Wenger fires a warning to Chelsea

Arsenal made hard work of beating the Championship side Reading on Saturday, but Arsene Wenger was proud that his team kept their heads and went on to secure a place in the FA Cup Final for the second time in two years.

Arsenal are now aiming for their TENTH win in a row when they take on the Champions-elect Chelsea at the Emirates next week, and Wenger is looking forward to his team continuing the brilliant run against Mourinho’s men in Blue.

“We struggled for a while,” Le Prof said on Arsenal.com. “We have learned from our hiccups and we have matured a little bit.

“When we had difficult moments against Reading the team kept going. We don’t feel sorry for ourselves. We just kept our gameplan.

“We have to show that now on a consistent level and we have the opportunity to do that against Chelsea next Sunday. We were back against the wall and responded well. The team has great spirit and togetherness and that helps.

“Let’s finish this season well. We have six games, a big game next weekend, and I believe we have the spirit, which is encouraged by the results. That’s what we have to produce until the end.”

Surely the biggest pointer to our confidence for next years title is for Wenger to get his first ever win against Mourinho. If we can manage that as well as go on to finish second and retain th FA Cup, then I for one will consider this a successful season. Do you?

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  1. We can definitely win dis match !! Once again it will all be about who scores first. Its crucial dat we score first otherwise Chelsea will simply park d bus if Dey take d lead. If we want to win we must make sure dat Dey never get d lead!!
    I expect ospina monreal bellerin and giroud all back in d starting line up. And it will b interesting to see who starts on d rite wing, Ramsey or Walcott. I think Ramsey will but Walcott has a good chance as well.
    I am so positive going into dis match !! A 1-0 win for us!!!

    1. We really need to beat CheLski…….if not 4 the sake of just Beating their stubborn a*s, then we should better just beat them 4 the sake of Manure and citeh trailing right behind us

  2. I think Wenger should start with Theo on the right. The combination of Theo and Sanchez will provide the pace that we need to pull apart the chelsea defence. One thing is certain, Maureen is going to park the bus so it would be good to have more pace upfront to pull the defence apart.

    1. No man. Wrong game for that. Chelsea will sit deep (again) not allowing much space to get in behind. Thus it’s gonna be creativity and not speed that’s gonna unlock that defence. Most importantly tho Imo we need DW23 or OG12 to have a great game

    1. Knowing Mourinho Chelsea will just keep the ball in their own half and never venture into our half. Our best chance to win would be taking the first chance to score. We need to be at our clinical best in front of goal and defend as good as Chelsea usually do. I believe this time we are going to beat them! COYG

  3. I will define my success if we won EPL trophy. But I’ve got nothing negative to say about this season either. We has been collecting our lost winner mentality since last year FA Cup, and looks to make it back to back. Second spot is on the way (I forgot the last time), and our current football style is reaching the very best shape after 9 tortured years. There’s no better time for Arsenal and Arsene to shut that special Mou(th) up.
    Mourinho’s Chelsea becomes a BIG BIG mental barrier for us and the “invincible wanna be” manager (LOL!) has been trolling us for years, and he totally deserve a BIG “slap” on his imperious face. Nothing last forever Jose! After gunned down ManUre, our biggest mental handicap ever, you might believe we could reply it on Chelsea. This won’t be easy because Mou will park the buses. So, while bombing them we should aware on their counter attack. Let’s kick that blue big ass and their special Mou(th) manager! This time, SHUT THE FXXX OUT JOSE!!

  4. according to germ media arsenal wants klopp at the end of the season in what role no one knows
    If Gabriel, Ospina or Alexis are to be play in the final, he’ll need permission from their national sides
    Under FIFA regulations Gabriel, Ospina & Sanchez could be summoned for Copa America duty from 29 May – the day before FA Cup final

      1. double wtf!

        jesus leo, care to not slap us with two equally ginormous things on a monday morning.

        not even had my morning coffee an bagel yet

    1. I’m sure Arsene can do something about it. Gabriel, Ospina, and Sanchez can join their compatriots after the FA Cup final.

  5. Brendan Rodgers has done a good job lwhen iverlool qualified for cl despite the fact that suarez carried them single handedly according to the media
    When Arsenal qualfied for Champions league with Bendtner & Chamakh as our strikers nobody said anything.

    1. Great, so, one more fact. We qualifies CL every each of last 15 years whoever the strikers are! Leo, you just admiring AW job dude! What have you been drunk? I thought you hate him!

  6. With negative football of morinio the only chance is from a dead ball or a carzola long shot effort but then we are not that perfect as seen with reading mind you they were phisical still looking forward to beat morinho and the negative newcastel tv personality

  7. exactly….mourinho will use his usual park the bus tactics…we should be wary of hazard and fab.pocket them and for sure drogba who always hunts us will have no chance….as long as Ramsey isn’t deployed on the wing then i see a draw as the worst result we can expect…arsenal 3- Chelsea 1(fab’s)..

  8. Coq cnt mark hazard, he’s got is work cut out in the middle of the park already against Cesc,matic,oscar

    Its either bellerin or debuchy.. I’ll like debuchy as we can field Walcott ahead of him…and chelsea can’t cope with both walcott and alexis.

    Bellerin needs support from his RW which is why Ox would be perfect but he isn’t fit, Ramsey has been there for a while but lacks penetration from d right..

    Santi should be rested for this.
    And we can afford to start Per.

    I wanna see





    The Attackingmidfield will murder chelsea and back4 is money in d bank.. Safety

  9. By any means we should win this game and shut up Mou. Hazard should not be allowed to get in to the penalty area as he loves to dive for the spot kick. I hope Le Coq will do his job well.

  10. I think this is the time Wenger will shut that cretin called mou him up. So far arsenal had beaten all the big teams that came their way from january. I hope chelsea will fall!

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