Wenger fears that Alexis injury is serious

Just about every Arsenal fan was begging Arsene Wenger to give Alexis Sanchez a rest, after he has had a torrid time (and lots of hamstring scares) in the last month or so, even while being overplayed on international duty.

But now today our worst fears came true as Alexis was taken off with the inevitable hamstring injury, and Wenger still believes he was right to play the Chilean because;

A – The media does not tell him what to do.
B – Because Alexis said he felt fine before the game
C – He didn’t have much choice but to play him due to other injuries

One thing Wenger did also say is that he is worried that the injury may be even more serious than just a strain, which is just about the worst thing that culd happen to the Gunners.

“The players are there to play football and not to be rested and not for the press to decide if they need to be rested,” Wenger said. “He says it is a kick on his hamstring, I believe that is not really the reality. I fear it is not the reality.”

“At the moment we have – on the striker front – not much choice,” he said.

“Maybe the travelling as well to South America….I would have rested him today but he felt perfectly all right before the game and he declared that he had no problem.

“We checked it (Sanchez’s hamstring) When you have normal force and normal stretch there is no problem and he had that.

“Nobody is scientifically developed enough to predict when a guy will be injured. I must say with all humility we are not in a position where we can predict (injuries) despite all our tests.

“We lost Sanchez, Cazorla played on one leg and of course we lost Koscielny at the start of the game, it is a fair point for Norwich.

“It was, on the injury-front, a bad afternoon for us.”

And not just on the injury front. We lost yet another two points in the title race and have now gained 2 points out of our last 3 games. This is not good. And the loss of Koscielny and Alexis could make it even more serious. Just when we thought our injury situation was improving, suddenly we are kicked n the ass yet again.

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    1. lol
      every game is essentially injury guess who?

      i was more of monopoly player myself…can imagine arsene would live off his two hotels on old kent rd and whitechapel…never really commiting by buying better located hotels for more money, just sitting with his two hotels

      well looks like sanchez isnt passing go this time…and half the first team- what now?

      1. I think that wenger deserves to go straight to jail,
        without collecting his $200 and definitely most definitely no get out of jail free card… leave him there, dwelling on his mistakes! … (scraaaatch) ? No doubt the AKB’s will smuggle him out! ?

  1. But he felt inclined to bench Campbell? Before the game he was saying blah blah blah Campbell, now I had to play blah blah blah. Why would his players have confidence in him about I don’t want to loose him in January he’s too important. They might as well all hand in transfer requests. Ramsey was not fit it showed, and that could have risked him too. Santi is looking jaded since that fainting incident.
    Wenger has a good squad. He needs to trust and rotate them properly so they can get experience, confidence and game time.

    1. Rubbish, and I would have done exactly the same if I was wenger. When you have your best players seemingly fit you play them, end of story, no matter who you are. It’s only the fans who obsess with resting players. No manager does it, unless there is an obvious reason. He passed the fitness tests. He was ready to play. And he looked as sharp as I’ve seen him so can’t say he was tired and needed the rest.

      1. i would prefer if Campbell and gibbs started they neededgame time
        and with the 2 forward ahead of joel coming back to fitness it would have been his last chance to prove himself their.
        so our next game?

      2. @Ddog Isn’t one thing becoming blatantly clear, Alexis was not fit to play. Before the match he was evenn according to Wenger “in the RED ZONE” now he is out of it. How many injuries have Arsenal suffered because AW plays players in the “RED ZONE” that is reckless.

        1. @Ddog …. Ramsey look fit to you? Did he look 100% Did he play as well as Campbell did v DZ, or Swansea. WBA was the day after he had flown back from a World Cup qualifier for Costa Rica.

    2. a manager without balls…….who can’t make appropriate decisions for himself…he knew Alexis was wearing out……. Nomater how fit he appeared, he needed rest somhow……our duracell bunny really ain’t a machine…… Even if he were, his cells need recharging…….. Why am i even explaining this to u?…. U are only a DdoG!

