Wenger expects battle with Big Sam’s Sunderland

Arsenal’s win against Palace has now put the Gunners in the driving seat to hold on to third place in the League, and most pundits believe that we have the easiest run in of the challengers but there is little chance of us having an easy game against Sunderland tomorrow.

Arsene Wenger and the players believe that we have finally hit some good form with 3 wins and 2 draws from our last 5 games, but it is worth noting that Sunderland are doing their usual end of season burst to avoid relegation, and in fact the only game they have lost in the last 6 was against Leicester.

Le Prof is well aware that Sam Allardyce is always a hard man to beat in any game. “They have found a stability with him because has big experience,” Wenger said. “They have a good midfield now. They play most of the time Kirchhoff, Cattermole and M’Vila, who are quite a balanced midfield.

“Up front the have Khazri on the left, who is dangerous as well. Overall I think Allardyce has found a good balance. We are in a position where we want the three points so it should be an interesting battle.”

It will certainly be interesting, and it will certainly be a battle! But have Arsenal finally found the form to continue their winning run against a Sunderland side fighting for their Premiership survival?

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  1. Yes Arsenals form is good
    right now and Sunderland
    have to attack. So I expect
    a tough and exciting game.
    Could go any way.

  2. Didn’t we draw with Palace? ? ?
    Yep, it’s been a long hard season for Arsenal fan’s, So much so that it has effected us in one way or another.

  3. Hahaha ?
    Has there even been One Game this season, where Wenger was not worried about our opponents? …. No! ?
    (Even against Sheff weds and Hull)
    I don’t think that it has anything to do with Respect,
    It’s more like… looking for excuses before hand.
    That kind of loser mentality injects doubts into the team,
    Which explains the confidence issues, which we have seen throughout this season.

    1. The thing is that change comes at a cost. Sometimes the transition is smooth, other times it isnt. I supported Wenger for a long time, but I got fed up and I hate feeling stuck. Most gunners, including the FBI of this site, fear we might suffer terribly if Arsene leaves, but the question is what are we benefiting from his barren stay? At the moment I wish him well cuz I know if he succeeds while with us then we all are succeeding, but he isn’t succeeding, is he? I may not know who exactly can very well replace him, but I know he was not widely known when he took over in 1996.

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  5. We have hit form have we? I guess that conclusion is drawn after a win against the impotent threat of West brom.

    The delusion spreads further and wider still…

    God help AFC!

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