Wenger expects the goals to start flowing again

After a run of five Arsenal games without a win, and an amazing amount of shots on goal but precious little of the final product, Arsene Wenger believes that now that Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott and Alexis Sanchez have all scored goals in our last two games they should return to hitting the net on a regular basis.

With six goals in our last two games it certainly looks promising and we will find out if everyone’s confidence back when we face Watford tomorrow, and then maybe we’ll get 4 or 5 against Barcelona in midweek?? lol

“Look, it is a weight on the shoulders when the players don’t score,” Wenger said. “So the fact that they score will of course take that weight off. Overall, I am pleased that they scored.

“But it is a bit cyclic always, especially for Giroud. Giroud has cycles so it was a weight off his shoulders. And Walcott too.

“You know this season for example he (Giroud) has had games where he has gone boom, boom, boom, boom boom and after he had a little spell where he didn’t score, and now I hope he has a repetition of his former spell and start to score again.

“You know that if you don’t score and you are a striker, somewhere you are not happy.

“Alexis as well against Tottenham scored. He suffers maybe more than everybody when he doesn’t score.

“Football has to be somewhere instinctive and you have to play with freedom. When you play with a bit more freedom, the goals are natural. Every striker will tell you that.”

“We speak about it but the best way to speak about it, to sort it out is to play better collectively,”

“When the quality of the cross, the quality of the final ball is better it is easier to score and sometimes what you forget when you get in the final third, you have 0.1 to 0.2 seconds to make the right decision.

“And when you have a little hesitation, just a fraction short – in midfield you have 1-2 seconds to make a decision sometimes – when it gets there, just to be very quick and very decisive, decisiveness can go when you are not successful for a while.”

See it wasn’t Giroud’s fault he wasn’t scoring, it was the providers for not giving him the perfect balls! Anyway the main thing is that we are slowly regaining our confidence and we really really need to go out and start scoring lots and winning lots of games. If the goals flow the wins will follow, and we will see where it takes us…..

Onwards and Upwards!

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    1. if wenger expect goals to start flowing again, then he should build a River thames around the emirates

  1. We must beat everton and leceister drops in one of the two coming matches to have a chance to win the title and to even think about the goal flowing or any thing else

  2. An article about a football topic, thank you very much. Getting a little tired of the peoples opinion article. Giroud done well in the last game, the thing is though he let us down recently. Him being our main striker he should have done allot better over the last two months. He claims to be fed up hearing about AFC need to replace Giroud with a better striker, well you should have proved otherwise then shouldn’t you?. I know he is not the only one and probably not even the worst culprit, but the main striker role is such a huge responsibility, the difference between titles and also ran. He let us down tremendously, now he needs to try and make up for it.

    1. “He claims to be fed up hearing about AFC need to replace Giroud with a better striker..”

      What! He is also getting bored with fans complaints about his inconsistency?!
      Sounds like someone has been listening to gaffer recently.

      “He let us down tremendously”..

      Any ways it wasn’t Giroud that let us down. The person who let us down and also let Arsene down BIG TIME was……

      *wait for it*…


      Remember him. The guy who was so good we didn’t bother singing Cavani or Higuian or any of those other not-so-good-for-Arsenal strikers… but instead the manager choose to upgrade his salary status to “World-Class striker” level.

      He was supposed to be our top option striker this season, remember? Against all reasonable logic, Wenger notoriously and defiantly gambled on him alone being there to score the goals for when Giroud goes on his usually predictable lengthy run of goal-drought. You remember all of that, don’t you?

      1. To summarize then,

        Arsene Wenger -and by extension the AFC board- let us down. They made an unreasonable gamble that may have backfired badly.

        1. i dont understand where the board and stan are losing out on this, they are winning and making a lots of cash. included wenger and some underperformers at arsenal, like theo and co.

          1. Well, maybe the board isn’t losing anything financially yet.
            But they are steadily losing their credibility and the trust of their major customers (fan base) in the long-term.

            1. mate, thats why wenger is around, the peacmaker. if not for him there would be no saving from the anger of the fans.

              wenger needs to fall so we can focus on the board

              1. Very true, Wenger gets paid huge salary just to make up the lies and justify the failures, also acting as a dictator coz he knows no one can touch him, that’s why his word is final, when people say Ibra will improve Arsenal, that’s when you will never see ibra at Arsenal, coz he is not the first one to suggest about buying him

      2. Aaah, throwback to the summer, when Wenger said things like “I dont want to miss out on Walcott’s prime”, as he thought he saw glimpses of it before the summer. those 9(?) goals in all competitions is a helluva prime

    2. The one who claims that he is good enough and does not need competition is wenger alone, and that for the past years.

      Henry was not stupid when he said that we need more players, especially striker, but wenger was quick to shoot him down and flaw his logic but claiming that he doesnt actually not understand the class we posses.

      well some months later and we are in this pozition again

    3. Giroud did rather bad vs Hull imo. Went places he shouldn’t, like to the sides, too deep… you name it, he was there. He’s a striker you want to stay near (inside) the box when attacking, not going out to the wides, like fast non-target-man strikers can allow themselves to do, to support the wingers / wide play. At several occasions did i see Giroud cross the ball in to Walcott and other tiny arsenal players. It’s stupid

  3. Okay Arsene, I feel ya!

    Herer are my expectations:

    That the team goes a winning run in the last remaining fixtures of the EPL. That they somehow find the inspiration, the desire, the motivation and strength to go on and make history by winning the title despite our gargantuan troubles this season.

    However, if they fail to that, then I expect that genuine measures are taken by the club to change the situation as soon as possible.

    But then we all know that it is unlikely for the team to meet the first and original expectation. Even most unlikely is the club meeting the second expectation.. as they will more likely employ a half-assed approach to the matter. #RinseRepeat.