  2. I have said it time without number on this platform that as long as Wenger remains as our manager we can never win the EPL again or UCL. He is too stubborn, proud and old. He is stuck in his old ways and infuriated when his flaws are pointed out. Then he goes ahead in the wrong direction just to prove a point all in the detriment to our trophy winning potential.

  3. Arsenal will bounce. I know we’re all disappointed with the results of late but……wait a minute, we’re just 2 points off the leaders and 7points better than we were at this stage last season. Lots of positives to focus on. Even Barcelona won’t fare better with our injury list. COYG!

    1. haha

      take your rainbow an park it beside my unicorn dear sir. cos apparently were…

      happy happy happy!!!

    2. Well, the difference is we have had serious injury crisis for God knows how long and the man who earns millions every year to handle this recurring crisis goes into every new season making the same mistake. I say that man must go!

    1. yea a speedy recovery to him


      One faster than the speed of Light!


      We all feared this was gonna happen to an unrested Alexis one way or the other…


      And it looks like u had this post-injury speech already prepared a while ago…

  4. This could have been our year, everyone is mediocre, if he had actually strengthened the team and bought 2-3 players in the transfer window, we wouldnt need to be playing Flamini or Arteta in the middle of the park, or overplaying Sanchez.
    We could have should have been many points clear right now, but we are right where we belong 4th place with Giroud, Flamini and Mertesacker. Well done MR. Wenger, well done. This is exactly how you &%$/k a team.

  5. when wenger missed out on sterling schneiderlin pedro kondogbia abdenoor questions were asked
    when we bought chambers welbeck gabriel debuchy for a combined £60000000 price tag questions were also asked
    Now real sell a number of players each year monaco and southampton do too.Wenger should be smart enough and pounce on that situation

    1. Sterling has shown that he isn’t worth half of his £49m, schneiderlin was never gonna happen for the price w United sniffing around, pedro is trash and wil be shipped out in the summer, Kondogbia can’t buy a game at inter and when he does he’s subbed off at half, abdennour has been hurt for ages.

      So please don’t rattle off a list like you have any clue cause wenger wasn’t going to buy any of those players. And trust me I’m furious at wenger regarding sanchez and Campbell

      1. exactly I agree with wengers stance of exceptional quality that would add value to our team. I would of been happy if we added benzema and vidal.
        in janary we may have a chance to add if we are bare in terms of numbers. Ideally we should buy players of exceptional quality (ibra pre agreement/bender/isco) or good with exceptional potential at a uninflated price(carvalho?/tielemens/batshuyi)
        1)sterling was over priced and would be a sub here we have ox and Campbell for that role.
        2)schnederlin better than coqulan? see we couldn’t guarantee him games (man u had blind who is crap)
        3)kondogbia and adbenour are b+ players who may still be trying to adapt if we bought them. (flamini has played his part when called up on and we have arteta as a third.)
        4)pedro would have been ideal (if! we were letting Walcott leave)

  6. So what does wenger do instead of relying on medical advice?
    He just asks the player to confirm whether he is fit to play or not!

    So what is the point in having the best in modern day technology, if he continues to make decisions that would normally be seen in a Sunday league Pub team?

    Maybe that explains why we have been playing like one,
    in our last 3 premier league games.

    No more lame excuses man… Shape up or ship out!

  7. “The players are there to play football and not to be rested and not for the press to decide if they need to be rested”

    This is a strange statement.

    “Cazorla played on one leg”

    What?! Please no 🙁

  8. to be honest

    if were within 6 points of front by transfer window we have a shout.
    but these players all missing for olympiakos means europa league in my eyes.

    that for me will end of chances- no where near the squad depth for such exploits

    im more gutted now cos i know ppl are gonna start constantly laying into wenger.
    crticism should be expected where justified, im one who does at times, but the insults and name calling always bother me.

    he is our history lets keep it civil guys

    1. So because he is part of our history then has the right to make us perpetual underachievers? Come on man!

  9. Listen Baby Please, Mr Wenger

    If so, why play him? Why nor give him some well deserved rest.

