Wenger finally realises the pain he causes to fans!

In this modern new world of the internet and instant information flying around the airwaves, not to mention live Arsenal football games beamed to the TVs of nearly every country in the world, it would appear that Arsene Wenger has only just realised that there are Arsenal fans everywhere that get upset when the Gunners lose…

Wenger said on Arsenal.com yesterday: “I travel a lot, so I’ve been to Africa, and in areas where you could not even imagine that people would speak about football, and I saw a little boy in an Arsenal shirt,”

“I attended a conference at a university in Beijing, which was full of people all in Arsenal shirts. The impact and force that football has today is absolutely incredible and sometimes it is scary.

“We live in a little bubble here where we think about the next game, but our next game is a worry for fans in China, Africa and everywhere too. Sometimes we are not conscious of that and maybe it’s better that way.

“It’s true that sometimes in our little bubble we are protected and we just focus on the next game. It can become overwhelming when you realise how many people are sad all over the world when you don’t win a game.”

Could Wenger really have only just found out that the club has a worldwide following? Is he perhaps one of those oldies that don’t know how to use the internet and has never read an Arsenal blog? Does Wenger’s “little bubble” not include a wifi connection?

What I find incredible and scary is that Wenger has only just found out!

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  1. I was surprised to know that even in the war ravaged syria,iraq and afghanistan that pple especially kids depend on football to give them a smile in otherwise difficult situations.Arsenal seems to be inflicting more pain!

  2. The pain is not due to one or couple bad games … The pain is caused by his transfer policy and his lack of tactical ability add to that his favoritism …
    His ego won’t let him acknowledge his mistakes … He realizes nothing …
    I would be extremely happy the day I see him out …

  3. Arsene came out publicly to say that he lives in his own bubble. This speech means nothing to me. If he really cared about the fans, he’d listen and either spend the required money or leave. He will do neither, so neither will I believe a single word about how he cares about the fans!

  4. Wenger is Paid 8miL a year not to feel Sad!

    And yea…….he doesn’t just Careeeeeeee bout what anybody thinks as Long as u dn’t Live in his LiL bubble …..plus he won’t be changing anytime soon, even if he’s given 200mil to splash, expect a dozen sanogos or the opposite of what we really need

    He’s Lost it ages ago….this really isn’t the same man from the invincibles!

  5. it is unanimous, worldwide, fans think Wenger is a retard hahahahahaha. Wenger reminds me of my neighbouring president Mr Robert Mugabe, I don’t know why though, hmmmm….

  6. This dude requires a world tour to realize that there are fans involved with this club. Just leave Wenger!

  7. I’m going to repost some old comments of mine on our transfer policy- because people still seem to have a very skewed view from the reality.
    The move to the new stadium was done to compete long-term with the spending capabilities of not just ‘brand Utd’, but the addition of the oil money of Chelsea and then City. Obviously after being temporarily so skint that we had to sell our best players, mostly to our direct rivals, we weren’t going to be able to make an instant cash-splurge in many directions- when the stadium debt was paid off. However, in each of the last 4 summers we’ve now been able to sign a worldclass player: Cazorla then Ozil then Sanchez then Cech. It’s possible that we could soon be in a position to make multiple big signings each season- once the ghost of the stadium move has well and truly left us. Obviously, this season has been very disappointing- but we’re still ahead of City, of Utd, of Chelsea and of Liverpool. On the whole, the bigger picture is looking rosier- with, as I say, the greater quality of signings- which by the way concided with the two FA Cups in the last two seasons. I believe the public reason given for not spending heavily last summer was not infact the reality. The latest financial results which Arsenal have announced indicate a loss of £3.4 million after tax- for 6 month period ending 30 Nov 2015. This, we can assume is the result of transfer fees such as Ozil/Sanchez being outlayed- as these transfers are structured in payments over a number of years. You might say- we now have cash reserves anyway so this is no excuse, we could still have spent. However, there are newish financial regulatory regimes ie. complying within Financial Fair Play, that strictly prohibit this. I believe the reason provided of there being no better players available on the market was simply meant to serve as a public vote of confidence for the squad- to boost confidence and morale, a smart strategy for the impending new season which just kicking off. In the last 10 years, for the first 6 years our net spend on transfers was minus 48.8 million- having to fund the stadium, but somehow staying competitive nonetheless. The next/last 4 years with Cazorla, Sanchez, Ozil, Cech arriving- proven world class players (also on world class player wages) coming in- we’ve had a net transfer spend of 119.7 million- so the fruition from the stadium move is very evident to me and I am confident we have gone in the right direction and will be signing additional, more expensive, proven players (but we are playing catchup and won’t suddenly be full of Gallacticos). However, the change in transfer policy should be evident.

