Wenger – Draw was fair result for Arsenal…. Hmmm!

Even though Arsenal were one goal up playing against the ten men of Liverpool, we still managed to throw away the points in the final minutes of the game. And how fearless was Per Mertesacker when he jumped to try and stop Skrtel from scoring?

It was basically a dismal performance by the Gunners against a weak Liverpool side who managed a massive 27 attempts on our goal, while we scored with our first two attempts on target. We only had 35% of the possession and were extremely lucky that Liverpool had no strikers and Szczesney actually played well for a change.

Wenger admitted that a point was a fair return after the game. “Overall I think once they were down to 10 men we were not dangerous anymore.” he said on the official Arsenal website. “We conceded a corner that was a bit unlucky and where we were guilty was that we didn’t jump at all with Martin Skrtel. Of course from then on we conceded so it became 2-2. Overall it’s a fair result over the whole 90 minutes, but it’s a frustrating result for us, because they came back at a moment in the game where we had plenty of defenders on the pitch and could defend the set piece much better.”

“We had problems today getting our flow going and we didn’t have enough possession in the game. In the first half, it was down to tactical reasons and psychological reasons, whereas in the second half we blocked them much better. After we went 2-1 up, we just let them come at us and didn’t come out enough to score a third goal. As long as you don’t score a third goal, you are under threat to concede a second goal.”

Tactical reasons? Psychological reasons? Give us a break Arsene. Admit it we were rubbish!

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  1. Can’t see psychological scars as the reason for that performance. If that’s the case, then the team needs a therapist and have needed one for awhile. Out of all our shortcomings mentality seems to be an enormous issue. But why? It’s a game, u play to win

    1. Wenger is sitted on the bench noticing all that but come up with a solution to it, flamini keeps on making silly fouls but even when the referee is lenient wenger can’t take him off…we lead a red carded side with an injured defender but wenger can’t think of how to keep the lead instead he opts to replace AS17 who had a “leg” in both goals and bring in a non effective monreal who isn’t good going forward neither is he good defending…i strongly believe had it been AS17 at the rebound of the shot from Carzola that would have been the winning goal.
      we started with three red cards(flamini, welbeck and giroud except for the goal he scored to pay for the gift he gave them early on in fact his foul to skirtel caused those extra 9minutes where we conceded the equaliser) Chambers was being roasted due to not getting any help from welbeck(most wasted money in the market).
      if we can’t beat manure at their worst, looserpool when every one else is beating them not to mentioning failing to ever beat moreen what else has wenger got to offer us?????

      1. Wenger has no idea anymore. He sits looking shell shocked throughout and only leaves his seat to have a go at the offical’s. How much longer do we have to put up with these terrible performances and the managers pathetic reactions? I agree, Wenger must go and go quickly or we will find ourselves out of the top four like Liverpool and struggling to find a decent manager to replace Wenger.

      2. I agree with you 100% Welbeck is a total waste of money and time he was brought in without the manager even being present from a direct competitor who clearly felt he had no value whatsoever. He does not score and does not assist he is actually not fit to lace some of our previous strikers boots, its not his fault however we should never have brought him in. Its a sign of how badly our standards have slipped over the last ten years. Bergkamp, Henry, Van Persie, Welbeck??????? I don’t think so

  2. 5 things from the match.
    1.Welbeck and Alexis needs rest.
    2.Santi was our best player yesterday. Showed he is strong enough to win duels.
    3.Ox is not fully fit.
    4.It does not feels good when the opposition has majority of possession.
    5. We need a quick CB to partner Kos

    1. I think Welbeck is a bench player. Simples… We bought him to score goals and assist, but he hardly scores or assist, all he does is run around like Forrest Gump. No wonder he looks shattered each match after 20 minutes, he just runs aimlessly, no end product.

      The so called Donkey (Giroud) who is half fit has scored how many goals since he has been back? And we had people on here saying Welbeck is our best striker. Sorry but the guy has got to get his priorities right, is he a striker? Is he a James Milner? Is he just there to run about aimlessly? I would rather he ran about less if he can score and assists.


      1. I agree he is not the WC striker we need right now.
        But yesterday our midfield failed to pass the ball to his line of run.
        I believe he can develop as a better striker.

  3. draw a fair result?? we were lucky Suarez left. Or else it would have been worse than last season. Cant protect a lead against ten men?? i have seen empty beer cans putting up more resistance. Flamini was supposed to be a short term measure but instead has become a permanent in the team sheet. We are going to be destroyed in the UCL quarter finals whoever we play against

    1. Quarter finals?at this rate I don’t see us beating even Monaco in the last 16 our defence is shambolic to say the least!

