Wenger explains why Arsenal will NOT buy a striker and a DM

Having secured Petr Cech as part of Arsenal’s new spine for next season, Gooners everywhere expected Wenger to follow this up with a new DM to compete with Francis Coquelin and definitely a new striker to give Olivier Giroud a rest up front, but now Wenger has revealed why he is in no rush to jump back into the transfer market.

Theo Walcott and Jack Wilshere both returned to the Arsenal first team at the end of the last campaign, and Wenger thinks that these two can now be considered to be “like a new signing” and can provide extra competition for the above-mentioned positions. “The best way to strengthen other areas of the team is to get the players who did not play a lot last year and keep them fit,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com.

“Walcott basically did not play until the end of the season, Wilshere has not played many games. Those two were very convincing at the end of the season so I hope that this season we can benefit from their participation and competitiveness.

“We lost Ozil and Giroud for long periods last year and they contributed a lot in the second part of the season. Let’s hope all these players will be fit and available.

“After, if we can still add some quality, we will do it.”

This does not bode well for the Arsenal fans that are adamant that without a true DM and striker we cannot win the League. Walcott has been clamouring to be a central striker for years and Wenger obviously now thinks he is mature enough to be the new Thierry Henry, while Jack Wilshere has been winning Man-Of-The-Match accolades in his defensive role for England. Could these two be our new striker and DM this season?

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      1. No his not but, he can work in a deeper role.. Roy Hodgson demonstrated that on more than one occasion though you seem to doubt it, i’d like to think in that instance roy knows more than you!

        1. Roy does that cuz England don’t have a proper DM at the moment.name one top class English DM???name one..but we don’t have to use English DM players we are a club and can buy world class international players.just like other teams.Chelsea, manure and man city

          1. You know there are other formations that dont neccesarily require a CDM, with the midfielders we have i think we have the luxury of contemplating different tactical approaches, Wishere has shown the an ability of playing a deeper role not neccesarily DM, more on the lines of a deep lying playmaker, so the reason we shouldn’t experiment and see weather it could actually work is because seancali doesn’t believe it would work…

              1. As i mentioned like in the comment below, i’d rather spend the money get a good striker.. If we can get a CDM great i wouldn’t say no.. but the situation your raising over the Cdm position is hypothetical its a what if question, the striker issue is a we have not, as in we haven’t had a tremendous amount of goals from our strikers thats a real problem not hypothetical one.Id rather spend money addressing the real problem and if there is money left attempt to get a Cdm, but i dont feel we should be held to ransom and bemade the first price that comes into the heads of the clubs as were not in dire need of a cdm.

                1. And why didn’t we get Martinez???? We could have got both Morgan and Martinez for 50 mil….

                2. Thing is with Martinez wenger attempted to negotiate instead of pay his buyout clause of 35 million euros around 25.8 mill, Portuguese clubs do not negotiate unless its withing the nearest million (I mentioned this when there was a suggestion of interest from arsenal 4/5 weeks ago).

                3. I thought it was proven that we needed a DM after Le Coq came and changed the season last year?

          2. 4 th place here we come again we cannot and i repeat cannot win any trophy with this squad next season. Look at what Manchester united and liverpool as done i will be surprise if we make top 4. This club is the most frustrating club to support in the world we have no ambition i swear. I dont think coq. Is the finish article you all think he his, giroud is crap is movement is poor our manager needs to go home he dont wanna win anything anymore.

      2. I said it here yesterday and yet I was getting down voted by our deluded fans who cannot sense a pattern in our transfer dealings.

        1 Refuse to meet our world class players salary demand in the middle.
        2 sell them
        3 Buy a kid no one knows about and who most often than not will become an average plater
        4 Run down the transfer window
        5 sell bullocks to the fans or bid for a suarez without having any intention of buying.
        6 Tell the fans about how we have strength in depth.
        7 Transfer window shuts
        8 bad performances
        9 injuries
        10 7th in the table in December
        11 January transfer windows opens
        13 Do nothing or buy a cripple
        14 few players return from injury
        15 put a few results together
        16 Liverpool and Tottenham mess up
        17 clinch 4th place
        18 Rinse and repeat

        1. Before talking about patterns you need to see them, you are deluded and what you said is a load of BS.

          Arsenal do have a wage structure and that is a good thing, deluded fans would call for Arsenal to pay 250k a week for a player when we can get players like Alexis and Ozil for 140k per week.
          Wage isn”t an issue with Theo, Theo just wants to play Cf for us now.
          Jack doesn’t want to leave… even for a big wage at City.

