Questions need to be asked after LONG layoff for over-played Arsenal midfielder

Before Arsenal’s game against Sunderland, Arsene Wenger parried questions about the rumoured long lay off for our little Spaniard Santi Cazorla, Mikel Arteta and Alexis Sanchez by simply saying “I don’t know.” despite rumours saying that Cazorla could be out for even longer than his midfield team-mate Francis Coquelin.

But after the game, Wenger was asked if Santi’s knee ligament had been ruptured and would require surgery. Suddenly Le Prof realised that he did know about Cazorla’s situation, and the Spaniard had already had the operation! “We know now.” he said. “It has happened already. It’s not the season. It is at least three months, maybe four.”

“Santi wanted to have a chance to come back quickly so he didn’t want to last too long for 25 opinions and he decided to go straight away,”

“The guy said, ‘look it’s a clear case, it’s a rupture of the external knee ligament’. And he said ‘Okay, let’s do it straight away.'”

Well that is cleared up, but there is one thing that worries me. Cazorla’s injury was sustained just after half time in the game against Norwich, and Alexis Sanchez got his hamstring problem problem 20 minutes later. The Chilean was taken off immediately but Cazorla was made to play right until the final whistle “on one leg”.

My question is why did the media go to great lengths to get Wenger to explain why Sanchez was playing in the first place, but no-one has asked the Boss why on Earth he kept an injured Cazorla on the pitch for the whole match? Surely he has to realise that that a major error that could have lost us the game, and it certainly wouldn’t have done Cazorla’s ligaments much good……

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  1. Oh well……… Haven’t many heard me say “Carzola is awesome…..but is aging, and needs a groomed successor who could slowly ooze him out of the game” …….. Now a Long term injury has hit him…. And it will as well take some time for him to become the same carzola we’ve known and get back in the game….. Naturally, due to age, he’s bound to decline and won’t always be the magician we know
    Same goes with MONREAL….. He’s one of our most consistent players arnd……but he’s hitting the Peak soon….. And Gibbs can’t do it all alone when the time comes, an understudy to monreal is soon needed…….
    And Kos……mert…. I know we got gabrieL, but that’s just one spot covered…. Chambers (now groomed at DM) may not be enough cover for CB depending on the future circumstances….hmm
    Hear me Out! ….. Archive these words

    ADMIN COMMENT – I’ll archive this all right, but stop leaving 8 spaces between each sentence please!

      1. While we’re on the subject, some one (who apparently used to live in Spain) once told me that a “Z” in Spanish is pronounced more like a “TH” sound. So what’s the correct pronounceation, should it be “CA-THOR-LA”

      2. hahaha……cathorla?…….. Thanks but , no thanks, i prefer Cazorla……. Looks more fluid…….. Cathorla’s a bit rusty … Sounds Like something byzantine

        but dn’t get me wrong cathorla Looks wizardry…. And santi’s a magician even! L()L

      1. You’re not the only one I assure you…..

        Put Carzola into Google and you’ll find 100s of mispellings. It REALLY annoys me lol

        1. Maybe folks think he’s related to Zola, he he. Never understood why people couldn’t get his name right. If he was named Szczesny or Schweinsteiger that would have been understandable!

  2. i know we have Jack coming back, Ramsey etc who could play thr (Like wenger would always say) ………… But how 100% efficient, how many games can they go uninjured, how bout when they are Jaded and need rotaion/rest?……. There’s great need to make plans and think ahead!

    1. Ramsey has been desperate to play in the middle. He will be perfect.
      And he never gets injured (ducks!)

      1. But Wilshere does, and Flamini is a ticking time bomb, Ramsey is reliable in attack but he’s not a DM, we need proven quality that will keep teams like Norwich and West Brom from overrunning our midfield

  3. that being said……….u can’t count on unproven reserves to carry the day
    1st they’d appear rusty and it will take em Time to settle as they would only be starting to try out playing professionally
    And there really is no Time

  4. Unfortunately, it takes Cazorla a while to hit top form after an injury (unlike the likes of Walcott, Giroud etc). His injury aside, he has really been playing averagely in recent weeks. Hope he comes back stronger. We also need to start looking for long term replacements. Rabiot? Isco?

  5. @ soopa,
    I don’t get what you are complaining about really. We have Ramsey and Wilshere, who are both fantastic replacements for Cazorla. what unproven reserves are you talking about?

    1. my point being…….. What if cazorla’s out for months and in that period, it means Jack or ramsey would have to be used extremely carefully, cuz an injury or two would cause us to Look at the reserves

    2. yea u may be right……… I worry too much….even more than the manager…….. And i was wondering, how does he manage to sleep comfortably?…….. 8mil could do the trick!

  6. Wenger knows best that he made another la Coq up,
    by not taking Cazorla off, as soon as he got injured.

    The Negligence from wenger this season is diabolical!

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