  4. Same problems zonal marking they let Skrtel one of the best headers of a ball in the league have a run on them so his job was made easy

  5. Its seems like everyone needs more than a week rest…….. our last game was last weekend…..


  6. Wenger was happy to concede victory seven minutes into injury time.

    Wenger is happy with fourth.

    We need a manager with some ambition and not someone who is paid huge sums of money to achieve nothing.

    If Wenger cannot motivate himself and his team he should go in the summer.

    People are tired of these kind of performances week after week, which seems to be the norm now.

    I agree – Wenger needs to leave…

  7. It’s all gone cold…
    And no one wants to change
    It’s all so wrong…
    But no one wants the blame

    It’s all gone cold…
    There’s nothing left to gain
    It’s all so wrong…
    But who am I, who am I to say?

  8. Mr wenger it is not a must for your favorite unfit tired players to play the match
    Mr wenger there is something called a tactical change and that is when you replace players or change tactics early when things aint working right,welbeck chamberlain where poor for the duration the played alexis was also poor
    Pls switch debuchy and Chambers the both played well bt were not effective, deubuchy with his pace and energy would have ran the right channel better
    Lastly mr wenger have faith in your players and play them you signed them

  9. We still can savage next season if we sack Wenger and bring Klopp in….

    this will give Klopp some time to settle in and bring in new players

    we can win the title with new players new manager new motivation

    Wenger OUT NOW!!!!

      1. he won titles and hes just lost interest in managing Dortmund….Coming to Arsenal will give him a fresh challenge….would prefer Mourinho…but chelsea aint releasing him…..

        Get Klopp hes world class…

        1. “Just lost interest” ……………….. Funny use of the word “just”. You think that looks good on a CV; tends to lose interest when things not going to plan. 12 months ago the AOBs were banging on about Martinez. All gone a bit quiet now. 9 months ago Rodgers was the messiah. 6 months ago it was Klopp – a lot quieter now but still some noise. Koeman was the man 4 weeks ago – quietly slipped away. Come on bandwagoners – get another wagon rolling. Expecting Simeone pick up again in the polls in the coming weeks.

    1. Let’s get Klopp in as manager, Roberto Martinez as his number 2, Breden Rogers as head of scout and Wenger as the Director of football. What a line up that would be. It would be fun. lol 🙂

  10. 4-1-4-1 formation takes the pace & style of our game. Above all the players are not comfortable with it despite the coach thinking otherwise. I always say it-teams like Arsenal who are light at the middle (in terms of beef) can’t execute a 4-1-4-1 formation. We need to play a formation that complements our strength like Baca and others. 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, or 3-5-2 can be very suitable for us at times depending with who we playing. For the former we need bran & brains rather than pace & style.

    1. We Were playing 4-3-3 last night, what we did lack was pressure from middle, we could have changed to 4-4-2 at half time with Sanchez and Ox on flanks. Nevertheless it was dismal to see that none of our players wanted to go forward and were more then happy to just defend.

  11. So he went there not to lose? No wonder our players mentality is so small time that we will never win any big trophies due to them thinking a draw to any half decent team is like a win..

    We need to change our mentality.. We should have gone for them, they played with no striker and still had 27 shots on goal compared to us who had 7 shots and we had 2 strikers on the pitch..

    Imagine if they had Suarez or Sturridge again? It would have been another humiliation. There was a certain period in this game that Liverpool had 80% possession while our sissy players would just surrender the ball everytime they received it. Everyone panicking in possession, seriously, it was unbelievable..

    How are we going to handle the likes of Madrid, Bayern, Barcelona, Psg in the CL if we can’t keep the ball against a side so low on confidence?

    How are we going to get any points against Chelski, City, United etc? Seriously, there is something really wrong with our mentality..

    All our players looking absolutely clueless in possession and out of possession, Liverpool players running rings around us like we are a League 1 side..

    Disappointing as always..

  12. Per is BFG alright…Big Farkin Girl! Pathetic as the captain of the team…pathetic as a WC winning player…pathetic as a professional CB. Couldn’t believe my eyes but there it is immortalised forever in a photo.

    Someone needs to print an A0 size of that pict and stick in the locker room. Maybe then he’ll grow a pair – Keown, Bould, Adams must cringe when they see an Arsenal CB do that.

    I get it – we will play badly sometimes..but I don’t get it when you don’t play with your heart and guts!

