Wenger – Experienced Arsenal didn’t panic and we got a point

We could all see that Arsenal were totally outplayed in the first half in Paris, and even Arsene Wenger admitted it (although he didn’t mention the starting line up!). But he was pleased that the team showed their experience and didn’t panic, and even managed to come back into it in the second half.

Le Prof said after the game: “I feel overall we played against a good Paris Saint-Germain team, who started much stronger than us. They played at a high pace, but even in the first half I think we were in trouble, mainly when we lost the ball on the counter-attack because they pressed well. Even in the first half you could see that if we managed to keep the ball a bit better we would be dangerous – we created chances. In the first half, our midfield played a bit too far from Alexis. In the second half we played higher, and after the kick-off in the second half we had a good chance to come back, which we did. In the end we have experience in the Champions League and we got a good point.

“When you start so badly against a team of that quality you need experience. If you are too young, you can be caught. I thought that we didn’t panic, and overall we were resilient enough, and the resilience comes through experience. I told the players at half-time that if we keep playing we will come back, because we could see if we had better possession we could score goals. Overall, I think it was a good result to come here and not lose and pick up a point.”

It was definitely a good result considering the performance, but surely we can’t afford to let every good team over-run us before we decide to start playing. That could have been a Barcelona-style massacre if Cavani hadn’t been so wasteful and Ospina hadn’t been so imperious in goal.

As for the dual sending off at the end, of course Wenger didn’t see it, but he is assured that Olivier Giroud did nothing to deserve it. He concluded: “The ball was on the other side, I did not see what happened. I think the first yellow card [for Giroud] was very harsh already, it wasn’t a foul. The second, he tells me he has done nothing at all and Olivier is honest so I believe him. And Verratti told me as well that he has done nothing, so I said look, ‘go together to see the referee and tell him you did nothing’.”

I can go along with that, but the fact is that if Giroud hadn’t annoyed the ref into getting his earlier yellow then he may have stayed on the pitch a little bit longer. A top professional does not argue with the ref over every little thing does he? There can only be one winner in that situation….


Watch the highlights here


  1. Dennis says:

    He could’ve played our 35 million player xhaka as well as Giroud from the get go. Why bring experienced players off the bench? specially when we start so slow. If you don’t want Giroud to start as a CF then play your 17 million dollar player then!

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Yes, using OX was a waste. And BOTH Giroud/Perez on the bench was silly
      Also Alexis is not at his best up front.

    2. Liang says:

      I can sort of know where Wenger is going for.

      The combination of Cazola and Coqulin worked wonders in the Southampton game, so Wenger did not want to change the partnership, plus our game really depend on the fluidity and precision of our passing. This requires cohesion, maybe Xhaka is not on the same wavelength yet.

      If I remember correctly when Giroud first joined, even thought it took 6 (I think) games for him to score but Wenger persistently played him in CF. Maybe I’m reading too much in the situation, but the difference in treatment is obvious. Which brings up the question of whether Wenger really rate Perez or he just brought him to release the pressure.

  2. Ramterta says:

    no words are enough to describe how pathetic we were.
    If any of the players are earning anything above £1000 then there is no jusrice whatsoever.
    Some of our players wouldn’t even start for Bournemouth

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Well said Admin ??

  4. Uzi Ozil says:

    Off Topic: Leicester are having fun in their first appearance of the champions league. They currently lead by three goals to nil. Good for them and good for the English teams in the champions league.

    1. Liang says:

      Yea they face a easy opponent, Club Brugge…

      Seriously go look at SkySport highlights, even Sky does not have their club badge…

  5. Ugabooga says:

    Why is everyone so against Coq playing?

    He was better than so many last night, he has been a revelation since his return.

    I think Coq and Xhaka will make an excellent pairing for us.

    Thumbs up if you agree
    Thumbs down if you don’t rate Let coq

  6. Ugabooga says:

    @ admin

    Can we do a poll, maybe with each article to see who Just Arsenal members think our best team and bench is?

    1st Select goal keeper
    2.nd article RB

    And so forth, until we get a team and bench then you can put an article.

    It could be interesting.

    Let’s do a petition guys, 50 Thumbs up for admin to do it

    1. Ugabooga says:

      Geesh make it 50 altogether up or down combined lol

  7. Ronny331 says:

    I know it’s just arsenal but shocking to see the gulf I’m class between us and citeh tonight, (even though glad Bach were shocking). Blank cheque book and Pep and this is what you get. Can you imagine the changes he would make with the likes of ox and walcott.

  8. Contrary to popular beliefs, the last two games have shown that we’re a level above what we were for the past several seasons and can definitely win the league this season if we iron out a few issues such as, team selection, gelling of new players and tactics.
    The fact that the manager almost totally messed up with the selection and tactics against a full strength psg team which is one of the best in Europe shows that we’re on the up.. we were not outplayed either as some is trying to put it, we just play badly on the day and just didnt turn up.
    Had the right personnel started the match in the right positions, psg would still be licking their wounds at the moment so they should be feeling lucky as well as us

    1. Ugabooga says:

      Nah, Cavani saved us hey. Should of been 6-1

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