Wenger evoking Arsenal past to keep title challenge on track

It has been almost 12 years since Arsene Wenger led Arsenal to our last Premier League title, which was almost unthinkable back then when Thierry Henry and all managed to complete the season without a single defeat in the league. A lot has happened since then, of course, but just the length of time involved raises a big question mark over whether this current crop of Gunners can complete the job they have started so well.

It is a fair question as well, because winning is a mentality and a habit and so is losing and we know which of the two we are more used to in the last decade. It might even be difficult for the boss, who has enjoyed such success, to remember exactly how to cope with the pressure of a close run title fight.

But at least the Frenchman does have those memories of how a successful campaign was waged, as do other key figures in the Arsenal side like Petr Cech and Alexis Sanchez. And it sounds to me like the boss is trying to evoke that winning spirit of the Invincibles when he talks about the togetherness of the current team, as reported by Arsenal.com.

Wenger said, “We have been respectful of the spirit and the commitment that we want to put into every single game and overall it was a hard-fought point [at Stoke].

“We have produced along the same lines of what we did against Liverpool. The only negative on the day was that we couldn’t score with the few chances that we created, and we had a bit of a lack of creativity maybe compared to the Liverpool game.

“However, we have shown again that we are ready for a fight and I am pleased to see that.

“As a manager and as a fan, when you see the players battling for each other you want them to be rewarded. It creates a support behind the team that is essential to their success.

“When you play an important game like on Sunday, it will be vital. We know that this support comes from the special vibes that come from the team and showing that battling spirit and solidarity.

“When you lose games you’re always accused of lacking fighting spirit. We have lost some games in the past where we fought as well, but I think there’s a special solidarity in the team, a special desire to do well, and I’m sure that is a needed ingredient to be successful in this league.

“For us to have a chance to do well until the end of the season, we have to take care of that.”

I wonder if the Prof is starting to feel the same sort of vibe that he used to feel when Arsenal were sweeping all before us in his first decade at the club. And will Arsenal fans soon be feeling it too?

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  1. All I know, We may never have a brighter chance o d winning dis League than now, we need to grab opportunities when they appear to us. Today’s game is one good opportunity to grab, Chelsea aren’t doing well, Mourinho is out of d way, (Now a politician in Portugal) and we play at d Emirates with a referee that’s not too good Chelsea supporter. Man City dropped point, it’s all in our hands now, go out and do d needful, get us d three points…..
    GOYG…. COYG….. #Elnenysigns#

  2. gunners looking to bye a ticket for the white hart lane away end ticket cash ill give a good cash deal leaving out the touts email me on hillgs090@gmail.com .Im a gunner true fan from ireland if any 1 can,t make it that has a ticket ill be happy to pay you nicely COYG

  3. I trust in our defence but I hope our attack turns up so they don’t make it easy for Chelsea to attack. 1 Ozil assist, one Monreal assist, 2 Giroud goals. COYG !

  4. maybe chelsea will expect us to come raring out of blocks and try to hit us on counter. we need to be totally aware of that strategy.

  5. As always…. Action speaks louder than words,
    So lets keep the big talk on the low, Until we can back it up! ?

    Personally, I haven’t seen anything since the beginning of November that suggests that we are playing Champions material football, Our performances since then, have been stuttering inbetween average and poor.
    So excuse me, for not jumping on the Overrated jumped up bandwagon!

    The worst thing that has bugged me the most, is that we have struggled against the teams that were getting beat by everyone else! And that kind of performances are nowhere near good enough to win the premier league.

    And once again, Wenger is hyping up the team spirit with suger coated bull ?. .. Come on! .. if this fighting spirit was really there, we wouldn’t of had the bad or mediocre results that we have seen so many times already this season!

    So there is no way that this current squad is close to having the same winning or fighting mentality as the invincibles!
    On evidence, we are nothing more than Overrated, Hyped Up, always looking to bounce back, Unpredictables!

    I really do wish that I could be smoking the same ?
    as most of you guys, But over here, in Northern Cyprus, you will get banged up for a minimum of 3 month’s, if caught with a boggie sized crumb, So my apologies for not being on the same wavelength as most! ???

    Come on you RedEye’s!

    1. You are wrong if I may say, though the scoring aspect is still a bit missing but in this team, the fighting spirit is there. I see all the players playing as a unit, fighting for all balls, tracking balls back which was missing in the previous years. To cap it all, we made through an injury time when we have 6 of our starter out and still maintaining the 1st position. With this players coming back, I see us making a mark this season.

  6. We are seriously lacking in attack without Sanchez.

    OG bearing the goal scoring burden, Ramsey at least chips in.

    Theo not scoring enough, OX has he ever scored more than 2 ina season, not good enough, Campbell has done alright, but we need something more.
    Ozil must chip in more as well.

  7. this is starting to get to me when i keep reading”arsenal will never have a better chance to win the epl than this year”really?what makes people so sure? there is one thing we are learning this season is that the championship has become unpredictable,we have surprises every week the gap between the supposedly bigger&smaller teams is closing all the time,we can,t pick a team to be this year,s champions but somehow we can predict what will happen in the next few seasons?could someone please explain it to me??

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