) that he isn’t going to start with Joel Campbell. Ifthat true, and his team selection plays badly, then he will know about it. I don think he could reasonably just leaving the motm and only goal scorer out.

  13. anything that will force AW out or atleast make our remaining deluded fans to realize that he is no longer an arsenal material,will be a welcam evn if it means giving 3pts to da spuds today.!

    1. Don’t you realise we are still in the title race. You WANT us to lose! To the SPUDS!
      Go wash your mouth out

      1. No matter how much I want change, no Arsenal fan can ever want Spurs to either, a beat us or b come above us in the EPL. Too many of you can’t remember that ever happening, the problem is if they do it once they go on about it for sooooo long…….. They’ll start thinking their blooming Real Madrid. It is our duty, as citizens of this World to ensure that the correct order is put in place and Spurs do not and I repeat do not.. finish above us and get a ECL spot.

  14. My personal british invasion.”First eleven player” it’s either OUT of the first eleven or OUT of the club.

    Theo Walcott, average player, inconsistent, injury prone and technically inept
    Duration: 10yrs
    Verdict: SELL

    Jack whilshere, average player, inconsistent, injury prone and technically inept
    Duration: 15yrs
    Fact: No10 shirt is the farce of the decade worse than mayweather vs pachiao fight.
    Verdict: SELL

    Kiren Gibbs: average player, inconsistent, injury prone and technically inept
    Fact: he’s not the future, never gonna improve
    Verdict: Squad player

    Ox chamberlain: average player, inconsistent, injury prone and technically inept
    Fact: he always flatter to deceive, the odds is still against him he might just good and not great.
    Verdict: LOAN

    Danny Welbeck: average player, inconsistent, injury prone and technically inept
    Duration:1 and half yrs
    Fact, he’s not the messiah and he’s never gonna rule rome.
    Verdict: Squad player.


  15. @G-RUDE..,better we lose coz u g.rude play evri game and u dont want to score and didnt u tell us that u are not worried abt ua 11games goal drght b4 da man u game.?

  16. dont hold ua xpectations too high @colin,we did not want to lose on wednesday but what did AW give in return.? Spuds beat swansea n swansea beat us..so what next.?

  17. we need to focus on the source of the problem at arsenal:
    1. he doesn’t know tactics
    2. he doesn’t give performing players a chance
    3. he doesn’t know how to read games
    4. he always believes in players he brought as teen-ager: Walcott, Ramsay, Wilshire
    5. he doesn’t invest in the team
    6. he doesn’t listen to advice
    Wenger out

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