  13. Normally I can find massive flaws in Wenger’s decisions and tactics, but in this case I must say the players were primarily to fault for the weak play.

    I quit counting the number of times Arsenal players passed the ball straight into the legs of opposing players. No, the ball will not pass through human flesh and bone – stupid physics.

    Certainly Wenger is still responsible in the sense that he failed to get proper defensive cover and the DM everyone on the planet knew Arsenal was lacking. But the players seemed to forget some of the football basics (and some elementary physics also).

    1. Yes Wenger is ultimately responsible and yes he has messed up on a number of things but I do find the general failure among supporters to make players more culpable and responsible for crap, inept performances quite worrying. I think if you are in the “Wenger out now camp” then it is quite easy to direct the flak in his direction. But it seems like every standard argument and rule of logic gets kicked in to touch; we play well it is down to the players and not AW, we play shite and it is down to AW and not the players. I’ve even seen the suggestion that the last 10 years are entirely Wenger’s fault and that in the first 8 years Wenger was “lucky” and anyone could have managed that crop of players.

  14. Per has been an awesome defender for Arsenal. Let us not forget he was 2nd in the voting for Arsenal player of the year last season.

    But Wenger must realize that he requires the right defensive partner to cover his weaknesses – especially now that he is aging and being played constantly.

    Kos and Mert work well together as they compliment each other. Mert uses positioning and size to defend while Kos uses his pace and athleticism. This pairing has been great.

    But Wenger got spoiled last season as Arsenal had few CB injuries and Wenger has gambled that such luck would happen again. He gambled unwisely.

  15. Well a draw was a fair result? If you were to take the game as a whole i’d say a draw probably wasn’t a fair result. If Liverpool had the likes of Suarez and Sturridge up front we’d have been comprehensively beaten again is my view. Liverpool took the game to us, we sat too deep and didn’t press the Liverpool players hard enough to win the ball back in the first half. And when we did get the ball we couldn’t string 3-4 passes together, or we were giving it straight back to Liverpool players. In fact that’s how they scored their first goal!

    To go and equalise straight away just showed how poor Liverpool are defensively. Skrtel out jumped by Debuchy! Shocking.

    Second half started better, but we still didn’t push up the pitch far enough and pressure a poor Liverpool defense. But against the run of play we showed some quality and got ahead. However with 15 mins to go Arsenal got deeper and deeper, to the point i thought our players would be taking up positions in the stands, and allowed Liverpool to come at us in waves. We’re lucky they can’t score because we’d have been murdered yesterday. Why can’t Arsenal/Arsene find a happy medium between defense and attack?! We either go all out and get caught short at the back or defend so deep that most of our clearances barely make the oppositions half. Once Liverpool went down to 10 men and Stirling filled in at left back we should have pushed up the pitch. One of their most dangerous players was effectively taken out the game by his own manager!

    For me this result was yet another case against Wenger. I really doubt his tactical abilities. Welbeck, for all his hard effort cannot hold the ball up, yet he took Giroud off who can hold the ball up. This would have taken pressure off the back four. Or at the very least allowed them to get up the pitch 10 yards and push Liverpool back.

    I really doubt Wenger/The board will spend much if at all in January. The prices will be too high. And if i’m perfectly honest I think top four is even too far away this season as their are several teams that have gone this far and are playing well who will be competing for that spot. But perhaps not being their might make Wenger concede that he is not up to the job anymore with Arsenal. He’s been fantastic for the club, but all good things must come to an end.

  16. We are at this Point about as far away from a side that can effectively compete for the title as we have ever been, The first half was a “no show” for the players and while the way the players actually perform on the day is not 100% Wengers fault, the fact that he has no players on the bench to replace non performing players is entirely his fault.
    We can wx lyrical all day long about who is right and who is wrong and as to why we are just not performing but it really only boils down to the fact that the Board has NO ambition, Wenger has lost his cutting edge and the players we now have seem to have no team ethos about them.
    When no one else was interested in Wellbeck, we bought him, our manager was away in Italy at that pivitol moment and wneger seemed as surprised as anyone else, what does that tell you about the decision making process at the club? I personally think that whatever side of the fence you sit on regardless of if your a Wenger in or Wenger out man the problems wont go away if wenger does and they wont go away if he stays, if he goes the board will replace like for like and if he stays? well we have seen what will happen. In what other business in the whole world does a 33% shareholder NOT have a place on the board??? The players were lacklustre and inefficient yesterday and the manager has no idea’s and due to his tight fisted or tight lipped transfer policy has no options. its only going to get worse from here on in.

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