Wenger: Forget the Players – The TEAM must win!

There has been thousands of comments from Arsenal fans on who Arsene Wenger should pick to start against Aston Villa at Wembley this evening, but Le Prof says that he has not yet decided on the final starting XI, but it will be dictated by the tactics to be used by our opponents.

He also makes it clear that it doesn’t matter who plays, the TEAM simply has to win. He was specifically asked if he had decided to play Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott after their excellent contribution to last weeks demolition of West Brom. He replied: “No, not 100 per cent,”

“I will make my team selection considering what will be needed on the day, and what the strengths of the opponents are as well. That’s very important because they have some strong points which we need to be good against, so you consider absolutely everything.”

“I believe what’s important is that we win the trophy, not who plays or who starts or who finishes the game,”

“In every squad it’s like that. Most of the time the heroes are the guys who come on and finish the game for you.

“We’ve had that in every final, so it’s important that we focus just on that – to win the trophy. If we can do that it will be the whole squad that’s rewarded.”

It’s not often that Wenger has so many different (and excellent) players to choose from, and it is only natural that he should be choosing the line-up to reflect the qualities of Aston Villa. Arsenal may be a far superior team on paper, but as Wenger knows, the game is played on grass and Arsenal have to PROVE they are the better team by controlling the game and lifting the trophy at the end of it.

Get it right, Arsene!

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  1. At the end of the day,its how much we are able to deal with the tiny details and take our chances… We can only pray n hope 4 d best

    1. Our top scorer an main striker giroud u mean?
      Bit harsh .

      Missus has given me a free pass today if we win.
      Lock up ur daughters. Ur missus. Ur mum. Ur nan.

      1. Oh, dear!!! Muff, thank goodness you are alive!!! Read in the papers how u got domesticated by a Puerto Rican chick and how she makes u muffdive an a regular basis, and that you’ve lost so much weight and need redemption.

    2. Sir Alex Farguson said if a player perform well in a match he automatically pick himself for the coming match. A statement of motivation? he did it several time and made him a retired hero. For that matter, if Arsene need to win major trophies, he must adopt this. Personally, this creates competition and hunger among the players. Arsene should avoid favoritism, Walcot did well against West Brown, he picked himself for the FA cup. That is that!!!!!.

  2. Dunno why we can’t play Ozil out on the right and have Jack as the driving attacking midfielder. We would be awesome, especially if Theo was up front.

    1. Ozil on the wing??? Mate, have you just joined this site?? Don’t ever suggest anything like that or you will lose friends on here..

      People have fought so hard, got emotional and personal all season due to Ozil being played on the wing. He only plays in his favorite position (No10) and that’s it..

  3. Funny how fans change their minds in a blink of an eye… smh..

    That’s why I don’t take most of our fans seriously regarding their take on players, it’s just amazing how they change their minds according to change of the weather..

    I remember how they could not stop going on about Walcott coming back from injury so that Ozil can show his class. But once Ozil came back and did well without Theo all of a sudden everyone wanted Walcott sold. I don’t know where it came from suddenly, they just woke up and started clowning Theo.

    Same with Wilshere, before the season started all we could hear was, we don’t need Cesc as we have Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, The Ox, Arteta, Rosicky, blah blah…. But then Ramsey, Ozil, Santi and Wilshere all started poorly and all of a sudden it’s wilshere’s fault, he is overrated and is the main problem why Ozil, Ramsey and Santi were playing bad.

    Ramsey was being called a selfish player who only cared about his own glory because he was always trying to get into the box and help the team score goals. But because it did not come off like it did last season he got clowned.

    All of a sudden Wilshere and Walcott have become the flavor of the month and everyone is debating on whether to start Walcott and Wilshere. Going back a few weeks back Wilshere and Walcott were overrated and should be sold off.. smh

    People, make your minds up. smh.

  4. It takes a team effort to win games! So lets the job done “gunners” and show that we are up for this, in retaining our fa cup title! Best of luck gunners!

  5. My concern is to have Arsenalfc name inscripted on the trophy after 90 minutes no more no less. Who play is the manager’s headache

  6. People were moving on up! First time in a long time ive heard arsene say were not focusing entirely on our game but were also looking at there strengths and weaknesses

    Cumon goons do us proud

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