Wenger explains the only way Arsenal can beat Man United

Tomorrow Arsenal face yet another crucial game in the race for the title, and like the win over Leicester it is going to be a tough fixture facing Man United at Old Trafford. Our League record up there is atrocious but we do have comfort in the knowledge that we knocked United out of the FA Cup up there last season.

Not only that we gave them a mauling at the Emirates earlier this season, and Wenger says that we have to play like that again tomorrow. “We had a good performance against them in October. I think we took them a little bit by surprise and we played at a high pace from the start and closed down well early on. We need to play at that pace again because our game is based on pace and speed, and if we don’t have that I don’t see how we can win there.

“We have to raise our level at the right moment. You want to raise your level and after, individually, the players will benefit from that. When we attack well, Alexis will be very dangerous so we have to focus on attacking well together.

“After that it’s important to remember that we worked very hard to be in this position. At half time against Leicester, we were eight points behind Leicester. Today we are two points behind. We have to take advantage of that.”

We certainly do! If Wenger is serious about the pace and speed then surely he must be talking about playing Theo Walcott down the centre. The Englishman has been nearly anonymous lately on the wings. Sp Sanchez on the left Walcott in the centre, and who should play on the right? Campbell?

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  1. “We need to play at that pace again because our game is based on pace and speed”

    Our game is based on hold up play not speed ?

  2. Welbeck down the centre and not Walcott ffs, he only plays well when he wants a new contract. And how I long for the day that I will see Ramsey on the bench, his form is only going downhill.
    I also hope and pray that mertesacker gets injured just before the game so that wenger would have no choice but to play gabriel.

    1. Theo as the CF and Welbeck on the wing.
      Do you even watch Arsenal?????????????

      Welbeck will track back and is better at defending when compared to Theo, Theo is all about movement and that is not good for tracking back.

      People have moaned about Ramsey after the Barca game, did anyone watch the game???
      Ramsey done very well for the 1st 60-70 mins and then his legs got tired. I am frustrated that he didn’t run back to help defend for Barca 1st goal but at the same time Ramsey was being a real threat in getting forward and helping with the attack, he was getting back and intercepting… if he could of kept that up for 90 mins then he would of been in the form he was in a few years ago when he was putting in over 4 tackles per game and scoring goals… basically a new Vieira.

      Your not a fan, your a troll.

  3. I prefer if gabriel will play ahead of Per, but be careful what you wish for because per is one of the few injury players we have and he’s our 3rd best CB, an injury to him will be blow. How about you wenger will bench him instead??

    1. He is nt injury free, he jst dnt do enough, he doesn’t run fast enough, he doesn’t stretch enough to get injured, he ducks sometimes coz the ball to the head might injure him, and so on. so thts not a compliment, everyone gets injured coz they push themselves to the limit, Per’s limit is like 12% of sanchez’s

  4. This is the weakest United
    team for 30 years so I do
    expect an Arsenal triumph.
    The core of 10 non English
    players will start for us.
    Bellerin Kos Mertz Monreal
    Coquelin Ramsey or Elneny
    ? Ozil Sanchez
    It is just a matter of finding a place for one
    English token/quota player to fill the 11th spot.
    Gibbs and Chambers won’t start.
    Wilshere and Chamberlain are injured.
    My guess is that Walcott will start
    Ospina Gibbs Chambers Elneny/Ramsey
    Iwobi Campbell Wellbeck

    1. Giroud has to be dropped in my opinion, the guy is back to his old self, Welbeck and campbell should start. Beside what’s wrong with somebody called Alexis Sanchez???

  5. The problem confronting the Gunners now is they can’t score goals to win games outrightly. And even when they managed to score, they labour too much before they score.

    Can Arsenal beat Man Utd to remain in contention for the title? Yes, if the Boss will start the correct Gunners starters that will out score the rejunvinating LvG Man Utd side at Old Traford on Sunday evening.

    My Starts:
    My bench:
    OspinaRhinoRamseyWalcott GiroudFlaminiGibbs.

    For vitality and to rejunvinate the Gunners scoring ability, I have made 4 changes to the Boss’ starts that started the last Barca game.
    The Boss should keep to these my starts which I am sure he won’t keep to them but still do at least 3 changes to them. But my starts are the correct start that will beat Man Utd on Sunday at Old Traford.

  6. just relieved that this article did not look for space to include fcb just like the 99% of articles since our last match…it waz getting boring.!

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