Wenger explains why he wants to change the throw-in rules

Throw-ins a no go according to Wenger!

Since leaving our beloved club Arsene Wenger has now moved on to greater pastures after refusing to take up any other managerial role and he now works closely with FIFA and is the head of global football development.

Up until now he has been fairly quiet behind the scenes and we haven’t heard much from him, but upon the release of his new autobiography, Wenger has been answering some questions for the BBC, one of which mentioned that as he is helping to develop the game, it has been brought to fans attentions that he wants to “get rid of throw-ins..” in which his response was: “When you have a throw-in, it is supposed to be an advantage for the team in possession. But in reality you’re at a disadvantage with nine players on the field to the opponents’ 10. Also, you have to use your hands to play the ball. I would say you have more chance to lose the ball. That’s why I believe we always have to think how we can make the game quicker and more spectacular. So why not be able to kick the ball in when in your own half? We always have to try to think how we could make the game quicker and more interesting, and most of the rules that have been created have led to a more spectacular game.”

His reasoning for wanting to change the throw-ins is a fair enough reason, but it can be seen in both a negative and positive way. For some team’s throw-ins produce advantages if you have takers that can pinpoint the pass but for other teams’ possession is quickly lost and the throw-in is then wasted. I think a trial in using a different technique would not harm but just how well this would work, remains to be seen.

He could also propose the throw-in and kick-in rule and leave it down to the players on the day in that moment to decide how they would want to go about taking it when the ball is out of play.

So, is Arsene Wenger right to want to get rid of throw-ins Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. Any change is good. Never thought I’d see a pro footballer stuff up a throw in 2x in a game….yup bellerin
    And this silly arsenal tactic of getting only bellerin and kola to take the throws regardless of situation

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