          RvP didn’t leave due to wages, it was due to lack of investment in the squad…

          Which player did we lose due to not competing on the wage area? Trophies have been the reasoning from what I recall.

          Buy a kid no1 knows about… you mean like Bellerin? Or Cesc? Vieira? Ramsey?
          Damn, with kids like that then who cares if anyone has heard of them?!?!

          Run down the transfer window? Like Alexis was a last minuite signing? Or Chambers? Or Cech? Ozil was… but reports say Wenger was trying to get Cesc 1st but he turned us down, not bad by Wenger getting the Assist king instead.

          Sell b**locks to the fans? All clubs do that.

          Strength in depth is true. We have 3 world class GK. 2 world class LB and RB and 3 world class CB with a great potential (Chambers) being 4th choice. 6 CM competing for 2 spots. 5 wingers (not including Theo anymore) and 3 CF for 1 spot….
          The worst would be Arteta who is still good enough to play against the weaker teams to give Coquelin a rest. We have enough depth.

          7th in league by Dec… so every year is going to be the same as last year? Not gonna count Gabriel who really helped to add quality in depth? Why not the season before where we was storming?

          You are pathetic, grow up.

          1. You made your own assumptions.
            Sorry My love for arsenal will not blind me from reality.we are not going to win the league with what we have.
            Giroud is not Aguero
            Wilshere is not David silva, Messi
            And mertesacker is not John terry.
            For example,As bad as man city were last season, Aguero ‘s goals were enough to propel above us.
            Yet our fans say great season.

    1. Walcott is much more naturally a striker than winger.

      More importantly, I believe Wenger plans to use him as a striker.

      1. hmmmm…(by the way thats my dubious noise)….
        for example..mate i know she was ontop of him undressed but she says it was a massage and i believe her!!…..”hmmmm”

          1. We are never going to win the league with this team.
            As much as I want to win it, I will not allow my love for arsenal delude me into thinking that we have the resources to do so.
            We are :
            1 blunt in attack and one dimensional
            2 light weight in the defensive aspect of the midfield with two of our midfielders notorious for consistently giving the ball away.
            3 can be shocking In defense

        1. Really ??! Schwein is PAST his prime. Schneirderlin ? Ramsey is better, Coquelin is better.

      1. and if he is not !!! then what !! suffer like any other years we are doomed as long as this mad man is running the club like a business.

    2. Actually deluded one is Wenger himself. He does that every year for the past 10 years, and then blame the fialures to Injuries, Refs, Pitch, bad luck, and lack of intensity in players. He blames every one except himself!!!!! this man is bad news for Arsenal FC. we have to revive the campain of Wenger Out. FA CUP and 4th place is not trophy!!! we are truned to mediocority for all these years.

  1. F….king hell!!!!why!??why would you even write an article about this? Jack will never be a good DM and we need a better striker then Theo…if we are using Theo as a striker what about a winger??!we need a winger right???bottom line is its not about needing to buy but we have to buy a DM and winger at least… But my first option would be to get a new top class striker and a wanayama type of DM that would not bench lecoq but cover him.we can’t rely on arteta and flamini for the DM role. Let’s spend our cash on a top striker and get a cheaper dm like wanayama… We must buy my friends, we al know what we have is not simply enough.

    1. I believe Wenger needs to add some final pieces to the puzzle. But I will not denigrate existing talent like Jack or Theo in the process. We are so lucky to have these players.

      How could you possibly know if we need a better striker than Walcott?? How could you know his limits as striker – he has never been given the opportunity to do it. A couple of years ago ( when healthy) he scored 20+ at RW. And at the end of last season he looked fantastic as a striker. And Wenger probably knows more than we do about his chances to succeed.

      Remember, every top striker was at one time NOT a top striker. How many people ever even heard of Costa a few years ago?

      1. i knew about costa…ever since they opened one near mine in 03′
        what?! ahh come one those gags are still ok..
        no?! ungrateful swines!

