Wenger explains why he won’t pay Alexis ‘whatever he wants’

There has been many articles discussing how much wages Arsenal would need to offer Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil to convince them to sign contract extensions at the Emirates, with one rumour saying that the Gunners are willing to pay as much as 300,000 GBP a week to Sanchez for him to sign on the dotted line.

It was no surprise then that Wenger was asked about these rumours in yesterday’s press conference, but although he refused to reveal any actual figures, he did try to explain why economically Arsenal could not just give Sanchez whatever he asks for. Wenger was asked whether huge wage offers are destabilising, and he replied: “Always, but we must accept that modern life has changed a little bit. We always had wages structures that were respected and players earn so much money now that the cases have become much more individual than global. You have many different opinions there. Some people tell me ‘just give him what he wants’. But then you cannot respect anymore any wages structure and you put the club in trouble as well.

“That is why you have to make the decision in an objective way. Always the club has to be the priority. I understand as well that top players are a big priority but at the end of the day even for important players you can only pay as much as you can afford.”

The wage bills at top clubs are increasing even faster than the earnings from TV and sponsorship deals, so you can understand his reasoning. If Arsenal agreed to double Ozil’s and Sanchez’s wages, then would they have to do the same for the other contract talks on the table? Like the Ox, for example…

When do you stop?



  1. Gunner 4 Life says:

    Wow.. We are having one of the worst season.. The fans r divided.. The players are criticized.. No players in the team r giving their everything n the one who z.. i.e. Sanchez. is being rejected a pay rise…. now that’s what U get when U try Ur best 4 Ur team….?
    while keeping aside the fact that We are one of the richest club in the World….
    Absolutely.. Great..!
    Waiting 4 some Unknown player for replacement as Sanchez bids Us Goodbye….

    1. stubill says:

      Can’t you read? No one has said he won’t get a rise, just that there’s only so much in the bank to pay players, and that dictates what salaries are.

      1. I understand where Wenger is coming from but if you look at our wage bill we are right up there with Chelsea and mancity and Man utd. This means that socialist wage structure Wenger employs that sees the likes of Mertesacker earning 80k per week to sit on the bench all season is what is preventing us from paying deserving players what they are worth.

        1. atid says:

          The reason our wage bill is right up there is because we employ 80+ players with far too many average players on inflated salaries. We also pay our manager and huge backroom staff far too much as well.

          1. Break-on-through says:

            That’s basically what he said.

        2. Midkemma says:

          Talk about hitting the nail on the head XD

          Perez is on 70k per week, same for Welbeck, that’s 140k per week and they are both attackers. If we could get rid of them both then we could get a single attacker and pay him 140k per week… De Bryne is on I think 150k a week at City!

          Iwobi is on 30k a week while his international team mate at city is on 10k a week! Any wonder his form dropped after signing that deal?

          Ramsey 110k a week… just wow!
          Wilshere on 90k a week.

          That’s 200k a week for 2 CM who never perform on a consistent basis. Could sell them both and pay Hazards wage at Chelsea!!!! Waste of wage at Arsenal and we could pay a TOP cm with that money who will perform week in and week out.

          Debuchy on 70k per week and Jenks on 45k per week, neither one has ever deserved that much. 115k a week, Serge Aurier could have a pay rise for leaving PSG 😛

          1. Break-on-through says:

            Yeah but it’s still no guarantee, look at Ozil, Cech or Xhaka. Also at some stage you are gonna have to start getting players in who are not mega names, mega names can’t cover the whole squad, even Barcelona couldn’t keep Alexis due to this.

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    So now Alexis’ Arsenal destiny Lies in the hands of an £8mil earning prat !……pff

  3. SoOpa AeoN says:

    I don’t understand the new format on how to post a comment on JustArsenal these days!

    Username, email, website , valleys , mountains and rivers to cross before posting a comment…
    Please could we kindly revert to the old mode?

    1. Admin says:

      You only NEED your username and email. It’s not rocket science!
      Also most browsers will automatically enter your details if you go to comment…..

      1. I ate my foot...Can't walk nos says:

        Any chance we could add images and videos?
        Intro music for each comment like it’s wwf?

