Wenger explains what’s up with Alexis…

Arsene Wenger lamented at the end of last season that Alexis Sanchez would have to miss the Arsenal games in the first month of the new season, because of his involvement in the Copa America over the summer. Sanchez went on to win the tournament with Chile, so in fact he should really have had an even longer break to recharge his batteries.

So it was a bit of a shock when Wenger brought Alexis on from the bench in the very first game of the season (the loss to West Ham) and then played the whole 90 minutes in the following weeks win at Crystal Palace. So far, Sanchez has played six games and has registered zero goals and zero assists, and according to Opta he has squandered five clear cut chances.

Obviously he has been out of sorts, but he still scares opposing defenders. Arsene Wenger today admitted that he could have been wrong to push him into the team so early. He said: “I think I played him very early before he was completely fit, physically, that is one explanation. The second is that every player who has won a big trophy with the national team takes some while to settle and come back to his best. These are the two main explanations for me.

“Physically he is not completely ready, coming out of a big achievement and that takes time. I don’t worry for Alexis Sanchez. Even when he doesn’t score he is still a major threat for everybody and I am confident he will score very soon.”

So with Sanchez out of form, Giroud lacking in confidence in front of goal, and Walcott learning a new trade, it is with more hope than confidence that we can outscore Leicester tomorrow. Surely things (and our players) must start improving soon?

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  1. Alexis will come good, the man needs to relax himself a bit.

    _________OFF TOPIC_______
    “He cannot achieve, but he keeps his job, he can still be king. It’s a privilege.” ________Maureen

    PS: We all know who he’s referring to there. Somehow, Maureen has a way of saying the bitter truth: Wenger is never under pressure, he’s got the best job in the world; trophies can only come to him by coincidence.

    1. Mourinho still has no class and is not a gentleman

      Managers Should not insult other managers. Mourinho should worry about himself not Wenger
      Wenger never acts like that

      I want Wenger OUT at the end of the season though lol.

      1. people here actually want mourinho, he so cheap with his comments.
        literally no class

        after the diego costa man of the match comments, he says this.
        immature an pathetic

        1. More proof for Mourinho’s “class”, his comments on FA banning Costa:

          “I don’t comment, if I reveal my true feelings a big suspension will be waiting for me,” he said. “The team has already lost a big player, they don’t need to lose their manager as well. I’m happy to remain calm and quiet.”

          I’m confused… he’s quiet because he fears a suspension or he’s quiet because of what happened in the game??

        2. @muffdiver
          Thats because some on here are just as “whiney moany” as Jose. They recognise and sympathise with one of their own…

      1. Does Wenger often mind his own business? Arsene too comments on matters outside his corridor, like what he said about Martial which didn’t go down well with some folks like Martial’s agent. I seriously don’t like Maurinho, but it does mean I’d disagree with everything he does and says.

    2. I wouldn’t say trophies come to him by coincidence. But he’s more secure in his job than most managers, that’s correct. I wonder if Wenger can work under an Abramovich or Perez.

      1. Oh in case you forgot..actually, Wenger has been running from Perez….he knows Perez is not just about money but Tittles

    3. I agree for the lack of trophies although lately we won some. However, I would like to see Maureen keeping any team in top 4 on a shoestring budget. If he can do that, hats off. That won’t make him anything less despicable but he would have a point.

    4. I actually think its the other way around.
      You know you have your job, people trust you, you earn good money…maybe Mou is judging by the type of person HE IS, but anything we can say about Wenger is is a responsable guy, and I am sure he feels a LOT of pressure on his shoulders to deliver.
      Mou would feel like “hell…yeah, they wont sack me so i can do hwtaver” I think Wenger is mor the type of “damn these people have put their faith in me I have to deliver trophies”…and he has begun might I add

  2. Sorry off topic

    “He can speaks about referees before the game, he can speak about referees after the game, he can push people in the technical area, cry in the morning, cry in the afternoon, nothing happens. He cannot achieve, but he keeps his job, he can still be king. It’s a privilege.” Maurine.
    Why cant he proposal to Wenger already or apply for the Arsenal job since Man U shut his fantasy of coaching them too. Obsessed much,. Wenger should not even react or respond to this.

    Back to the topic, as long as Sanchez keeps giving it 100%, fighting for things, creating chances for others, getting in good positions and attracting opponents defenders leaving other players free, smiling, enjoying his football and more importantly our club then I am happy. Goals will follow and they will be bonus.

    What pains me are forwards who don’t score and don’t add the necessary effort or show full commitment to ensuring our team picks up maximum results.

    I always bet on Sanchez getting a goal in every fixture, even when his on the bench, lol, his that kind you player you don’t bet against.

    1. yeah, he should not respond.

      Mou should spend sometime in Japan to learn the culture and respect of a job.

      In many cultures he would be considered a slut. a high paid merenary, not even worrying about the other employees of said clubs.

      I am sure Wenger has had the chance of leaving us for some greener and better and maybe wealthier pastures…but he chose to fulfill his job and that was to keep us in the elite while paying everything.

      Yes, I am a big critic because I think he can do better, but man do we forget. Mou would have NEVER achieved what Wenher has woth the situation in hand.