    1. You’re wasting your breath….it’s not about truth it’s about warped perceptions and narcissism.

      If it’s not spending, it’s AW’s age, it’s his out of date tactics, his years of favouritism, his poor training techniques, his inability to keep players fit, using players in the wrong positions, making the wrong team selections, using the wrong subs etc etc. Oh and besides he’s a crook who steals 8m a year and has no real ambition or desire to win anything.

      The ‘idiots’ on here (there’s quite a few) are experts and they simply know everything that AW does is wrong….even if so many of their criticisms are actually reflected by many other leading teams and managers, but they don’t know much so miss this irony. It boils down to they don’t like AW and think every missed player, every manager who has ever succeeded somewhere else etc was bound to improve us. Period.

      Let’s face it these moaners are out on their own, inspired by their own comments, always looking for any possible negative barb, and revelling in their own self importance. Even Usimov is pro wenger and currently the only guy that has any possibility of having an impact on what the board sanction for transfers and yet the moaners still want wenger out.

      1. Very well said friend. The reality is the stadium move was a long-term necessity. It also had a side affect of meaning we were never seriously going to compete for many years. This has required the fans to have patience for the long term vision that most just don’t have. Can anyone name another highly regarded manager who would have stuck at a top club with no hope of winning anything for at least 6-7 years, let alone managed to keep us in the Champions League while selling their best players off to rivals The truth is we have ridden out the worst of it, but are still playing catchup to this day- and we should be very grateful to Arsene Wenger.

        1. We should be grateful to Arsene for what? for being in 1 CL final in 20 years? He earns 8m per year. He wasn’t working for free. How does your logic compare with Leicester City? How much did Vardy, Kante, Huth and Drinkwater cost?

          How does it compare with Dortmund winning the Bundesliga twice?

          Are you saying if we had bought Victor Wanyama in the summer, we would have gone bankrupt? Football is about winning. Even Athletico won LA liga.

          1. Hi Skills, thanks for weighing in. You’ve given 3 teams there as examples. I assume they are your best ones. I’d argue Dortmund & Atletico are very different situations.
            Firstly, let’s take Borussia Dortmund and see how their situation is different. They are pretty much fighting one other club for the title- it’s a far less competitive league than the Prem. German footballers are damn good, up there with the best around. Dortmund have a massive following- the largest average home attendances in all of Europe. Many of the amazingly talented young Germans who won the title, were always going to end up at Bayern or Dortmund- Hummels, Reus, Gotze, Gundogan, Bender etc. Is it really that big an achievement that they won the title twice? You might argue they have underachieved.
            Athletico- I see them as having a similar philosophy in the transfer market to what Wenger historically has had (pre-stadium move & big signings- Ozil/Sanchez, so far). For all the hidden gems & youth players with raw potential Wenger & his Arsenal scouts has been able to uncover, Atletico were doing similar things but having to adhere to different rules. In England to sign a Non-EU National you must apply for a work permit which will be granted under the following circumstances: In order to establish on an initial application that the player is an international player of the highest calibre the following criteria must be met: The player must have player for his country in at least 75% of its competitive A team matches of which he was available for selection, during the two years preceding the date of the application. The player’s country must be at or above 70th place in the official FIFA world rankings when averaged over the two years preceding the date of the application. Atletico being in Spain were not subject to this restriction and most of their best, bargain signings have been brought in from South America. Their title win was a very good achievement, but they could do things we could not. Obviously things are getting even harder in that regard in England, with the FA policy about having a certain amount of Home Grown (wonderfully talented, English) players in the squad.
            Leicester- fair play. What can I say? They have been brilliant. They also haven’t had European competition to stretch the squad. They also haven’t had injuries to key players. They are also ahead of all our rivals- what’s their excuse? Assuming Leicester go on to the win the title it will be an absolute anomaly in terms of a club with comparatively few resources overcoming relative giants in the football world. It’s almost a one off, that’s how rare it is.
            I could also write an essay on why we should be grateful to Wenger, but it seems I’ve already just written one replying to you already- so I won’t go on any more. Just an aside- on the 1 Champions Lg final in 20 years. Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool have been in two, none for any other English clubs in that time. My whole thing was about us having to move stadium to get the money to compete with ‘brand Utd’, and Chelsea oil money, include ‘brand Liverpool’ and their ample resources if you like, I’d say we’ve been more successful than the Scousers even with the move.