        1. Guneal says:

          Justarsenal has got to be more creative than stall like Mr. Wenger.

          1. Break-on-through says:

            Mine’s grand, I don’t even have to sign in or out, it’s written (details) and ready to comment soon as I enter the site.

  4. Judith Le'Strange says:

    So Wenger reckons that he’s not gonna pay Sanchez £300k per week and yet he is still getting his £8 or 10m per year and Sanchez brings more to the club than Wenger, so perhaps the Board and Kroenke should say no to Wenger that he will get a pay cut or better still gets sacked if he can’t get us into the CL this coming season. But I know that’s only a pipe dream cos the Board and Kroenke don’t give a damn about winning only in lining their already overflowing pockets.

  5. Jakey says:

    salaries are an emotive subject in whatever profesion you work in you and you will always wish to be paid the going rate. However, in the obsence world of football the club must come first. The like of Ozil and Sanchez will be gone anyhow in a year or two but the club will still be standing. Further, who is to say we cannot find talented players who can fill the gap. Would Wilsere but any worse than Ozil and Giroud’s scoring rate is as good as Sanchez – now I guess all of this is open to conjecture and as this is why football creates debate. By all means, give Ozil and Sanchez what the club can afford but there comes at time when enough is enough.

    The players have become money grabbers and move on to the bigger pay cheque. We the fans demand so much from our Club and without doubt this has got to be one of the worst periods I have know in the 20 years, but if the players can’t be bothered to play for the club and manager as it seems now will paying them another £150,000 a week change anything.

    If Wenger stays, and it seems that he will, sell those players that are not interested in our club and find others that will be – I am sure more players wish to join rather than leave.

    This is only my opinion and I would dealry love Alex and Mesut to stay, we need them – but not at any price.

    1. stubill says:

      You speak a lot of sense Jakey, so expect a lot of thumbs down on here.

  6. gooner4life says:

    If everyone was paid on how much they contribute to the team how much should Arsene and Steve Bould be paid is it fair to pay Arsene £8million for him to sit like a waxwork’s statue,while Alexis runs himself into the ground trying to win games? If we wont pay him a reasonable wage Mancity chelsea,and other BIG clubs will.I would rather see him play for us rather than play against us.

    1. Gunner 4 Life says:

      Dude.. if no one z denying it.. den why did Wenger “Laugh” it off?

    2. Midkemma says:

      If you look at City wages then you will see they are not as great as people think, Aguero is on 220k a week along with Yaya and from what I have read, they are the highest paid players at Man City.

      Chelsea have Hazard on 200k per week as their highest earner.

      The reason for that though is they show more title ambition, at least that is what I would bet on, players want to win trophies and the less likely a club is at doing that then the player needs to be compensated and that can be seen in a higher wage.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Also they get earnings from other sources. The more you win the higher your profile, look at how Ronaldo and Beckham made most of their money. Also I’d be willing to bet that the full payment from those clubs to their top players is more than what is said on the wage bill, because of FFP they might have gotten creative.

  7. Goonergaz59 says:

    I presume you won’t be giving yourself a wage increase on top of that absurd 8.9 million your already on when signing up your new contract.this club is now is a laughing stock of English football

  8. Gooner Craig says:

    Really staring to dislike Arsene now! With all the secret service over his future, even tho we all know he’s staying even tho he knows he’s over stayed his welcome! We all know he’s waiting for the team to win 2 games in a row, or atleast beat Man City, before he announces his new contract lol we all know about the team wage ceiling but it’s pathetic that AW and the board are all a bunch of Yes Men!
    Sanchez is the top scorer AND top assist maker AND works harder than the rest of the team! Pay him more than the rest and watch them all step their game up too!

    1. Midkemma says:

      Sorry for downvote, meant to hit upvote but tired eyes >.<
      and can't undo it =.='

      "Sanchez is the top scorer AND top assist maker AND works harder than the rest of the team! Pay him more than the rest and watch them all step their game up too!"

      Great part!
      I would love AFC to hire someone to have football history and take over those roles, wages and transfers.
      A manager should only have to point to a player and then wait for the club to get them, like it was when Wenger 1st arrived and Dein was doing those things.