      2. What does Wenger exactly know except competing for third or fourth palce for the Pl.
        Are you that confident in him based on his recent history.
        all our summer start we are short on players and we end up loosing the title because of that.

        1. Last season is the only one which merits your statement. And even then he still brought in allot of players and maybe thought more would have boarded on too many to integrate at once.

          The season just before then we where only starting to work with a proper budget and we needed to move out allot of players whom prefered not leaving.

          We spent short of 100m last season but are still short. We spent 40m on one player the year before, to improve on our quality in the way we done with Sanchez. What more do you want, we are spending money. Fans like yourself sound as if you expect us to go the way of Chelsea City and Manu by just buying a whole new first team in one foul swoop before adding quality on top of quality as the years tick by.

          We are working with what we have. The transfer window is far from shut so just stay patient. When the season starts and the window closes would be the time to judge our transfer business. You can plainly see that Arsene is and has been trying to improve our quality.

  2. Remember, so many here, including Admin, did say “one more season” for Mr. Arsene. Well, we won the FA cup this past season, but honestly it’s not enough.

    I don’t want any of those flimsy excuses like “If only we had a world-class stiker; if only we had another defensive midfielder as good as or better than Coquelin, if only Gabriel had played often instead of Per or if only we had gotten someone better as a central back.”

    We all know Arsene, at the moment, is Arsenal. His word is law. Whatever goes right or wrong in the coming season, it’s all on Arsene.

    1. Yes but he can prevent failure… He should learn from past experiences… We need a DM and a striker…if Wenger gets them we won’t be blaming him for lack of transfer activities.

      1. Yeah kick ass, like how some of you said well what a you know.. he is spending money so I guess hes not afraid to spend it like I said he was and he did make us “cup kings” I didn’t think he had it in him as Ive said as much when I said Id rather win the fa cup than bloody fourth place.. but that’s not gonna happen as the man has no ambition to win anything but CL football.

    2. We all want the best team possible. We all complain about weak areas not be properly addressed. But I love to watch Arsenal perform every single season regardless of trophies or titles. But it makes sad to see that some fans are not satisfied even when Arsenal are winning trophies.

      You write “its not enough.” So what are the requirements? 2 trophies each season? 3 trophies in 2 season? Or must Arsenal get a treble each year?? What is the standard that will satisfy?

      I watch and support Arsenal for great performances. Trophies and titles are simply an added bonus. I love the club even when they win ZERO trophies.

      1. How does the 8-2 taste to you or the 6-0. 6-3 or whatver crazy ass numbers others have beaten us.

        You are a loser with a loser mentality.

        1. He sounds more like a Gooner through thick and thin to me.

          He’s right though, we have been successful over these past two seasons. We all want to see our club winning more titles but its not something you can demand. We love watching our team right up til defeat, that’s when they need the fans backing the most… so again he’s right.

      2. there is something that teams like bayern, barca and even man utd have. its called ambition.
        when bayern dont win the double (league and cup) they spend big to win it next season.

        when we win the fa cup many fans seem to be pleased for the next 10 years.

        thing is: we dont say that the trophies we won arent good.
        we just want to win more. or at least see that club and players try their best to win more.

        PS: we all love this club. but some of us r borne winners who like to win every thing they can – a fifa game, a chest game, trophies, etc. and some are affraid of challenges.

        1. One team in Germany and it happens to be Bayern. Two teams in Spain for the most part and they have all the money as well as the pick of every player. Manu are the richest club in England and were the second richest club in world last time I looked. They spend 150m on players but miss out on CL so then spend god knows what this year. We miss out on CL and we have 30m less to spend, also less money from Emirates deal as CL football is linked.

  3. Kinda makes sense though, the only reason people are asking for another CDM is because we all fear the possibility of injury to coquelin and know flamini is usless, beilick is inexperienced so it begs the question what happens if an injury where to occur, but wîth how many midfielders we have in the squad i think it could allow us to change a tactical approach and potentially experiment with people like Ramsey and Wishere potentially playing a deeper role??? But the striker is a must as i mentioned earlier Giroud went 8 games without scoring a goal and none of the other strikers stepped up to the plate, we cant have a drought of goals when your the quest for titles…

    1. I agree with you on the striker part but not the DM. It’s enough experiment with jack and Ramsey,we need a proper DM to cover lecoq.. .