      Am i a utopia dreamer? maybe, but that the way this club is. We never were the cheaters or galácticos or whatever there is.

      1. Arsene Wenger on Claudio Raneri,

        “Against Claudio it was difficult because when he left Chelsea, he built the team that was so successful at the start,” he said. “I remember them finishing second in the league with Ranieri and the team was upcoming with young players like John Terry and Frank Lampard who were the players that contributed to the success of Chelsea.

        “I’ve followed his career because I have a big respect for Claudio Ranieri. He’s a great manager and a great man as well. Ranieri is Italian, they love clean sheets in Italy and they love to defend well. We would love to defend well against Leicester but also to attack well.”

        And on the other side, we have Mourinho….

    2. @007

      Hey bro!
      Stop betting on Sanchez to score in every game!
      Your obviously a jinx ?? so please stop! ??

  3. I’m not concerned about Alexis at all.

    He is the best striker since sliced bread!

    And those of us old enough to remember can vouch for what a wonderful centre forward sliced bread turned out to be.

    Here’s the proof:

    Sliced Bread – Career games played 489
    Sliced Bread – Career goals scored 423

  4. Sanchez’ game is becoming a bit too predictable. Run, cut inside, shoot with the right and that’s about it. I’ll like to see him vary his game a bit more. Toy with defenders, go into the byline, work on his crossing etc. Just compare with Eden Hazard, you never really know what he’s going to do.

  5. Did anyone see Giroud try and dribble against Spurs? The guy holds and shields the ball well but unfortunately makes no progress going forward. Sometimes I wish Arsenal were more direct like other teams I have watched this season…but the problem is we have too many one trick ponies. Walcott has speed but hardly any control, he loses the ball way too often. Oliver “Texas Hold em Up” Giroud, too slow and cannot dribble. Welbeck has pace and control , but cannot shoot, not to mention injured. Sometimes I feel these three players are what are the bottleneck in our team and preventing us from being deadly in front of goal. I mean I like Walcott, but purely as a winger. What also concerns me is he is 25 and has had little to show for it. Chamberlain and Sanchez are the only two strikers with the full package – pace, dribbling, shooting etc. I’m hoping when Akpom returns from his loan spell he will be ready to take on the Cf role – from what I have seen of him the boy has it all.

    1. I wonder …sometimes. Trezeguet wasnt good in the Henry dribbling in the Francce team.
      But man couldd he score like even lying on the ground, no big moves, just the atual positioning.

  6. Don’t mention Hazzard here, don’t mention mourinho, this is Arsenal and we have class. We may not have won many Trophies but we are respected.
    About Alexis, he will this weekend. His goals will start flowing. Our Problem is Arsene Wenger, he can’t motivate the players, doesn’t have anything new to say. Arsenal need a new manager, new motivation and a new course of life….
    Wenger Out, Giroud Out!!!!!!
    Klopp, Lewandoski and Griezman in…

    1. FFS, Why do you think Bayern will sell Lewandoski and Atletico will sell Griezmann to us? If that was the case, Wenger was ready to splash 50 million (I heard) on Lewandoski or Muller.

  7. but Seriously………..and realistically………… Has wenger ever been under pressure by the board to deliver at AFC even once?…….have thr ever been any case / incidence of say “If wenger loses this match, he’s gone” ???? … As disgusting as Moanino’s approach to matters which doesn’t concern him…..there might be an iota of truth in what he says!…and until there’s pressure from the board and/or fans…….the man will always feel relaxed and does whatever he likes at all times….this is the curious case of ARSENE WENGER!

    1. Hahaha
      The simple truth is that he is doing the bare minimum on the pitch which is acceptable for the board and the owners,
      But most importantly for them, wenger is doing a fantastic job making money!

      Basically, as long as wenger keeps making money,
      the job is his for as long as he wants it!
      And wenger has stated many times that he will only step down when he feels that he can no longer take the club forward. ..
      So you can expect the deluded one to be stepping into his office each and every morning for the foreseeable future.

  8. It’s strange how wenger didn’t mention Sanchez’s high rate Stamina and his eagerness to play in every game,
    which is the case as Sanchez is a beast.
    This time around wenger is hinting on complacency being the issue, what with Chile winning a major tournament,
    With Sanchez heavily involved.
    And during that competition the Chilean coach said that Sanchez suffers from mental problems and the player actually agreed and he didn’t denie this either, but nothing was mentioned of what kind of problems they were,
    I’m supposing that time will tell us.

    Maybe he lacks focus/concentration or something,
    Did anyone else notice how Sanchez reacted when he was handed the FA cup?
    He just smiled and rested it on the balcony and stared blankly into the crowd , he didn’t even lift the trophy up lol.
    He was probably thinking what’s for tea tonight ?

    Before you mock the FA cup! You have respect the fact that it is a major trophy in England
    and that it has been watched by millions from all over the world Since broadcasting started.

    1. LOL, which FA Cup Final you were watching… ??
      When he was handed the trophy, he lifted it with total happiness, he kissed it as well.

  9. He will get better, his finishing just isn’t quite what it was last year
    If it was he could already have at least 4 or 5 goals already this year with the chances he has had

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