      When AFC was winning the EPL then Wenger didn't have as much power, IMO this is evidence that a DoF/SD role on the board is needed FAST and someone who understands football more than the admin side.

      Overmars knows what it is like to have ambition, he left us to join Barca after a short period with us and he may be able to get players fighting for their ambition rather than having it handed to them.

      A new manager may appreciate being able to focus more on the sporting side like tactics and training and give a better result for it compared to the handicap that our current infrastructure brings.

      1. Gooner Craig says:

        No worries, I’ve done it before lol I agree with everything in your comment 100% I don’t get why AW is involved with soo much at the club! Surely after 20+ years at the club he should be able to just point his finger and say “get it done” then he can go about managing the team

    2. john hodges says:

      yes and when they start playing well they will also want more money .where does it end.

  9. Midkemma says:

    I defend Wenger a lot but his wage structure is hurting our great club.
    Kids get big headed and don’t try as hard (Iwobi), others have got to comfortable to move on (Ramsey) and the players who deserve the money is being told no (Alexis).

    This to me is clear reason why we need someone else who understands football on the board so they can slap Wenger round the face with a wet kipper saying “NO!”

    Look at some of the potential we have had and how they do not fight to break into the team but sit around waiting for a chance, I do wonder how good some of these players could have been if they had to fight for their wages…

    Wenger wants it all nice and happy, holding hands running in a field of flowers singing.

    Sounds nice and outside of football it might work but not in football, at least not for players who are quite immature mentally.

    Overmars rumor would give us a board member who would know about football, have a footballing history and be able to have deeper conversations with a manager so the CLUB gets the best they can. At the moment the only one who really has a passion for football at the top is Wenger…

    Wenger has a lot of faults but I want a board who has passion for football, the board in theory will be here long past 1 or 2 managers and the clubs ethics originate from the owners…

    Gazidis might do a brilliant job if he had Overmars to work with as well instead of just Wenger, someone else that the board can turn to regarding knowledge about football.

    In some ways Overmars used Arsenal as a stepping stone, he wasn’t with us for long was he? As Overmars has already shown he is willing to go against Wenger then that gives me encouragement that he will do what he feels is best and not what he has been pressured into.

    Maybe then we could get a wage structure that can allow for Alexis to be paid equal to what other clubs would pay for a player of that quality.

    David Dein use to do wages and the only contract issue I can fault him with was Cashley Cole but then again the player had a big hand in that so unfair to blame Dein solely. Back then our kids use to fight to get into the team, players didn’t get the payrise and then slump…

  10. John Ibrahim says:

    We should be paying everyone in the team at least 200k a week

    We have been under paying our players for years

  11. atid says:

    In any company or any club, if you have earned a pay rise u usually get one. Let’s face it alexis deserves a huge pay rise, ozil not so much. Players like the ox, wilshire, gibbs and Co also deserve a pay rise but only at the going rate like giroud coquelin and koscielny recently got. They havent done anything more exceptional than them.

    What we need to do next season is reduce the size of our playing squad from 80+ to about 65. Reduce the backroom staff in comparison and find a manager on less wages and not so up his own arse. Most important of all is that we find some leaders on the pitch and for the dressing room. We need an agile, goalkeeper oozing confidence, a commanding centre back that talks and shouts all game, an angry beast in midfield and a centre forward that scares the living daylights out of defences, with his trickery pace and movement.

    Butland, sakho, carvalho and lewandowski would tick all the boxes for me. They can replace ospina, Mertesacker, debuchy and Sanogo.

    Then if we have to sell some players they should be replaced with like for like quality or better.

  12. Javier says:

    Mediocrity will continue to be the norm with Wenger in charge
    Wenger is violating the Natural Law of Football

  13. MxwellSmart86 says:


    Hard data for a hard truth. AW can’t pretend that all players will demand a raise if they give sanchez what he deserves.

    Arsenal have always lost his best players for lack of ambition or will the pay what they deserve, Fabregas and Van Persie to name a few. 13 years without a title and getting out of top 4 isnt enough?

    I don’t care about dressing room stability, I care about seeing everyone laughing at us !

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