Wenger explains Ozil form but can Arsenal afford to carry him?

The Arsenal manager has spoken out once again to offer an explanation about why Mesut Ozil is not firing on all cylinders and to defend him against what the Frenchman sees as unfair criticism of his number 11, as a report by Arsenal.com reveals.

The Prof clearly feels that Ozil needs a bit of time to get into top form, with the physical and mental hangover from the World Cup finals adventure with Germany still affecting him. And Wenger has called on the Arsenal fans to do their bit by also having patience with the 25-year old midfielder and giving him our full support, which I agree with to a certain extent.

Arsene said, “The fans should not be concerned and just support him. I understand that you always want your best players to make the difference in every single game and we all go through periods where we are a bit less good.

“You help. A club is a union between players, supporters and directors. You have to be united and sometimes go through periods together where it goes a bit less well.

“Why should he be be a scapegoat? We’ve lost one game since April 1. Let’s be realistic. We’ve come out of a very difficult preparation period with decisive games.

“What is difficult to manage today is that everybody knows absolutely everything and everybody judges people definitely on one game. You have to accept that football is played by human beings who have ups and downs like you have in your life.

“[Criticism] is a bit unfair because I believe that our offensive talents on Tuesday night were not in their best condition, and they couldn’t express that talent. On the other hand it’s post-World Cup. He came back on August 11. You know it takes a few months for them to get back to their best, that can happen.

“Many of the World Cup players don’t even play at the moment. I believe that’s natural and I’ve seen that before. I’ve gone through that before and it’s normal – it’s more mental than physical in my opinion.”

It is true that Ozil has become an easy target and that once this happens to a player, the critics start to jump on the media bandwagon like Andre Santos used to jump on a bag of fish and chips. Wenger has a point, but he also admits that the German is not at his best. And it may have escaped his notice, but the Gunners have not got going yet this season and we need some results.

So while it would be nice to be able to keep playing Ozil to get his form and fitness right, can Arsenal really afford to carry any passengers while we keep dropping vital points?


    1. I start to realize why others hate Arsenal that much, it’s because of our stubborn manager who thinks he always right

    2. If that’s the case why doesn’t he use more hungry and mentally prepared players whilst ozil is eased back into the team eg Campbell Rosicky


  1. 4-4-2 (diamond) is what we should be playing,
    hopefully this will be what our team looks like when everyone’s fit


    I know there’s no wingers in this team but I believe theo can do well with a partner through the middle, Ox’s future is at CM/CAM so he can still be an influence off the bench in this system, Podolski is a CF so he would flourish playing off a partner like Giroud or Sanchez as St, Ozil also playing as CAM which we all want, he’s got guys behind him who’ll make runs into the box and also pacey strikers upfront to pick a perfect pass which he does best

    1. Yeah. I mean what’s the point of wingers in arsenal if wenger only uses one, if you think about it is the same with the plus that Ozil will be in his preferred position.

  2. Your the biggest problem u moron buffoon, just resign wel u have a bit of dignity.u clueless fck evry year same excus, can’t evn built a team, what have u been doing for past 10 years? Taking 8 millions a year doing fck all

  3. At least play Ozil as a central attacking midfielder.
    He will immediately improve by putting him in his best position.

    Walcott and Sanchez on both sides and Welbeck/Giroud in front of him.

  4. Guys, how would you have reacted if we had signed Zigic? Seems Arsenal had indeed considered signing him at some point.

    1. Some say the legendary Zigic does not exist. They believe he is a myth, a fantasy created by man. But there are others who believe in his existence, his powers. He would give us something we have never seen before. World class HOLD UP PLAY.

  5. Wenger is making it more difficult than he needs to when it comes to the attacking options. Firstly, Ozil and Sanchez who have been bought for a high price need to play in their preferred position. Then with the rest he needs to simply rotate, Ramsey and Wilshere were tired from the game vs Man City, so why not give them a rest and bring in either Cazorla/Ox/Rosicky. All Wenger is doing right now is burning out players and making others unhappy as they are not getting game time. I will not comment on CDM as that should of been addressed in the Summer. Hoping for a big performance today, victory would be great. #COYG

    1. Wenger does not like easy, easy would have been to get a good CB and a DM in this window and play all your players in their right positions. But heck even people like me who have no football experience can do that! He is Le Prof he has to be different.

      1. Every time we lose, up comes wenger with his typical reactions

        1. we looked jaded from mid week
        2. our passing was not sharp
        3. we played well but lacked finishing etc

        dude aren’t u the guy who gets paid 9 million a year to address these issues? what the fu**k are u doing if every other game sees the same issues recurring?
        Why can’t we for a change spend some money and once and for all build a world class defence? how many more defeats and humiliations before we realize that oppositions target our CDM and Mertesacker????

        The only thing that wenger does well is make profit and lots of it which keeps the board members and directors happy! who cares about us fans????- disappointment after disappointment and the manager is still there after 9 years- tell me one club where this would have been possible! so it is us fans who need to make their views clear! get behind the team now for this season- but if we dont win the epl, wenger has to go! We demand his resignation- pure and simple!

        Guys, i am not sure how humiliated all of you felt watching the dortmund game but for Christs sake it was a dortmund B team which dominated and outplayed us. It could easily have been 5-0 or 6-0. Had Chelsea manu or city faced these humialtion 3-4 times in a season would their manager still survive..someone has to own up for these mistakes!

  6. If AW plays Mesut at No. 10 and puts 3 fast attackers in front of him it gives him the chance to deliver those telling passes/assists and so helps to stem the tide of criticism Mesut receives. Playing him out wide, which he has said he does NOT like, only sets him up for more criticism. How about Mesut at 10 with Alex RW, Danny ST and Campbell or the Ox on the left? Mesut then has 3 pacey and skilful targets to aim at. Definitely do not take one of them away by playing Santi. Instead sub Mesut after 60 mins just like he was at RM and replace with Santi, an almost identical player.

    1. Amen brother, Absolutely, at least try it for a few games. 3 speedy forwards, choose from Theo, Ox, Welbeck,Sanchez,Campbell and Ozil or Cazorla or even Rosicky at number 10 spreading passes is at least worth a try for 4-5 games before you stick Cazorla, to left wing, Ozil to right and Rosicky to the bench!

  7. Arsenal problem is mr wenger, when a coach benchs a player like rosicky nd campel nd stick with arteta nd sanogo wat do u think wil happen, wenger is a good manager he is not a coach, till we get rid of him our problm wil stil remain dsame

    1. Wenger has to go and we start a new era with a new coach who has ideas and ambition. Thre is no other alternative.

      Look at Everton, and what Martinez has done with his limited resources. his players look like they can die for him on the pitch. Chelsea hammered them and they kept coming back- i would like to see such fight in our players. Winning and losing is part of the game and each year only one team wins the ultimate prize, but at least let’s show stomach for a fight and respect for the shirt !

  8. people keep saying play mesut at the number 10 role,but we all know he is off form regardless of where he plays so I’m suggesting he is benched until he regains form.

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