    2. AidanGooner. I agree with your very detailed analysis. However I do not believe that Arsenal now intend to push ahead and build a team capable of winning PL and challenge for CL. I think that was the original plan when building the stadium but now Kroenke is in charge. He has clearly stated that his aim is not to win championships, so it must be to make money. The emergence of Chelsea and in particular manc with their almost limitless funds ( subject to complying with financial fair play) has convinced kroenke that competing with them long term is not financially profitable.

      Basically the aim whilst paying off expensive stadium loans was, top 4 in pl, last 16 cl. That aim is now unchanged looking in to the future because Kroenke has told us so.

      1. I guess time will tell Jon. The most recent reports from Kroenke which I have read have been very discouraging; spending $200m on a new ranch, then apparently having little or no concern for sporting success. There remains question marks over the validity of the reports. Did you see him actually say that? It’s hard for me to take as gospel what I read in sports articles without seeing video evidence, there are some very creative sports journalists. More importantly though, although Kroenke is the majority shareholder- he does not have full control of the club. There are other voices on the board, and people who want Arsenal to be winning trophies. I guess time will tell- but if it was just down to profit maximisation, would we have signed Ozil/Sanchez?

  8. Well… It’s about time something Burstead his little bubble!
    Maybe Bubble boy can get his hands on the premier league trophy!.. Now that he is free.

  9. Sadly it is a bubble of there own making. Arsenal has existed far longer than the board. They have got wrapped up in themselves and forgotten about the important stuff like playing bloody football.

  10. Dwelling in the past is an error when others are moving forward. Am tired of watching OLD pattern of thing Wenger bring to d club e g Old Technical ability,Old transfer policy,Old motivational spirit,Old Visions e t c…Wenger should Pls step down n allow new vision to come to the team with a new manager so d club can move forward.What has he not done to d club that he is still wanting to do? The worst be could bring to the club at d moment is Failure, As an Arsenal fan, am not surprise abt his Result.Pls Pls Wenger GO GO GO…

  11. “Could Wenger really have only just found out that the club has a worldwide following? Is he perhaps one of those oldies that don’t know how to use the internet and has never read an Arsenal blog? Does Wenger’s “little bubble” not include a wifi connection?”

    Do you think Wenger is sat at his PC looking around trying to find Arsenal fan forums/sites and want to read the opinions of people who have no experience in the management of teams outside of Football Manager?

    Just to inform you all (and you can check this out for yourself) teams have people to work with the ‘stars’ and some of these people are called psychologists, they work to create that bubble for the players. Players need to be able to perform week in and week out, even if the whole world has turned against them, they need to deal with that.

    Maybe Arsenal have a number of players who are not mentally strong enough to deal with the whole world turning against them, Wenger never picks on individuals and will always include himself in negatives so to assume that Wenger is totally oblivious due to the words he uses then maybe they are as mentally weak as some of our players are.

    Arsenal and Wenger has gone to other countries before now and seen the worldwide following! How can he only be learning about it now if he has already witnessed it????


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