      1. Im not suggesting this be a long term solution, but id much rather pull out the stops, and go all out on a very good striker.. the lack of goals is alarming…

        1. We can’t afford to be after short term solution. We need to upgrade a few positions and find cover for the other,we already got cech sobthe gk part is upgraded. Now a DM cover and then an upgrade onna striker. We must act fast if we want to be lifting the bpl trophy

  4. I dont understand this situation at all. This is just stupid and yeah wait till you get screwed over by chelsea 6-0 by playing arteta,wilshere in the mid instead of a deserving DM who hopes to play for one day and you always do that. There are so many willing players outside the club who want to follow Viera’s footsteps but the boss may stick with what he’s got.

    1. Who do Chelski play when Matic gets injured? Who do Manshitty play when Toure is injured? Who do Manure play when everybody is fit . Artera/wilshere with Bielik in cup games are better or atleast on par with Mikel and co. Think a a striker is a luxury, but a luxury we ca afford. With our new backroom staff our injuries will dramatically decrease. Anybody who think we cannot compete with our current squad is dillituional. COYG! Got 200 quid on a douple next season. Big squad, big stars- I k ow everybody is hungry for a title… But dont be stupid and buy shit. Get a wc player when available and nothing less. If no wc player is availble it wont be an improvement.

      1. Chelsea play a DM they won the CL with. Moreover Chelsea players hardly get injured, like at all. He only missed the games he got banned for jumping Barnes and a 1 game suspension for yellow cards. City actually have a DM in Fernando that they bought last season.

  5. And i will say this again, what if le coq gets a serious injury? ( god forbid) but i dont think its a wise move by wenger!

  6. OT: What’s with Arsenal apparently interested in Johnny Evans should Manure upgrade?!? Evans??? Callum Chambers may be better than him this season!

    1. The Evans move would never happen. We won’t be buying a manure reject. As you said calum is a better option compared to Evans.

            1. You put your trust in someone…………

              Sorry I still can’t talk about this *bursts into tears*


      1. yes we did have history of buying MU rejects in past!!!! Silvestere, Welback!!!!!, and what we gave them ? Van Persie!!!

  7. Thumb me down all you want, but if Wenger doesn’t add to the Chech signing and we stumble out of the blocks, there should be no acceptable excuse and time to look in another direction. I’m ok using Theo up top, but not ok if he doesn’t add the quality needed to replace him out wide; Campbell is not it, in fact he doesn’t have the quality.
    A CDM is also a must. Its seems that Wenger doesn’t learn. If he thinks that Arteta will provide the balance/stability as a cover for Le Coq, he’d deluded. Arteta doesn’t provide the defensive cohesion necessary, hence we will lack the balance and get over ran in the middle. Arteta/Santi wouldn’t work, Arteta/Ramsey even worse and don’t mention Arteta/Wilshere. So the long and short of this is that I’m becoming bit nervous about our transfer activities.

    1. Arteta Ramsey got our title charge on the last time we looked like winning it . Just reminding you it can work.

      1. Title charge? when has Arteta combined with Ramsey in the deep lying position lead to a title charge, give me a break. Arteta is older and slower (if that’s even possible), that’s why we were so grossly exposed before at the back before Le Coq’s inclusion, and to relive that possibility for the 2015-2016 season is cringing to say the least. Santi, Ramsey and Jack, if being played in the deep lying position must be partnered with someone more mobile and stronger in the tackle than Arteta. God forbid that Le Coq picks up an injury after the transfer window closes, then we’ll be back to where we last year, only this time Manu would have been a much better team, Liverpool maybe stronger and not to mention Chelsea.

  8. Oh ye of little faith! This is just a blogger expressing his views. I believe there will be 1 or 2 more signings IF they are available at the right price. Those are Lacazette and Schneiderlin. If they do not come I still think we are strong enough. Don’t forget that cohesion is something that takes time. With an intact squad and a good pre-season we will have a solid squad with or without these 2. Having said that I would love the 2 of them to arrive to soothe the pain of having to let Abou Diaby go.

    1. PS. In this same interview being quoted, Wenger also said they would add quality if and when available.

  9. 1. Wenger is correct that Arsenal were missing key components of the lineup that were available later in the season – this is not unimportant.