    I would have gladly lost to Norwich than lose Alexis for any period of time. Everyone would have understood. We had Campbell to play on the left. He isn’t of the same quality but he would have done well

    Now with a loss and draw in a row, Alexis is more unlikely to get rest

    1. Hahaha I’m sure that you were agreeing with wenger that Sanchez should be risked… I know that you did because I remember thumbing you down for that. ??

      Try having some opinions of your own matey,
      Instead of jumping on the bandwagon. ?

    2. @babyplease Joel’s developmet is behind the curve because unlike Spain the FA wouldn’t grant him a playing visa in 2011. He was and in my view still is hugely talented. Hopefully, if he gets his confidence and proper coaching and development he really could be as good as Alexis, but a very different type of player.

      1. If you’re going to thumb down please offer a valid opinion. When Joel was signed by us in 2011 there was huge excitement that we had a real talent. The FA ruling was a big disappointment. He is still quite rough around the edges, but just look at his vision, balance and feet. Watch his, Ozil’s and Alexis’s movement in the DZ game and it was wonderful. It was allowing Monreal and Bellarin the freedom to join the attack amd overlap, because they felt secure about Alexis and Joel tracking back, helping out, holding shape and making tackles in defence.

  10. F U . u damn old goat…I used to love u …now the time is over…I hate u so much…u killed pur season already!…yes F U!

  11. Every season we go through the same experience of Wenger failing to buy enough quality players to give us the depth we need. Then somewhere during the season we have a spell of good results that make us appear as real title contenders, we the ever loyal fans get super excited thinking, could this season be the one we finally lift the EPL again then bang! Here comes the recurring injury crisis then Wenger repeats his template statement like he has just done and our hope sinks then we end up with the usual fourth place trophy at the end of the season. Then we do it all over again the next season. Wake up people! This is never going to end as long as Wenger remains as manager. Someone get us Diego Simone!

    1. have to disagree we had the depth, but if that depth consist of injury prone players then it wouldn’t have hurt to add another body in there. moving forward we now have the option to reduce those injury prone aging players with a big quality or big potential
      arteta= jorginho
      rosicky =isco

    1. And don’t forget about the Stability!!! And focus he has at doing that so well.

      I don’t hate the man, but he has become a stale fart that just won’t go away… ffs! ???

      Don’t forget.. with the players that wenger won the premier league with, most of them were already at the club when he arrived! So when you consider what he has achieved with the squad he has built .. His achievements doesn’t look so great now… does it?

      Okay, Yes he has done wonders for the club, money wise and stadium etc but whats the point in taking a dump on a solid gold toilet with diamonds and peals if you only plan to fill it with ????

      1. @Fatboy said….whats the point in taking a dump on a solid gold toilet with diamonds and peals if you only plan to fill it with ????

        Thats pretty good! I had you down for a miserable pessimist, but never a philosopher, I’m just wondering where you would put the peals?

    2. Sigh, i can remember him spreading some pseudo bs like. As long as my winning percent is 51% i am doing good. I think that Wengers openion is that there is no one better then him in his job, so there is no chance of him deciding to give up.

  12. The media doesn’t tell him what to do
    The fans can’t tell him what to do
    He knows what’s best for arsenal right?

    Yet, half the team is on the injury list. Well done! you sure know how to mess up a good season.

  13. Walk away you imbecile. If i would be Wenger i would be rrly ashamed of my self. But who am i kidding. His ego is beyond reasons reach.

  14. What puzzles me is the negatives given against the contributers who feel that Wenger is past his sellbuy date.How many more years do they want to wait before the Arsenal wins the premiership again or don’t laugh, the European cup.If he really loves the Arsenal he should call it a day and hand it over to a young coach. His type of club management is old hat.

  15. Injuries are Arsenal’ s biggest rival, never mind stupid spuds. Key players always out with injuries; usually at the same time.

    Arsenal drop more points due to injuries and penny pinching then any club I’ve ever seen. Dang dude, every year it’s rinse and repeat.

    What hurts is the painfully average depth for cover. So much harder for title chase now, when it could have been different with one outfielder and one DM earlier in summer window.

    Wenger sets himself up for a fall with his frugality. Situation he created himself. Players need our support more than ever now.

    Please people, be a supporter 1st and critic 2nd.

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