Wenger expecting strong challenge from Klopp’s Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp arrived at Liverpool with an impressive reputation after building Borussia Dortmund into a team capable of challenging Bayern Munich (and also beating Arsenal a couple of times!), and Arsene Wenger respects the German for that and is expecting a tough match when they meet each other in the Premier League for the first time tomorrow night.

“I think he is a great manager but we have different styles,” he said. “You have to respect that and you can only be successful by [having] your own style and personality, and everybody has a different personality.

“But I think he done very well in the job and he has an opportunity to integrate a big club. That is where people will assess that later.

“You have to play with your style and what you believe is strong. He is a great manager and he will do that.

“We know that Liverpool will be absolutely up for it, we will be up for it.

“It is down to us to be very strong in the challenges to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Luckily Arsene had a chance to rest a lot of our first team in the Sunderland game at the weekend, so we should have our best side out and fit and fresh for the challenge from Liverpool, who have also had more than their fair share of fixture congestion lately….

Come on you Gunners! Let’s show Klopp how much harder the Premier League is compared to the Bundesliga….

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  1. They rested just about their whole team. Now it seems that even their supposed injured are fit to play. Should be a good one…We got this tho.

  2. I expect a win but knowing the shenanigans that always happen between Arsenal and Liverpool..11-minute extra times, onside goals being offside and all that..but anyway am 80% sure we will come out with all 3 points. Stoke AWAY is the problem.

  3. There main threat going forward at the moment is Benteke. Not lighting up the EPL with goals but if they can cross the ball to him his very dangerous with headers. This means Bellarin and Monreal should cut out there supply and try not to leave so much room in the flanks. Without Countinho and Henderson I am less worried with the middle though Flamini and Ramsey should play closer to each other to ensure we maintain our sharp.

    Lpool’s weakness at the moment lies in there CB position, even when there first choice CB’s are available they leak a lot of goals.

    Kloop enjoys beating Wenger and vise versa as seen in the past games against Dortmund because of there two contrasting styles. This should be a good one. Lets avoid stating slow at all cost, when Lpool are threatened from the onset they can really be poor but once they have there noses in front as seen in the City game then you are in trouble.

    1. Benteke is their only threat at the minute, turns out Origi is out for a month meaning that Benteke is the only striker. That being said, no time for complacency. Stay solid and organised at the back, exploit the midfield advantage and have our wide men run the lines against their makeshift back 4 and we should get the result we need barring a royal cockup on our part.

    2. And Benteke played against Exeter in a side that otherwise had about 12 apps between them (which I think is a bit telling about Klopp’s feelings towards Benteke) – maybe they’ll play Firmino upfront?

  4. Without Coutinho Skyrtel Henderson and Sturridge, I reckon we should obliterate this Liverpool side. Seriously, even a player vs player analysis favours us easily. Now I know it’s not all the time that straightforward and players may raise their game on any given night, and it’s an away game blah blah but the probability is we should smash this side 9 out of 10 times
    Here’s more or less their predicted line up
    Clyne Toure Lucas Moreno
    Milner Allen Can
    Lallana Benteke Firmino
    Their bench is rubbish so don’t even inconvenience yourself with a Google search. Now, I don’t want to trash Liverpool like I’d normally would coz I’m truthfully an admirer of Klopp. But come on, we have superior players at literally every position. The only thing I’d give them an edge on is that they can chase down a ball like their freedom depends on it.
    It’s an away game. It’s historically always been a tough fixture either way. The Kop will until the end of time always be an insufferable lot. But strictly from a player vs player stand point, we should demolish them. We’ve faced harder opposition this term already. Arsenal FTW 3-1

    1. Moreno is injured , whilst Henderson could start,
      There’s also a rumour that liverpooh are trying to sign steven Caulker in time to face Us…. And there was me thinking that Elneny would have started again Sunderland lol.

      1. It’s done and dusted already, No messing about ?

        Liverpool have announced the loan signing of QPR centre-back Steven Caulker.

        Manager Jurgen Klopp was keen to bring in defensive reinforcements this month after hamstring injuries to Martin Skrtel and Dejan Lovren left him short of options.

        A deal for the 24-year-old, who had been on loan at Southampton, was finalised swiftly and the paperwork submitted ahead of the noon deadline, meaning he is eligible for selection to face Arsenal on Wednesday.

        1. Ahh damn, that definitely does change things a bit. He’s a good prospect. Former spuds right? Liverpool don’t mess about do they. Still think we should win.

    2. @xan
      You sorely underrate the LFC players. They’re playing at home and direly need to take a scalp in order to boost their confidence. They are no push overs and no matter what analysis you care to look at, they can beat us if we do not show up…

      1. @ Ny Gunner
        Of course they can beat us if we don’t show up Like I said on any given night… we might even see a famous Lucas hat trick. Lol, no we won’t… nor will anyone ever. But the odds are, with a team who’s injury list is finally worse off than ours, we should beat them. There’s not one player in that starting XI I’d trade for one of ours. Can they win? Sure, if we replicate the Newcastle crap performance. Can’t blame me if I’m finally confident about a Liverpool away win especially coming from someone who watched the OX live trolling the ref…with a jem of a diving save I might add

  5. think this one is going to be a payback to two years ago – I am going to go with a 6 – 0 to the gunners tomorrow night. Really think that someone is going to be in for a arse whipping and that someone will be LFC. Sorry Klopp, I do like you but I just hope he can pick his team up in time for his game against MUFC after his malling tomorrow night.

    1. ahappygunner lol

      i wish i had your enthusiasm but i think your way out on this one it will be a hard fought battle for a draw and a small miracle to win, but i believe in miracles 🙂

  6. “When I sign a contract I will announce it immediately,” he said. “Maybe it will be two years until I will coach a team in England.” Pep

    Okay, interesting.

    1. i just watched Peps interview and i have a sneaky suspicion that he might be heading our way,

      it was the reference about being a manager for twenty years regarding Barca but why chose the number of years 20 which we all know AW has been at arsenal,

      any young couple with children looks for security and stability for their children education and where better then at Arsenal a club which is forgiving and long term contracts,

      anyone who ever left Arsenal all say the same thing and that is ‘They miss not being at Arsenal” or even London.

      1. True. The two year thing raises a lot of dust or maybe its just him trying to take the attention off this thing a little bit.

        Could have Wenger called Pep? Only time will tell.

  7. its gonna be a mammoth task bt u have to take that bull by its horns,klopp is bully when playing against big teams

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