  4. of course now the goal come to Giruod and WALSHOT, now we out of Premium League title race!!! NO PRESSURE!!!

  5. Norwich 0-0 Man City @ 90mins.
    Arsenal MUST do a wholesale rotation against Watford tomorrow to have a good chance of beating Barca on Wed’s night at Camp Nou to qualify for the Ucl Q/F.

    1. Manchester City’s result is a good one for us (in the short term at least). Problem is.. will we take full advantage of it?

      Next week will prove to be a test of what our priority is this season. UCL? FA cup? EPL?
      Looking forward to it with excitement.

      1. The only boost we get from City drawing is that their form is apparently not on the rise as we’re getting closer to the match at etihad. It’s Leicester that needs to drop points, not City (or, both ^^)

  6. /236568/stan-kroenke-lifts-lid-on-why-arsenal-prioritise-business-foundations-over-spending-big-on-transfers

    1. WOW.

      Just read the article and now I can say “I get it”. I really do get it now. I guess I know why Stan has been “Silent Stan” all this while. Because most of the things he says are not very different from what we all know.

      1. We’ve got a bunch of Ideological business men ruining the club (from board to management) as some kind of economic entity. All well and good.
      But the shocker is that they seem not to believe that there is another way to reconcile economic savviness with planning/aiming to win major championships..

      “If you want to win championships then you would never get involved”.

      Or how else would you explain that statement.

      2. “We have a gentleman who comes to Arsenal games, he flies his helicopter from South Africa, Cape Town to London quite often [to watch Arsenal]. It’s just an example of what a brand can mean, and what we can do in sports”.

      WOW!.. Just WOW!

  7. Correct me if am wrong but being stubborn and being a coward at the same time do not go to together. Wenger’s lack of formation change when things are not working is the reason why we are where we are today. Wenger is a rigid and stagnant coach full of favoritism and thats why we cannot win the league under him unless of course he changes his ways. The strength of the midfield is key to every successful team. Why do they say the midfield is the engine room of every team? Your defensive and box-to-box midfielders are suppose to be fighters full of pace, strength and stamina and your number 10 is suppose to focus more on creativity with superb vision, quick passing and dribbling ability to match. Then you have your 3 potent strike force who share the goal spoils together (the days of Pires, Henry and Lungberg). The question is do we have such players at the moment? The answer is NO but we have something close we could work with. In many games there are teams that require only the all action Arsenal players to feature in (players who play like we need to get the win and time is running out). There are many teams if we sluggishly pass the ball around will cause them no worries e.g Barcelona, Chelsea, Man U, Man City, Southhampton, Stoke, Liverpool, West Ham etc. The list goes on. So, why don’t we start and use these players to do battle in such difficult games where fighters are needed and quick movement of the ball is required? They are the best we have that can do something close to what I envisaged.

    Bellerin – Mert. – Kos. – Monreal

    Coquelin. – El Neny


    Campbell – Giroud. – Welbeck


    Bellerin – Mert. – Kos. – Monreal

    Coquelin. – El Neny


    Welbeck – Giroud. – Sanchez


    Coquelin: Fighter, interceptor, quick passing, solid work rate

    El Neny: quick passing, vision, solid work rate, stamina

    Sanchez: Pace, fighter, stamina, solid work rate, dribbling ability

    Campbell: vision, solid work rate, quick passing ability

    I have many more midfield and attack combinations for other games instead of the stagnant and rigid combination Wenger employs every week. The key is in the strength of the midfield requiring QUICK PASSING of the ball, strength, work rate and stamina. At this point in time we could pair:

    Chambers\El Neny
    Flamini\El Neny

    The difference between the pairings without Ramsey is that none of them does 360 degree turns and slow down our attacking or counter attacking play and they pass the ball quicker. Ramsey deserves to play only in attack in all his games both as a substitute or as a starter period.

  8. @ Ks-Gunner….. That makes you more brain dead to think Ozil has the strength for certain games especially the very physical games. There are games Ozil will have to come in from the bench in the second half when all the fighting and hard has been done and he can do what he knows how to do best which is creating more goals or opening the opposition defense up with his passing vision for us to score a goal or goals. The physical teams will not let him play if he starts those games especially if we are playing away from home and a few home games too so he has to come in when they are tiring and do his job. You don’t know nothing about tactics.

    1. we dont master the strenght game mate, you can not tell a cat to act like a dog. Without ozil our game would be just plump and dead.

      The physical teams do not let us play, but still ozil finds often the way to make the pass to make the diff. only to be let down by the others. look what he has done with giroud and walcott up front till now, now imagine him with a better striker up front.

      let us plz be factual and name the actual main problems we currently have, and not look at fault by the players who are doing very good already

  9. Wenger should be flexible enough to do it, not me. We have the players who can win us the league but rigidity and favoritism from him makes it difficult.

  10. We may have some good records under Wenger but the bad record are far too many and embarrassing to say the least. It is only at Arsenal under Wenger that you can have a player in the club for 10 years collecting huge pay Cheque and still can’ t dribble pass a snail. It is only at Arsenal under Wenger that you have a player for 9 years and 8 of that 9 years he is on the treatment table. It is only at Arsenal under Wenger that we played a whole match in the Champions League without a single shot fired. The list goes on and on. Does anybody remember any such embarrassing record by our. Lord Wenger the Professor of Economics?

  11. I would prefer the first formation used against Barcelona with Ozil and Ramsey coming in the second half. Welbeck moves to the middle, Ramsey on the right, Sanchez moves to the left and Ozil on the number 10 spot. Ramsey could score the winning goal or an Ozil assist could happen.

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