Wenger explains why Gabriel will NOT start for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger did not come right out and say that our new Brazilian defender Gabriel Paulista, signed from the Spanish club Villarreal for an undisclosed fee this week, would not be in the Arsenal starting line-up that runs out on to the Emirates pitch to face Aston Villa on Sunday.

But when you look at what the Frenchman did say about the versatile 24-year old in his pre-match press conference, reported by Arsenal.com, it seems clear that Wenger is not ready to throw the young player in at the deep end, straight from La Liga into the Premier League with no time to catch his breath.

Maybe if the transfer had gone through more smoothly, or at least quicker, and Gabriel had had most of this week to traind and get used to his new team mates and the way the Gunners want to play then he might have had a chance. But with Wenger talking about players, defenders especially, needing time to adapt and build an understanding with the players around you, as well as revealing that there is a communication issue with the new man not speaking even basic words in English, it is clear that starting him against Villa would be too much of a risk.

But the boss also had warm words of praise for his new Gunner and in talking up his qualities as well as reminding us about Koscielny’s Achilles problems, you would have to think it won’t be long and we could even see Paulista come on as a sub if the game is looking won.

Wenger said, “What I saw was a great quality for a defender. [He has a] good level of concentration, he’s physically able to adapt to the Premier League because he is quite a good size and he’s quick as well.

“He has great commitment in the challenges and he’s young. He’s 24 years old and that’s a good age for a central defender. He’s ready to go – he’ll be in the squad [for Sunday] certainly. He started training yesterday and he looks fit.

“You always need time to adapt, especially in a defensive position because you need to know your partners. At the moment he does not speak a word of English and that can cost you goals. If you mix going forwards with going backwards, it can cost you.

“It is a position where you need to know your partners and you need to communicate as well. We will try to teach him the important words. ‘Offside’ for example or ‘Look at the linesman’!

“He’s a specialist at centre back because we’ve played many times this season with Mathieu Debuchy and Nacho Monreal out of position, who did quite well.

“But it gives us another specialist in this position. We now have three and with the fixtures we have in front of us that is needed.

“We are in a job where competition exists and people of the moment play. Form is swinging and as well nobody is absolutely in top form for 365 days so you have to accept that.”

Do you think Arsenal have done well to get Gabriel?

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  1. Right choice by the boss, needs time to get used to his teammates before just throwing him in at the deep end.

  2. do we have to call him gabriel?
    all im picturing is a girl with an eye patch telling me im ready to ‘rise again’

    we need something sharper. catchy.

      1. Gabrieliñho, Gabriel.

        He just wants to be called Gabriel:
        The Destroyer of Spuds
        The Archangel of Arsenal
        The Man who made Cristiano cry
        The Lord of the OverBite

    1. GP
      Paulie G
      The Brazilian

      Stop me when my creative mind is too spectacular for you guys to handle

    2. Dont rate this guy at all.

      We demand world class, terrible transfer window.

      Need Cavani, Reus, Loris, Bender, Hummels.

      But alas we will support our wack team as usual.

        1. Give it over, as Wenger said the only guarantee you get with a big signing is the fee. Even our own Ozil has yet to fully prove himself but was considered best no 10 not long ago. Slightly above average, your judgement is slightly below moronic.

  3. Whoever does end up starting, they’re gonna perform well. Now that there’s more pressure at the CB position, Kos/Per/Paulie G/Chambo Jr are all gonna step their game up.

    If you look at the entire squad actually, there’s pressure at almost every position. Woj/Ospina Oli/Welbz Oz/Theo Ros/Santi/Ozil Gibbs/Nacho. Everyone should be afraid that they’ll be bench for someone equally as good if not better.

  4. i know this girl gabrielle from my moms old 1980s dvd tv series xena the warrior princess renee o connor her name shes hot 😀 😀 😀

  5. and what if spanish accent in brazil is different from spanish accent in spain so cazorla arteta and monreal cant understand pauls spanish 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    even the canadians who speak american cant understand texas american sometimes….. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Canada is a bilingual country – English and French. Not many know how to speak American. Although strangely, there are whole cities on the east coast where they speak only speak Australian ( source Fox News)

    2. No problem. I watched a lot of telenovelas. The best were Brazilian soaps are dubbed in Spanish.

      Our joke in Spanish is, when you drink enough wine you speak Portiguese.

  6. Give him some time to settle in London. Eventually he will have to play in for Kos due to the Frenchman’s Achilles issues, a raptured Achilles is a career ender.

  7. Clark is the CB we were promised
    in July. Clark is untested so we will
    have to see him play a few times.
    before passing judgement.
    So in effect our transfer businees for Jan
    so far actually consists of 17 yr old Bihellik.
    The best transfer business has been
    to loan the fringe/junk players.
    Sell: Plod-Oldshe. Sanostay. Camp-elle.
    Release: DeadRB, Fleemoney + Whyo?
    6 places available for quality additions.

  8. off topic…why is flamini an Arsenal player? Not defensively solid, slow, bad distribution, poor goal scoring record, futile in the air.

    As much as sczezny was beaten near post for the first brighton goal last weekend…flamini was simply too weak in the challenge and brushed aside.

    I mean a player not comfortable both in and out of possession…thats not the Arsenal way.
    For a player with so much promise on his first spell with Arsenal he is now a passenger and a liability

    1. I completely agree with you, Flamini is a poor player that shouldn’t be paid thousands of pounds a week to play for us. But in addressing your question “why is Flamini an Arsenal player?”, there’s only one very simple answer…Wenger thought he was good enough to play for us, so that’s why he was re-signed.

      You can never complain about Flamini’s poor performances for us, because at the end of the day, he’s a poor player. Average at best. He’s just playing at his normal standard. He never in a million years should be playing for us, just like Andy Carroll should never play for Real Madrid, but Wenger thought he would be a good addition, even though everyone who knows anything about football knew he wouldn’t be.

      Wenger’s the one who picks him, and it’s funny how much better Coquelin is compared to Flamini, yet up until about two months ago Wenger still felt Flamini was the better the player. The only reason Coquelin’s even playing for us is because of the likes of Arteta, Wilshere and Ramsey getting injured, leaving us with just Flamini. Bringing Coquelin back from his loan was a decision forced upon Wenger, so you can’t even give him any credit for Coquelin playing. You can only be amazed that he felt Flamini was much better. I’m just glad Coquelin olaying well for us, and showing Wenger just how wrong he got it.

      Wenger signs players, and picks the team. So there’s your answer.

  9. As long as Paulista is healthy and ready to play, I’m happy.

    I think Koscielny and Mertsacker will do a good job. I’m just feeling a lot better that we finally have another decent CB and that we are not short defensively any more

    Arsenal 3-0 Villa
    City 3-1 Chelski


  10. Oh no. Just saw footage of Robert Pires training with our first team. Wenger gone back to his cheap ways. Pires will replace Sanchez on Sunday ;-‘)

  11. Well we replaced Vermaelen at last. Now we need to get our selfs a new Dm and worldclass striker. Which is not going to happen.

    4th place trophy, oleeee

  12. I would send him in the last 10 or so mints just in front of matasacker particularly if we are wining as he has the skill to defend and disburse the ball

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