    But what happens if he loses some key components again this season. What happens when suddenly Coq is unavailable? No real sub for Coq.

    2. I don’t believe a word Wenger says regarding transfers. He rarely tips his hand and if he does it is often lies to throw the dogs off his scent. So regardless of what he says now about his squad, we still know NOTHING about any transfer plans.

  10. For bananas sake, we cant rely on luck to win something. As for now, Chelsea and City are stronger then us. How do we expect to beat them if the now is not good enough and they keep on improving?

  11. I have a feeling wenger will buy one more player this window and they will be a forward and I hate using the word but they’ll be a marquee signing. If we’ve been linked to a player it’s unlikely we’ll go for them. This would rule out lacazette, higuain and benzema. Who else could we fo for? Cavanni or reus? When Liverpool have the 50m cashed I’m guessing they’ll go for reus but with no cl football do they stand a chance? Apart from this one signing AW will likely spend his time ensuring all necessary players are out on loan and maybe the odd replacement for players we may lose, (monreal, cazorla etc). I hope we lose no one and the big signing we make provides the sane lift and impetus provided by the signing of alexis.

    1. I agree – definitely one proper signing on its way. I reckon Liverpool have already spent their £50M for Sterling – went to Wonga to get the cash for Firmino, Clyne knowing they had a pay day coming up soon. Anyway the noise from the LFC forums is that Rodgers is hell-bent on Benteke.

  12. Personally I would like us to spend sub 50m on lacazette, (if he’ll sign) and schneiderlin, wanyamma etc.

  13. Schneiderlin is having medical with Man Utd according to BBC and Muzzy Ozcan announced first.

      1. its done mate too many good sources have confirmed

        so in one day pedro to chelsea, schneiderlin to utd

        i hate sundays

  14. UniTed have signed schweinsteiger
    2. Depay
    3. Schneiderlin

    With RVP and Falcao gone they will get a top striker like Benzema or Cavani

    Van Gaal is building a very nice team

    We need to compete with them, Chelski and City (who are signing Sterling). The only way to do this is to get a TOP striker and/or Top winger AND a TOP DM or top b2b cm who is good defensively

    We can’t hope and experiment that Wilshere can cover for DM or that Walcott will succeed as a CF.

    Lets get a couple of WC players and fight for Trophies

    1. And Pedro to Chelski

      I hope Muzzi is right about Arsenal getting the transfer of the season because Pedro, Sterling, Schweinsteiger and Schneiderlin are impressive signings or at least will improve their new respective clubs.

      1. This Muzzi Ozcan bloke has seemingly been right about everything so far. Though at this rate, United will just come in and steal whichever player we’re supposed to be after. This supposed ‘signing of the season’ isn’t a done deal yet, he said ‘talks are progressing’. That means everything could still fall through, or worse, as I just said, another club could come in and steal the deal.

    1. Kondogbia gone. Schneiderlin gone. From my original shortlist of defensive midfielders, or midfielders that can play DM, only Krychowiak remains. He was always my preferred choice, but it’s discouraging to see Arsenal not really being aggressive in the market for a DM, plus we’ve only been very loosely linked with Krychowiak, so whilst I hope we will get him, I wouldn’t count on it.

      1. Shoulda read this before I posted down below. He might be a stellar suggestion, though Lord knows what his price is now.

  15. I see no sign of wenger willing to sign any new players. We lost on Kondogbia, Schneiderlin and Pedro about joining Chelsea , it will be a BIG shame to Arsenal and AW if we are not close to competing with Chelsea , Man utd, city and even Liverpool.

    1. I’m not sure why you think Arsenal “lost out” on any of these players. Schneiderlin would’ve been a useful player, I grant you, but he’s not really defensive enough for what Arsenal needs. Kondogbia seems to be a nice player, though I’m not sure if he has the technical quality to beat out Coquelin immediately – and if you’re paying that kind of money, you need him to start immediately. Pedro’s neither better than Sanchez, nor a better fit than Walcott, nor with as much potential as Oxlade-Chamberlin, Gnabry, et al. Arsenal will almost certainly finish above Liverpool, regardless of who buys what – the talent gulf, post-Suarez, is way too big.

