Wenger explains why he won’t buy big names in January

Arsenal fans should forget the January window by DN

With the January transfer window fast approaching and the usual injury problems piling up, the Arsenal fans are (as usual) hoping that Arsene Wenger will be bringing in a new striker and a new DM to bolster the squad in the push for this season’s Premier League title, but Le Prof has made it clear why he didn’t buy anyone in the summer.

Wenger said: ‘First of all, when you listen to people it is most of the time to calm anxiety for the fans, it is reassuring to have a big name come in, you are under pressure to get a new name.

‘But you have to look who is in the squad. You need competition. Competition exists if the numbers are not too short or not too big.

‘When the number is too big , there is no competition anymore and goes against the interests of the team.

‘If a player is number 26 in the team, he needs three players to die before he has a real chance to play.

‘That has an impact when he comes in the morning. He is down and he takes something away from the team.

‘When the number is too short he thinks “no matter how I am I play” and that is not good as well. I felt we have the right number.

‘Society today always wants something new. We have news every half and hour, or every minute.

‘You need to announce something new. But let’s not forget that football is as well about cohesion, about stability and that goes a little bit against the demand of what people want.

‘Cohesion is an under-rated factor now in our society because there is always a demand for something new.

‘But it’s more difficult because people are better informed today. They know more straight away.’

So Gooners, we have to change our philosophy to match Wenger’s. If we buy new players then what do we do with them when we enter the last six weeks of the season with all our players fit? In fact Arsene probably doesn’t mind our injury problems because it gives him a chance for one of our experienced backups or academy players to impress and maybe attract some big offers in the summer.

Most of us have become reconciled to the fact that Wenger has no intention of buying anyone in January, so let’s all just lie back and forget about it then if he DOES suddenly buy someone, it’s a bonus!


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  1. Wenger has already said we need reinforcements in an interview with Bein sports. He’s playing his typical mind games. I think he will bring in players just none that are “big names”. They will be a Gabriel type signing. Just a solid squad player with room to develop into a solid footballer.

    1. I think Arsene should be consider the quality gap between his regular, substitute, and the reserve team before he jump into conclusion not to buy this January. Are we deep enough to finish as title winner? At midfield, I can say we aren’t. He shouldn’t put our title chance in another jeopardy by considering that his best regular injuries men will comeback in time before the back up down injure too. My opinion, one or two addition won’t hurt the team cohesion.

  2. When was this quote said? Just wondering

    Anyway, it doesn’t mean that he will not get anybody
    1. Cazorla, Coquelin, Welbeck, Wilshere are all injured
    2. We could get injuries in January or existing injuries could remain longer than expected
    3. Maybe a top player could become available
    4. With Coquelin out, it would make sense to get a good DM because it’s unlikely that Flamini and Arteta will remain next season, so we won’t be over stocking that position.

    I agree with last paragraph though. We shouldn’t get our hopes up or we will set ourselves up for disappointment

    1. By top maybe one of the Dortmund players or someone like Lars Bender. But he doesn’t want “star” names because if they’re sold in January it means they weren’t good to begin with, i.e : Torres and Carroll

  3. “‘If a player is number 26 in the team, he needs three players to die before he has a real chance to play”

    Hmm. What do Iwobi and Adelaide need to do to get a 5-min substitute appearance?

  4. We just had a training session on Xmas day. Wenger is leaving nothing to chance. We will do business in January. Upward and onward gooners

  5. What’s the definition of “big names?” The price or reputation? Surely not Cavani, but Danilo Pereira or Chicarito , are they “BIG” enough?

  6. Quotes say nothing about not bringing in big players, or even players. It just means he’s cautious about doing so and rightly so in the Jan window. There are various other quotes, especially from Bein Sport that clearly show he knows they’re short on options.

    So perhaps start writing more objective articles, or avoid twisting words. That’s lazy and biased journalism.

    Let’s also see. He brought in Gabriel and Monreal in the past two seasons when they were short in defense. So the facts favour a more nuanced view towards Wenger’s “stingy’ habits.

  7. It will take an economist to fully understand what wenger illustrated above! I also agree with the above statement as I fold my arms for anything come january transfer. Get use to it!!

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