Wenger expects Elneny to adapt quickly

Many Arsenal fans may consider that Mohamed Elneny is a sort of panic buy brought on by the injuries sustained to Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla, but I am sure that Wenger and his scouts would have had the Egyptian midfielder under observation for a long long time before deciding to make an offer.

The most important thing for a January “panic buy” is that they adapt quickly and are ready to play as soon as possible. Wenger obviously is confident that this will be the case. “Overall I believe he will be a good addition to the squad,” Le Prof said on Arsenal.com. “First he has not come in straight to a big club, he had an intermediate stay in Europe so the adaptation is less of a question mark.

“He is 23 years old and has already got Champions League, Europa League and Swiss League experience. He is a player who is adaptable in midfield.

“He can be box to box and be a holding midfielder so that is for us very promising. We wanted a versatile player and I wanted a player who can play defensive but can as well play to box to box.

“His strengths are his technical level, his vision, his intelligence, his disciplined attitude and his physical attitude to compete at a high level. I think he has the physical qualities to play at the top level.

“Where he needs to adapt is to the challenges, the force needed in the Premier League to survive. I think that could demand a little bit of adaptation. But overall I think he has all the attributes to do well.”

One of the thinks I like about Elneny is that he not only has extensive European experience with Basle, but he has also been used to the temperatures he can expect in England. Another BIG plus is the fact that he has made over 50 appearances for Basle in each of the last two seasons and has not sustained any injuries.

I’m sure he will fit right in and I believe he can play at least a few minutes in Sunday’s game at Stoke…..

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  1. Our expectancy from this player is too high, but i believe it will take some time for him to adjust to the league. I pray he should be able to restore our fire power in the midfield for us to win the league and defeat Barca in our Champions league match

  2. We can trust wenger on this buy. There is no doubt that it is very difficult to buy in January.
    But I still believe that Wenger could have gone for Wanyama .

    If not the some loan option in also not bad

  3. Let’s see shall we.

    Through past transfer starvation any signing feels like a good one. Let’s hope it turns out to be a good one!

  4. it’s a thing of joy…….. Check out our physioroom, only wilshere’s in ere but latest report suggest he’s started running and training

    Goooood 2 have em all back!

    We’d find a way around the selection dilemma Later *winks*

  5. One sure fact about Arsenal is never take their injury return date, it baffles me every injury we have it takes another extra 1-2 months before the player finally comes back, take a look at Sanchez for example he was due to return 3weeks (which is normal return date for hamstring) was extended to end of the December and was later extended to 9th or so the Sunderland game and later shifted to the Liverpool game which is 13 and now only God knows when his return date is cos no update on his return!!!! Can someone please remind me when a date was fixed for an injured gunner to return and the player makes an appearance in the next match ??????

  6. “I know that it is possible that I will move to the Premier League and Lyon are aware of that”
    -Alexandre Lacazette

    Hahahahaha……..don’t worry Lacazette, there’s the Likes of Newcastle and stoke in desperate need of ur services.

    1. There’s also average teams like Man U who are in need of a forward
      They have French internationals such as
      Schnederlin , martial

      We don’t need him now Campbell’s coming good we should only add high level strikers

  7. A couple of FC Basel friends of mine rate him very highly, and to say they’re distraught he’s left would be an understatement. Comes across as a pretty good player and has actually scored a few goals too. I think Le Coq would still be first choice but he’s a definite upgrade on Famini and Arteta.
    Speaking of Basel, I considered Mohamed Salah also a decent prospect. But Chelsea’s gonna Chelsea. They mostly Cuadrado’ed him too.

  8. Coquelin, Wilshere, Welbeck, Sanchez, Rosicky back in training. Rosicky, we know, Sanchez doubtful but in contention, rest will need match fitness

    Source : IB TIMES

    My life sprang back to joy

  9. I believe he’s a good buy – he isn’t a knee jerk reaction buy in Jan. He isn’t like a jan “loan” player for short term cover…and having said that…I would be suprised if he was thrown in the mix at Stoke. He needs time to train with the others and understand the playbook. I think what sets him apart is the word AW used a lot about him “intelligence”…seems to me to be a very bright boy and learns quickly. Physically he is an awesome athlete…with a great balance of stamina-power-dexterity-skill…add to this his humility, attitude, hard-working nature, intelligence and decision-making….I believe he is a great buy and has every chance of making it big.

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