      I don’t understand why so many people think there are so many options for Wenger. I haven’t seen Kondogbia play (or much of Schneiderlin) but the data suggests they aren’t perfect fits to replace or back-up Coquelin. It’s not that Coq is so great: it’s that he’s just technical enough to fit into the midfield without hurting the attack, while being both focused primarily on defense and good enough to give us league-average play at it. Basically, you either need to bring in someone who can do all that, and is old enough that Coq won’t revolt when he has to back them up, or you need to bring in someone so good that there’s no controversy. (Think of Debuchy/Bellerin, Monreal/Gibbs, and Mertesacker/Paulista. The ages have to be staggered, unless you go out and buy a player like Ozil, who can eventually force Cazorla to move just by being so damn good.)

      There’s only a couple possibilities, then. Both Pogba and Vidal have the necessary offensive and defensive skills to do it. William Carvalho might – his press is that good, but I haven’t seen him. (Has anyone?) I can’t think of any other DMs/CMs who are defensively focused, offensively above-average, and at weaker clubs than us. (Weirdly, Busquets ould be perfect. He seems like a taller, older, slightly-more-elegant Coquelin – but Barca will never sell.)

  16. Unless we buy a `johnny on the spot` striker we will miss countless opportunities to put points on the board. Giroud is good but that look on his face as another chance goes amiss is too hard to bear week after week. No striker, no title…easy!

    1. Again – what’s not easy is determining what available striker is worth the ridiculous money. I loved Lacazette, until I discovered he’s shorter than Theo. Hello, being useless at set pieces, again! Cavani and Higuan are laughably not worth the money – Wenger believes (and I concur) that strikers peak at far younger ages.

      So, then who? My dream transfer is actually Lukaku, but by the time his contract is close to up, Real or Barca will probably be sniffing around. Besides, I dunno if he’s quite technically gifted enough.

      I actually would’ve loved Van Persie, for a tenth or twentieth of what we sold him for. Left-footed, technically good, good at getting the team involved. Would’ve been an excellent back-up for Giroud.

      1. We have a joker n the pack, Lukaku RVP Looooooooooooooooooooooool.

        One has been and one never will be.

        1. I really can’t understand why Lukaku is more absurd than Wenger signing someone like Higuan or Cavani or Benzema. At least Lukaku is young enough for Arsene to consider it; when he leaves Everton in two years, it’ll probably be for less than €50M.

          I know I just got a million down votes for mentioning he-who-must-not-be-named, but that makes me laugh. The “Spending = Always Good” crowd pretends that the pickier, more patient fans are hopeless romantics – but suggest to them a retread traitor as a backup, and they get quite emotional. Look, paying £5M for a back-up striker who knows your system well and is more talented than anyone else’s is good business, even if they’re likely to be crocked for half the year. With Strikers, either buy young, buy out-of-fashion, or buy Zlatan.

  17. So sad. Wenger has “Transfer Paralysis”. Why should we challenge for the Premier League and Champions League, when every year we are two quality players short. Mourinho called Wenger “a success at failure”. Sadly he is right. Wenger’s enemies are us supporters. He looks down on the supporters, the only manager to do that. A week ago Gazidis said Wenger never signs who the supporters want, he comes, instead from leftfield. Over the last 10 years Wenger has proved he is a dictator, who looks down on the fans. He wants to finish fourth. Why? Maybe he is a true weirdo.

  18. Schneiderlin has gone to man u, wenger needs to dig deep now and really try and get arturo vidal!

  19. You could see all this happening, with Schneiderlin begging to come to Arsenal, but Wenger paying no interest…. reminds me of Cesc last year. What annoys me is that the fans are milked dry yet Wenger runs the club on the shoestring. Maybe he would’ve had selection problems had he bought Cesc, yet Cesc was a major part of Chelski winning the EPL. It is not the same here as we don’t have an overload in the DM department.

    Not impressed – we’ve been told time and time again that we’ve finished paying for the stadium etc, and Schneiderlin is exactly the sort of player that would fit in at Arsenal, who is keen to come to Arsenal and that we desperately need, because if Coq goes injured, we are in trouble. Walcott could make a top striker, but that’s a big could.

