Wenger – Everton made it a tough test, but a brilliant week for Arsenal!

Arsenal won their fourth game in a row this evening against Everton, but considering the intense fortnight our players have had we did very well to keep our energy levels up enough to take the points. We may have lost our on our run of clean sheets, but, Hey Ho, we are top of the League!

It would seem that Arsene Wenger is just as happy as we are, despite the tough test from the Toffees. “We had a massive game on Tuesday night and after that it is a good test for your squad and the hand off to your players,” he said on Arsenal.com. “I think we played with the right focus and desire. We were a bit unfortunate in the first half we got caught with one minute to go so it was 2-1 and created a bit of insecurity in the squad. In the second half we continued to dominate but could not get the third goal and then we were a bit exposed on the counter-attack once or twice. Romelu Lukaku had the header on the bar and Petr Cech made a great save with very little time to go and that got us three massive points.

Good old Olivier Giroud scored yet again, but this time he actually started the game. Wenger was quite happy to give him the nod over Walcott in today’s game. “I have confidence.” Le Prof continued. “He recently made the difference coming on and today he made the difference by starting. I have interesting options, I just have to be wise enough to use them at the right moment.

“We have to put our energy all together to do well for the team and the club so I do not make too much of a individual case for the players. Theo Walcott can also start which makes it easier. Let’s not forget they can play together.

So can we carry on like this until the end of the season? Wenger thinks things are going well. “I believe that we will keep that solidarity, that desire to do well and I think we are well focused to do well and together we have improved on that front. We know that when we have the ball we can create goal chances. We went to Watford and won 3-0 and beat Bayern Munich 2-0, and beat Everton in one week. It has been a fantastic week. It is not easy.”

It has never been easy being an Arsenal fan, well not for the last decade anyway, but one can’t help but think that Wenger really has got things on an even keel and we are playing out of our skins. If we could keep our injury crisis to a manageable level, I think we have every reason to start dreaming….

Should we?

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  1. It was a great week indeed for the gunners, may our good form continues as we look forward to another great coming week! Coyg!

    1. Good week for us for sure, I think draw for Manchester’s will do us more good…..Hey who know’s where about is Hafizraman.i hope he is still alive to watch Wenger out team.


  2. Listen Baby Please

    Best week of the Season so far

    Beat Bayern (who are playing amazing in Bundesligue) and now Everton

    United winning derby would be icing on cake, because we will remain Top.

    As for next match (midweek League Cup against Sheffield Wednesday), we should rest a few players like Alexis, Cech, Coquelin etc and play Debuchy, Gibbs, Arteta, Walcott

    A mix of regulars and others should do the trick bit Alexis deserves some rest

    1. I know a lot of us want a United win so that we are top of the table this week. But I want a City win. I want this to be a 2 team fight to the top for the rest of the season with the others just fighting for the 3/4 positions. A United win will give them more confidence and let’s not kid ourselves, they have a strong team which just needs belief

  3. finally we have depth everywhere, gibbs solid, gabriel & mert can interchange, ox solid, walcott & giroud can interchange, its this depth that will allow this team to finally go deep in the year, best AFC squad I have seen in a decade, and then there is Czech…!!!

  4. i would like to congratulate MR WENGER he deserves a lot of credit for the way he sets up the team,the substitutions and managing to keep most players happy…. it can,t be easy!every time we lose he gets a torrent of abuse, people asking for his sacking but when we win we don,t hear anything from the same people ,who is biased then??also loved giroud,s post match interview he didn,t make a big deal of the fact he lost his starting place to walccot putting the team,s interest first,it shows team spirit:)COYG!!!

  5. True its hard bein an arsenal fan with the high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, heart problems n whatnot but when its good.. Oh lord..

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