Wenger EXCITED by awesome Arsenal goalscoring

After Arsenal banged in another four goals at the weekend as we cruised past Liverpool, only Chelsea have scored more Premier League goals than the Gunners and they have only one more than our 62, and no EPL club has scored more than our 89 in all competitions.

It is not just the quantity either, because the Gunners have been scoring some beauties all season, including all four against Liverpool. If it had not been for a remarkable weekend of long range strikes from Defoe, Zamora, Rooney and Adam, you would have thought that at least one of Ozil, Bellerin, Alexis or Giroud would have been up for Goal of the week.

As reported by the Arsenal website, our manager has been speaking about the awesome and varied goal threat that the Gunners are now showing. And when you combine that with an improvement in our defending and a real team spirit that sees all the Arsenal players fighting for each other, you can understand why the Frenchman is getting excited about the direction his team is heading in.

Wenger said, “You smell that we can score goals. If you look at the number of goals we’ve scored now (62 from 31 league games), that’s quite good with seven games to go.

“We have a good mentality and good cohesion in the team. There is something happening. That shows you that they are ready to fight for each other. You can see that – you can’t cheat on that.

“That is a good basis, and defensively we are getting better. I think you also have to give credit to players who get less, such as Coquelin. In the first half he broke up many attacks in a convincing way.”

The boss was also a bit more upbeat about our chances of pulling off a remarkable comeback and chasing the leaders Chelsea down in the race for the title.

He went on, “Let’s give everything to do it and see what happens. It’s too early [to talk about finishing second] with seven games to go but we’re in a good position, with four at home and only three away.

“We’re on a good run so I would say that it will be down to how we can maintain that focus and level of urgency between now and the end of the season.

“I’m a competitor and what that means is you have to go as high and as far as you can. When you go home if somebody was better than us, then well done, but we have to have give our best until the end.”

If we do fall short it will be a bit disappointing that our season started so slowly, but will it give Wenger and the players a real belief that they can win it next time?

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  1. A great result for us man city losing to palace, and another great result would be if man u and man city draw on sunday! Coyg!

    1. And QPR taking points off Chelsea would be nice too 🙂
      But I will be happy with a win against Burnley and draw in the derby. That would be awesome

  2. A weekend of fantastic goals in the Premier League. All four of ours were great. Puncheon scored a good free kick today, Vargas and Zamora for QPR, Rooney vs Villa, Defoe against Newcastle and Adam vs Chelsea. All great goals. Goal of the month will be a cracker, but Adam is already the clear winner, and the month just started!

    Meanwhile.. Tottenham 0 – 0 Burnley.

  3. OT
    @ Admin,
    Can’t we have an Arsenal tv channel on sky?
    liverfool has a channel, why can’t we?
    Does anyone know why or when we will have a tv channel?

    1. I replied to you on a earlier post there used to be a arsenal tv channel on sky it shut down because it was part of the santata deal. They went bankrupt and arsenal decided it was not viable to have a tv channel so instead put the shows on arsenal player

      1. I understand we used to have one before, things have changed a lot with Arsenal now ,we have world class players in our team and there are a lot of Arsenal supporters who would be happy to subscribe the channel even if we have to pay a fee monthly. Arsenal player is not a proper channel.
        IS there a way we all just arsenal members writing to the board of directors ? Just a suggestion

        1. You might be able to create a petition mate but, More and more people are preferring to watch tv online so I’m not sure how much of an effect it would have. The cost of running a tv channel is so high today they’ll need almost every supporter in the receiving areas to subscribe to it and i just don’t think enough would

  4. I thought all four goals were excellent

    My favourite order:
    1. Ozil (love direct free kicks)
    2. Alexis (was a good goal but great too see him scoring again)
    3. Giroud (great strike from a decent distance outside the goal box.
    4. Bellerin (nice goal, excellent creating space and curling shot, bad defending)

    1. the first two (Sanchez, Ozil) a better keeper should have saved.
      But Giroud’s there was no stopping no matter who was in goal. Beat him by some distance

      1. Your crazy bro not only has mignolet been in great form but those shots were unsavable, Sanchez’s shot had power and swerve those are the hardest kind to stop. And Ozil knew mignolet (most keepers) would cheat cause they would assume he’s putting it over the wall but instead he placed it perfectly in the side netting.

  5. OT: At the start of next season I think Özil should get the #10 (nothing against Jack), Alexis should get his favored #7 (again nothing against Super Tom), Podolski should be sold and replaced by Dybala with the #9 (Giroud ain’t getting any younger and we need more than Danny to compete on all 4 fronts), and a DM to replace Flamini with the #20 to compete, push or even partner Le Coq. Any other additions would be gravy really and then just give Rosicky the #17 as a swap (it wouldn’t change his game anyways, give Jack the #11 and even give Le Coq the #8 (nothing against Arteta) but it’s time the young guys get their full recognition that goes along with their roles and performances. Heck I would even like to see Ospina get the #1. Lol had to get that off my chest, next up Burnley…

      1. ———–Giroud

        I don’t care who we play. We’re scoring goals.

        1. Can you imagine our bench?

          ………Rambo……new DM……….

          Then with squad players like arteta, wilshere, gnabry, sanogo, Campbell WOW

  6. Ramsey was on the width the whole time against Liverpool and Im not sure why. He is not a great crosser although he was involved in the Bellerin goal.

    He kinda reminds me of James Milner

    1. Pressing and scaring a weakened defence. Alexis, Giroud and Ramsey all pressed like mad-men and the amount of turnovers early on really made them rush it out of defence and our other midfielders were there to capitalize and win the ball back quickly.
      It was a very different game-plan but it worked brilliantly IMO

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