  20. Jeeez – they are all out of the woodwork tonight. Can’t believe there are so many so keen to watch a sport decided solely by how much money you can spend. They just as well publish the 2015-16 PL final table on the eve of the new season next month – see who has won the summer spending competition. Should at least have a trophy for it of some description. To think the hardest hard-on some these guys could ever have would be to spend £500M in one whack and win the PL title – real ambition right there. They could tell their mates all about it and bask in the reflected glory. Spending = ambition, oh the imagination required for that just gives you such a warm glow inside.

    1. Jonesy, you are so spot-on. This “spending = ambition” attitude doesn’t fit the Arsenal way.
      Never has, never will. If you know your Arsenal history, period, you know that. Fans with that attitude are more frustrating than any match result.

      As an Arsenal fan, I have problems with “buying the league”, as I prefer to build, not buy, a winning team. Instant gratification only gratifies for an instant.

    2. It’s not about spending, we don’t want to become a Chelski or Man City, however there are several wise spends which Wenger has failed to make. If he had we would’ve been league champions by now. Famously he refused to pay over 40m and 1 pound for Suarez who was keen to come to Arsenal, while going out and spending 42.5m for Ozil – who would you say would’ve been more valuable to the team?

      Schneiderlin wanted to come to Arsenal as well, and he has a good disciplinary record, and would’ve fitted perfectly into the team. We can’t rely on Coq to be fit the entire season. Not only are we potentially weak in the DM area, but we’ve strengthened the opposition by failing to sign a player who wanted to be Arsenal player. He’s always penny pinching, but whats the point of signing players like Sanogo etc., who turn out to be a bigger waste of money.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Wenger is not good at making signings. We have not been good at making signings since David Dein left, which funnily enough was the last time we won the EPL. Bring David Dein back, and keep Wenger away from any signings.

  21. Does anyone remember Oliver Twist and the demand for some more? Those are our fans and their demand for signing every available player! It simply can never happen because we have a ceiling about the number of players we can have in a season. Besides, our players have not been as useless as some delusional people would like to portray the team. Here is a team which won the FA and ended the year as the top team. Fine if other troops are adding players but must you simply do what others are doing without any good reason? Let critics point out areas of weakness which they think we need to strengthen rather than rubbishing the team and denigrating the manager as if he has never won anything for the club. A striker, no matter how good, cannot win a competition single handed. It requires a team ethic and effort. Arsenal has got back to winning ways as was clearly evidenced by the FA final and there is no way back. Arsenal is a very serious contender for all available trophies this season and, barring any bad luck due to injuries, will go the whole course of the season. Games are usually won by three ingredients: good and fit players, strong team spirit and confidence. At the moment Arsenal has those ingredients. The only thing we pray for is the players to stay fit. If that happens, Arsenal will win EPL with or without any additions. Let us get behind our team and stop uncalled for criticisms of the team and the manager.

  22. I think the assessment in this article is spot on… In Wenger minds it is correct… The author of the article wrote it like he had an “inside source” or a pass in Wenger way of thoughts…

    The fact is, we are, as a club, happy were we stand right now. Wenger has no pressure to deliver major trophies from the board or the fans.

    FA Cup? Please, even the most hard core Or deluded Arsenal fan cannot believe it is a “massive” achievement (Wigan won it 3 years ago as they were going down)…

    Top club this, top club that… Why? Because we have. 60,000 seats stadium… That does make you a top football club. People said that we signed Sanchez and Ozil (we also sign craps like Chambers, Welbeck, Sanogo and more) which shows we can attract the best…
    Ozil and Sanchez were both surplus in their previous clubs (so was Cech, in a way) but they got here and almost double their wages. Both did not come here to win trophies.
    If you want to win big time you stay at Barca and Real M.

    Wenger (and his constant cronies) will have another explanation for the season coming and most Arsenal fans will say “he is right or knows better”…!!

    You people need to understand that in order to win or a CL, you need to seriously invest on players and make sure to have a winning formula as well as a winning manager, ruthless and willing to make hard choices and sacrifices… Wenger is not that, no where near and Arsenal does not splash unless the financial return (and ONLY the financial) is sizeable.

  23. I think we all know the fact about Olivier Giroud not been a reliable striker that can save us whenever we nEed him,also jack might easily pick up injuries from his styles of play and ramsey sometimes just get confuse on his position,,Arsenal really need to pick up a quality striker just like Vargas from chile national team and a better Dm to support Le Coq,then we good to go for the league,COYG love u all Dude!!

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